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Message Subject The Lunar Module weighed about 17 tons,Armstrong 16lbs,He made a deeper impression in the lunar dust.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You come here so we can come up with reasons why the moon landing wasn't a fake.

Then you tell me why there was no dust on the Lunar module's legs.Why could we hear the astronauts talking but no engine noise on descent? I seek answers not hoax theories .

And the Gish Gallop begins. What's the matter, OP? You thought your first salvo was too weak, too easily answered? Instead of replying to any of the kind replies, you instead come back with something completely unrelated.

Why should I even address your ignorant requirement that there be dust inside the pads? The moment I drafted a reply, you'd be back complaining about the lack of stars, or some other equally lame (and long-ago debunked) idea.
 Quoting: nomuse (NLI) 641106

If there is no atmosphere on the Moon then when the LM touches down the jets would have dispersed any dust.No dust would have settled in the pads like it would on Earth.The dust had no Space boots to keep it from floating away.
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