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Message Subject The Lunar Module weighed about 17 tons,Armstrong 16lbs,He made a deeper impression in the lunar dust.
Poster Handle SpaceCadet
Post Content
It's statistically improbable that several successive landings and re-dockings of the lunar module could be made without mishap

What I want to know is, how come our heroes never once took off their helmets to have a sniff to see if it was ok to run around naked up there?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 641300

They didn't need to take their helmets off to sniff the air in the fake moon bays at the Nevada Test Training Site. The astronauts had hidden holes in the helmets, close to their mouths, so they could breath & sniff normally.

Moon Landing Hoax Apollo 14 : Stagehand Reprimands An Astronaut For Blowing on A Work Tool
[link to www.youtube.com]

You hear the Astronaut blowing on the work tool to clean it, the Astronauts had hidden holes in their helmet. The hidden holes were used for breathing, in the Fake Moon Bay Studio Simulation.

At :22 a stagehand is heard telling The Astronaut By Radio "The way your blowing on it's exceptionally criminal"
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