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Does Illness begin with the Vagus Nerve?

Anonymous Coward
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United States
03/25/2009 11:34 PM
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Does Illness begin with the Vagus Nerve?
A missing link to chronic illness, allergies and longevity? Vagus Nerve Imbalance/Hiatal Hernia Syndrome
Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients , August-Sept, 2003 by Steve Rochlitz

Could there be a factor either unknown, or not fully understood, by both mainstream and alternative medicine, that can initiate much chronic illness including allergies? Could there be a very dangerous condition in the body that can cause virtually every other organ of the body to malfunction? Could 85% of the population have this undetected condition? The answer is decidedly yes to each of these questions. At the end of this article, surprising, new evidence will be revealed that this factor may even be a predictor of life expectancy.
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The biochemist Carey Reams, PhD, said, "Illness begins with the Vagus Nerve." The Hiatal Hernia Syndrome (HHS)--by pinching the Vagus Nerve--causes Vagus Nerve Imbalance (VNI). This imbalance is usually a hyperexcitability, but a decreased energy state is also possible at some point in time. In a Hiatus Hernia, or Hiatal Hernia, the upper portion of the stomach protrudes through the opening (hiatus) in the diaphragm muscle. I urge the reader to go beyond any preconceived notions that this condition only causes GERD (acid reflux) and minor discomfort, and to read this article in its entirety before judging this work. My own recent research will be described for the first time, after reviewing one pioneering clinician's findings.

This article will reveal how this condition, Vagus Nerve Imbalance/ Hiatal Hernia Syndrome, which I will abbreviate as VNI/HHS, can cause so many other maladies and symptoms, and how it can cause many other organs to malfunction. Then I will describe testing to uncover the VNI/HHS, and finally, how to treat this insidious malady with various modalities. These methods include manipulations to rapidly correct (bring down) the stomach, as well as nutrition, diet and lifestyle changes. Health practitioners and/or patients can learn the crucial manipulations.

The pioneering physician, Theodore Baroody, DC, ND, PhD, after treating thousands of patients for many other illnesses, calls the Hiatal Hernia Syndrome, "the mother of all illness." (1) He states that nearly "every [non-infectious] condition (except trauma) is the direct result of some digestive dysfunction." (2) He writes that the Hiatal Hernia Syndrome is "dangerous ... and brings about ... constant imbalances ... that lead to all maladies known to mankind." (3) He has found that over 85% of all of his patients--when tested--have a Hiatal Hernia! He further postulates that about "85% of the overall populace" has the HHS! My own clientele, mostly sufferers of severe fatigue/fibromyalgia and extreme food, chemical, and electromagnetic sensitivities have the Hiatal Hernia Syndrome over 90% of the time. It's no coincidence. Baroody's findings are described in his brilliant opus, Hiatal Hernia Syndrome: Insidious Link to Major Illness. Simply put, if one considers finding the initiating cause of chronic, degenerative illness a key factor in medicine, this is one of the great works in the medical literature. I cannot blame the reader for any initial disbelief, as both Baroody and myself are often "mindboggled" to see again and again how seemingly unrelated illnesses or symptoms are often immediately relieved when "the stomach is brought down." The difficulty in seeing all this clearly often arises because many factors can prevent the stomach from "staying down." But Baroody's, and my own, techniques can help make this change last, and thus the improvement in these many, seemingly unrelated conditions will be clear. Also, I might not have believed this myself if I hadn't, (unfortunately), lived through it; and, as a physicist, insisted on uncovering the most primary causes of my own problems.

