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Message Subject Freaky stuff happening around the house lately.....
Poster Handle falchion6
Post Content
Calling all paranormal experts....
Okay....I haven't witnessed any of this, but my 12 year old daughter has.
About a month ago, my daughter said that she had just lain down to go to sleep. She said that she heard a "meow" at her door, but it wasn't her cat because Footsie was sitting on her desk, on the opposite side of the room. She also remarked that Footsie also looked in the direction of the meow. Soon afterwards, she said she felt something jump onto her bed, making little footsteps across it, and she felt it hop back down. All the while, Footsie was sitting on the desk, watching in the same direction of the "activity". My daughter said that she watched Footsie the entire time, and it wasn't her. She also said that she was wide awake and hadn't had the opportunity to fall asleep. She wasn't dreaming. She hasn't slept in her room since. She's been on the couch...

The second thing that happened was yesterday. While sitting at the computer, she saw a reflection of someone tall walking by behind her. She said when she turned around, there was no one there.
There was another incident that happened when we first moved in about 3 years ago. Once in the basement, my kids swore that the tv remote flew between them from across the room. That was it for the weird stuff until now.

I very frequently get the feeling of being watched.....but I have never seen really anything. Just a feeling.
I am becoming a little concerned.
Thoughts anyone?
 Quoting: Maxim

Talk to my wife. Her cat haunts her all the time.
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