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Message Subject Freaky stuff happening around the house lately.....
Poster Handle Maxim
Post Content
Have you been doing any renovation to the house, thereby upsetting its 'old inhabitants'?

Also, I think I heard somewhere that a girl around the age of puberty can be the focus of 'spiritual' attention.

You're lucky she'll even sleep in the house at all. I'd be out of there so fast . . .

Oh crap, I forgot about that notion--of a child entering puberty. Why they hell is that an attractant?

it is most prevalent among pubescence GIRLS... it said that it has to do with how the chakras are structured in females and how they respond during certain hormonal cycles... it is said that when females ovulate/menstruate (or are getting close to their first menses in puberty) the chakras "open" more, providing a way for the mischevous spirits to get their foot in the door via the females spiritual energy centers. It's just a theory, but a fascinating one.

It's all a part of nature. Not to fear, but never, ever, lose your understanding that it is YOUR space, YOUR home, and these things have NO RIGHT to wantonly invade your space anymore than your neighbors have a right to force open your front door and pitch a tent in the middle of your living room. Mentally tell them to get the hell out and do an internet search of sites that can tell you different ways to protect your home from them. Sometimes a sense of righteous indignation and a refusal to feel fear is enough to send them running. Best wishes.
 Quoting: Hillcrest

Very, very interesting. Could intense sadness attract them as well?
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