As stated above, Hiatal Hernia refers to the stomach's protrusion through the opening, (hiatus), in the diaphragm muscle. Wellness can ultimately only return when the diaphragm's hole (hiatus), has been repaired and the stomach can no longer jump up. This can take months of continuously doing everything just right. The key to an enlightened understanding of the VNI/ HHS is that the amount of stomach protrusion is often irrelevant. In many people, serious illness begins unfolding even if the amount of protrusion, (the Hiatal Hernia), is "small," as found, for example by X-ray. In many sufferers, any such protrusion causes major hyperexcitability of the Vagus Nerve. The extensive Vagus Nerve is so diverse and so interconnected to so many organs that it has been nicknamed the "wanderer." The slightest upward displacement of the stomach through the diaphragm disorders the Vagus Nerve. Immediately, the stomach no longer is able to produce the proper amount of hydrochloric acid. The entire digestive process is then adversely affected. The final result is often that the entire body will become too acid.

From an imbalanced Vagus Nerve, any other organ can begin to malfunction depending on genetic weakness and various other factors. Of course, the diaphragm itself will be directly affected and breathing normally no longer occurs. Other openings in the diaphragm--now stretched or torn--allow the major blood vessels to and from the heart to pass through it. Thus spasms in the abdominal aorta and inferior vena cava can occur in rare cases. Indeed, Baroody's 6th edition of his book, reveals kinesiological (muscle) tests for two separate "stuck diaphragm" conditions related to abdominal aorta and inferior vena cava imbalances. (4) The heart itself can be crowded, and pressed on by the stomach, being "where it doesn't belong." These last factors and the direct hyperexcitability of the Vagus Nerve's connection to the heart, leads to many Emergency Room visits and "pseudoheart attack" symptoms of chest pain, difficulty breathing and left arm numbness. The reader, if experiencing these complaints, should seek emergency medical care, and not assume they are arising from the HHS. There is a remarkable similarity between Hiatal Hernia Syndrome and angina. Both can cause similar symptoms and both can occur after similar events such as overeating, exercise, and heavy lifting. My own hypothesis is that the Hiatal Hernia Syndrome, if uncorrected, may sometimes eventually become true angina. Other factors that might make this more likely include smoking, dehydration and other nutritional deficiencies.

A missing link to chronic illness, allergies and longevity? Vagus Nerve Imbalance/Hiatal Hernia Syndrome
Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients , August-Sept, 2003 by Steve Rochlitz

Pregnant women, for the obvious reasons, need frequent Hiatal Hernia corrections. This can provide remarkable relief for many complaints. The Hiatal Hernia can readily result from the trauma of birth. This will be undetected unless a good kinesiologist is around to perform surrogate muscle-testing on the infant. There is a possible link between Hiatal Hernia Syndrome and life expectancy. I propose a long-term study, from birth, to learn statistically what illnesses correlate with Hiatal Hernia--as well as the Hiatal Hernia's possible use as a predictor of life expectancy.
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The better Chiropractic physicians and kinesiologists will pull the stomach gently down on newborns possibly preventing a lifetime of illness. I can also imagine that the Hiatal Hernia Syndrome could arise before birth from weeks or months of being somewhat "scrunched" in the uterus. Physical trauma to the abdomen, at any time, can also cause a Hiatal Hernia. Even emotional stress is said to be able to cause or exacerbate this condition. There is a strong genetic component as many family members have the Hiatal Hernia Syndrome and often intestinal hernias and, in males, other hernias such as varicocele (or testicular hernia.) There is a strong allergy connection to VNI/HHS. There is a vicious cycle between allergies and the HHS, each one is capable of causing or exacerbating the other. In fact, I would like to note a possible, remarkable connection of a VNI/HHS symptom and a well-known allergy test. This is the Coca Pulse test, which denotes an increase in pulse rate some time after eating a food (allergen). But one of the most common VNI/HHS symptoms is an increase in pulse rate. So I hypothesize that a large percentage of the food allergy sufferers, and their practitioners, who have used the Coca Pulse test for allergy detection (for decades now), were also dealing (unbeknownst) with Hiatal Hernias. Of course, quick, inexpensive, Kinesiological testing could verify or disprove this, and other, hypothetical links in this article.

