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Message Subject The Lunar Module weighed about 17 tons,Armstrong 16lbs,He made a deeper impression in the lunar dust.
Poster Handle nomuse (NLI)
Post Content
It's statistically improbable that several successive landings and re-dockings of the lunar module could be made without mishap

What? How many dockings of the ISS have been made? Many more than were done between Apollo LMs and CMs, and there has been what, one(?) mishap.

It isn't the same really. The LM landed on another planet, took off again and then redocked, all without mishap, all those parts working without fatal flaw, no mistakes made by pilots. Seems a bit unlikely.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 548848

Lot of weasel words there. There were no FATALITIES in any of the number Apollo launches (Apollo 1 was named posthumously for the crew). But that is far from saying each landing was flawless.

If your car worked as flawlessly as Apollo 11 (largest among the problems, a computer error that forced a manual landing, as well as an overflight, as well as a broken breaker switch that could have marooned them on the Moon if not repaired), or Apollo 14, (difficulty engaging the docking collar)...and, well, so on and so on, you'd be taking that car to a mechanic.

What the program did, is due to robust design, numerous back-up systems, long training, and a very skilled crew and support staff, is surmount thousands of flight problems and bring the spacecraft home safely.
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