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Message Subject Gerald Celente Tried to Withdraw Currency from His Bank. The Bank Stonewalled, Then Made a Scene.
Poster Handle Lester
Post Content
Key Bank group of MN is a pretty shaky institution. Has been on many watchlists for a couple years now. Celente proves he is an idiot to still be banking there.

Gary North was, in the mid-70s, as tell-it-like-it-is economist. Read his old stuff in Mother Earth News. North has sold out and now gives the Soft-Sell and scoffers perspective.

What is Howard Ruff saying these days?

There is more going on here, with the Collapse of America, than just TPTB looting the Nation. That has been done systematically since 1913 through the Federal Reserve Act and Income Tax. This is just the last go round before the Nation falls on its collective ass in collapse. It is the Big Bully hoisting US upside down by the ankles to shake out our last nickels from our pockets.

I read one of North's editorials in late 2003, early 2004 and recall thinking that, "...some govt provocateur is holding a gun on him to make him write this drivel." Maybe he got that National Lampoon cover where the eye-spotted dog is nervously looking at the magnum revolver pointed at his head? Something derailed North and made him get onboard the Govt's Mystery Train...

If you ever had any doubts about Celente, Key Bank is your proof in the pudding...
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