To get well, one often has to learn to give up one's favorite foods as these are usually allergy/addictions. Once a Hiatal Hernia exists, it may worsen with every passing day, with every stress, and with every meal eaten (especially if it's an allergic meal). Eventually this can result in very serious disease, unless uncovered and corrected and unless the appropriate diet and lifestyle changes are made.

The Hiatal Hernia Syndrome may frequently be the earliest cause of GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), though the orthodox literature often only denotes "an occasional link." But I believe, many people have Hiatal Hernia for some time before GERD develops. Even conventional physicians now make the following very helpful recommendations for GERD/HHS: Lose weight, chew food well, don't eat spicy foods, eat small meals, avoid alcohol, tobacco, (and I would add possibly other nightshades: tomato, potato), avoid fried or greasy foods and mints, elevate the top of the bed by 6-8 inches, avoid tight clothing at the waist, and don't eat less than 3 hours before going to sleep. Some sources recommend sleeping on the back or left side only. Avoid right side sleeping. Baroody notes that lifting, bending, sneezing, coughing, stress, and many other factors can immediately push the stomach up through the diaphragm. Other foods that can be problematic for this syndrome include dairy, wheat, vinegar, citrus and other fruits. Avoid food or drink that is too hot or too cold.

Continued to page 3 here....
[link to findarticles.com]
Anonymous Coward (OP)
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United States
03/26/2009 12:07 AM
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Re: Does Illness begin with the Vagus Nerve?
Since the above article mentions Dr. Carey Reams, I thought I'd post some information on him. Maybe someone here has heard of him, but not many people I have spoken with are familiar with this great man and his work. My sister-in-law was lucky enough to attend one of his seminars and meet him personally back in the late 70's.

Biological Ionization
as discovered by Dr. Carey Reams

Article Compiled by Darlene Sartore for
An Ever Better World Internet Academy

"We don't live off the food that we eat,
We live off The Energy IN the food we eat!!!"
- Dr. Carey Reams, Phd. in Biophysics and Biochenistry
(Re: "Choose Life or Death" by Dr. Reams and Cliff Dudley).

We live from the LIFE in what's consumed....
The body needs raw, living nutrient-dense food!

As a mathematical genius Reams was very familiar with Einstein's energy equation and understood its significance. During his many years of friendship with Albert Einstein he once chided him saying 'you know how to take matter apart but you don't know how to put it back together again.' Einstein immediately shot back that figuring out how to do that was a job for Reams.

According to Dr. Carey Reams, "Ionization is God's laws putting things together and taking them apart ion by ion." Dave Larson, a student of Carey Reams and Dan Skow, put it this way; "Biological Ionization is the study of how energy becomes matter and how matter becomes energy on a continuous basis."

OVERVIEW: The Reams Biological Ionization Theory (RBTI) is a comprehensive system of mathematical principles that allow for a new and complete understanding of how the electrochemical basis of biological life is to ideally develop and function. Therefore, this model also explains the cause of degenerative disease—namely, ionic mineral deficiencies causing electrochemical depletion, distortion, disruption and destruction of the ideal and healthy environment of the basic molecular components and subcomponents of the cells. Additionally, and most importantly, this model provides the exact tool required to address the cause of the electrochemical dysfunctions that are called dis-eases, and reverse them.

In retrospect, Dr. Carey Reams was the first and the only health-care researcher who actually makes sense to me! ... He realized that to BE and DO perfect, we had to first HAVE access to "WHAT PERFECT IS", then working back from the ideal to discover what actions consistenlty get us to the "Perfect _______" we seek (i.e. Perfect Health)!!!.... I will forever regret not having found a way to be with him sufficiently to absorb every bit of his wisdom... To date, I've yet to connect with anybody else who has discovered as much about how the body and universe functions to provide perfect health and optimum longevity... AND provide us with a method we each can do to easily and safely TEST ourselves so we knew on a daily basis, whether what I AM DOING IS MOVING me toward or away from Perfect Health.... IF we understand the principles he discovered and appropriately apply them, we can indeed have happy, healthy longevity.... With sufficient research we each can RE-discover the wisdom Dr. Carey Reams gained during his dual professions as an agricultural consultant and physician which contributed to his understanding of a link between human health and soil health... It's just common sense that if the soil does NOT contain nutirents needed for "health", then what is grown in the soil will not have them either. This is why it is so vital to consume food grown by certified organic farming methods.

Reams Biological Theory of Ionization

Reams' Biological Theory of Ionization. RBTI is a working explanation of the fundamental ionic energy composition and function of biological life. RBTI offers a way to measure the energy in elements, compounds, and biological systems including humans. The loss of energy in humans is the beginning of disease... The purpose of RBTI is to analyze and identify previously unrecognized electro-biochemical dysfunctions, taking place within the human body, thereby allowing the creation of a perfect set of personal life-style recommendations that will address and reverse those unrecognized dysfunctional patterns. RBTI, when correctly applied, offers the highest potential for perfect health. RBTI testing is a non-invasive seven-part test completed on fresh samples of urine and saliva. There are six tests done on the urine sample: total carbohydrate, pH, conductivity, cell debris, nitrate nitrogen & ammonia nitrogen. There is one test done on the saliva sample, which is the pH. It will usually take between 10 to 15 minutes to run the seven tests. Running the tests is not what takes the time. What takes the time and expertise is interpreting the test data correctly, followed with establishing individualized recommendations and providing a detailed explanation to the client. -- For more FAQ go to [link to www.advancedideals.org]

Some of what I've basically reconstructed about Carey Reams and Reams Biological Theory of Ionization is as follows... If you have more please share, so it can be posted or linked here...

In response to prayers for a way to save a dying frind's son Dr. Reams said he was guided by God to devised "a mathematical formula for perfect health, based on the biophysical frequencies of living matter."... Through many tribulations, his "equation" has stood the test of time, and helped many thousands recover health and stay healthy.

In a nutshell, using the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI) Testing, we can whether what we consume is beneficial or harmful to the cells of our body...

Dr. Carey Reams developed a Urine and Saliva Analysis that can be learned and done by anybody... This human testing system is derived from what is known as the Biological Theory of Ionisation, which is the centrepiece of Dr. Carey Reams soil-health philosophy. He also perfected the use of a series of monitoring tools, which were to become integral components of his system. These tools included the LaMotte soil test, the refractometer, the conductivity meter and the electronic scanner. (Except for the scanner, searching the Internet will reveal sources where these other "tools" can be obtained.)

This Reams BTI Urine/Saliva Test uses pH strips, a sugar refractometer (as used by wine-makers) and salts conductivity meter instruments, to determine energy loss or gained from what is consumed... The urine and saliva screenings help a person determine the CAUSE of energy loss. (We live off energy from the food we eat.)... By monitoring the equation's numbers, it's possible determine which foods and/or supplements that should be added to an individuals diet to fit their exact body chemistry... Dr. Reams offers a common sense approach to nutrition that demonstrates how complex issues (i.e. health and longevity) can be reduced to easily understood, practical concepts and applications.

The Reams BTI Urine/Saliva Test reveals a Person's Body Chemistry...

Perfect Health Equation target numbers are:

* (a) Sugar 1.5 (measured by sugar refractometer = carbohydrate utilization)
* (b-c) urine pH 6.40 - - saliva pH 6.40 (reveals Cations & Anions Resistence)
* (d) urine Salt 6 - 7 C
* (e) urine Albumen .04M (reveals basic change of worn-out cells)
* (f-g) Urea 3/3 (reveals undigested Proteins)

This test yields information to analyze mathematically the Body's Chemistry and provides guidance for getting the Body Chemistry BALANCED.... Each number in the equation indicates specific information about the body... BUT it's the totality of the numbers together which reveal the most information about the body.... Whatever our age, the numbers should be the same as in the Perfect Health Equation.

What does this test reveal?????

Determines calcium needs for your body chemistry
* Tells what you are digesting or not digesting
* Tells if your body is assimilating nutrients
* Shows vitamin and mineral deficiencies
* Reveals if blood sugar is high, low or normal
* Will show if your body is supporting excess yeast candidiasis) or parasites
* Indicates if there is excess stress on internal organs such as the kidneys, liver, heart, colon or gall bladder
* Gives the health level of the liver and gall bladder
* Reveals if your body's environment may be supporting:
circulatory problems
high blood pressure
low blood pressure
weight gain
high cholesterol
kidney/gall stones


The Sugar test is made with a standard refractometer (such as used in wine-making) measures Sugar and ALL Carbohydrates in the Body - - i.e.. number of calories the body is operating on... This number indicates how well the body is handling carbohydrates consumed and whether or not the body is assimilating vitamin C...

Many people, who are thought to be Epileptic are actually experiencing LOW Blood Sugar, which can cause the Seizures! They can QUICKLY be brought to by putting Honey on the Tongue. LOW Blood Sugar is caused by the Pancreas manufacturing TOO MUCH Insulin. Some Carbohydrates cause the Pancreas to FLUSH out Insulin but, when REMOVED from the Diet, the LOW Blood Sugar Level is CORRECTED! The same is TRUE for High Blood Sugar Conditions. When the Body Chemistry is PROPERLY BALANCED, ALL of the numbers in the Equation are ALIGNED!


The pH Testing Process includes testing of Urine and Saliva with pH Paper (which measures pH in 2/10ths increments) or an Electronic pH Meter twice a day for 3 days. This number indicates how well the body is using its energy supplies, and how well the body is eliminating what is left over after digestion. It indicates whether or not the body is putting in enough energy to replace what is being used up... The pH measures Resistance between Cations and Anions in the Body. If the pH reading is 6.40 for Urine and 6.40 Saliva, this shows the body is getting MAXIMUM Energy from food consumed... If the pH reading is consistently either HIGHER or LOWER than desired, then over time TOO MUCH energy is being LOST, allowing some some of illness to begin.

How Energy is created from the food we eat is explained by the Biological Theory of Ionization.... The process of Ionization is a Law of putting things together and taking them apart ion by ion.... An “Anion” is an ion with a negative charge... A “Cation” is an ion with a positive charge.... Electrons in the outer orbit of an Anion move in a different manner from electrons in the outer orbit of a Cation... In the Human Body, resistance between orbiting Anions and Cations (obtained from Anionic and Cationic Foods) creates Energy.

Testing hundreds of Foods, reveal that most Foods are Cationic.... FRESH Lemons and Liver Bile are Anionic.... Dr. Reams advocated drinking plenty of lemon water... FRESH Lemon Juice is especially beneficial to the Liver.... Liver Bile in it's purest state is diluted Hydrochloric Acid... FRESH Lemon Juice is Nature's diluted Hydrochloric Acid... The Liver can convert the compnents of fresh lemon into an amazing amount of different enzymes and vitamins. It's vital to have a healthy Llver, as it's commonly known that MANY Diseases begin when the liver is not functioning properly.

Some minerals such as Calcium, Potassium, and Chlorine are Anionic... Mineral Deficiency cause Degenerative Diseases in the Cell Structure of the affected Organ or Gland... Calcium deficiency in the Liver reduces the of Anionic Bile needed in the Body, (thus affecting the pH Balance). Normal cells can not be produced, or energy levels sustained, or premature cell death prevented (as seen in carcinoma and cancer) IF there are deficiency in the minerals required by a certain organ... Such as: potassium deficiency in the Brain...manganese deficiency in the Reproductive Organs... copper, iron, or zinc deficiency in the Colon... Also Fungus and Bacteria INVADE mineral deficient areas, and very quickly (like a ROTTEN Apple in a barrel of GOOD Apples) nearby healthy cells are weakened and begin dying and decaying creating toxins within the body.


Urine Salts are measured with a standard conductivity meter...

Some boduies can cope with more salt than can others. Usually if the Salt shows 30 on the BTI test, the body is in DANGER of blood vessel and heart muscle damage.

ALL salts cause Blood Vessels to DILATE... If the Body retains TOO MUCH salt over a LONG period of time, Veins and Arteries LOSE their flexibility, leading to what is commonly termed "HARDENING" occurs...

Often retaining TOO MUCH salt cause Angina (pain in the chest)... It's HIGH salt levels, NOT Cholesterol, which causes Angina... But Cholesterol deposits are DANGEROUS because if a piece breaks free... it can plug vessels in the heart muscle... cause spasms as the heart muscle tries to pump blood around the obstacle... in attempting push the piece through sometimes a vessel will burst (anurism = CVA stroke)... Early signs that salt is TOO HIGH for a body to cope with is Varicose Veins.

If the Liver is NOT functioning properly, a person can carefully AVOID salt, yet still have a HIGH salt level. As a result, TOO much salt is being stored in muscles and fatty tissues causing adverse conditions.

Salt substitutes are NO better, than regular table salt... Although DIRT FREE salt is proving to not produce adverse side effects or retention.


The .04M in the BTI equation means 4 Million Particles per Liter. The NORMAL Albumen count is 40,000 per liter of urine per 100 pounds of Body Weight.

NO instrument is required for measuring Albumen which is the termed used for the solid particies in the Urine.... Hold a bottle of fresh urine to a strong light source... The Urine should be CLEAR Yellow with a FEW visible Particles that can be easily seen.... Many particles throughout the Urine, or a cloudy masses, reveals the body is TOXIC and in NEED of immediate cleansing... These particiles and masses are carcinoma cells... FOAM in the Urine indicates NOT enough water is being consumed. Albumin is the measure of the amount of dead cells being eliminated. This should be a constant number. If the body is eliminating too many, the body is changing cells too quickly, and thus aging too fast.


Urea is the undigested protein in the Body. If it registers HIGHER than 3/3 or a total of 6, there is too MUCH Urea in the Blood. UREAS: This measurement indicates how well the body digests proteins, as well as whether or not too many proteins are being consumed. It also shows how efficiently the large and small intestines are eliminating waste materials.

High Urea can be caused by NOT drinking enough water or from drinking water with too MUCH nitrogen fertilizer run-off... The body needs half of its body weight in ounces of water each day... (i.e 100 pounds body weight, daily consume at least 50 ounces of water.)

Often high urea levels occur when the heart muscle consistently beats TOO HARD, not too fast!

Common warning signs include: Fatigue after a normal amount of sleep... DEEP forehead wrinkles from tiredness tension.

Urea numbers can also test HIGH from eating what the Bible labels as "Unclean Foods" (i.e. swine, rabbit, skin fish).... These foods digest too quickly for the body to cope; thus leading TOO MUCH Urea (WASTE Protein) entering the Bloodstream, overloading the Kidneys and overstimulating the heart muscle... HIGH Urea could be cause of sudden death in athletes!

Body Chemistry can be properly balanced.... Drinking Steam-Distilled Water washes salts and urea OUT of the Body along with other TOXINS, which usually collects muscles and joints.

Every Body NEEDS RAW Fruits and Vegetables daily.... Asparagus and Celery contain a NATURAL Arsenic, which strenghtens the heart muscle. Green Vegetable Juices strengthen the Pancreas. Eating a wide variety of Vegetables and Fruits supplies the MOST Minerals.

Refined products such as white flour and white flour, DEPLETE minerals from the body and energy reserves, the numbers reflect these conditions.

The Reams discoveries proved how certain principles of the life of plants and soil, also applies to humans and health.

Dr. Reams Process included:

* Body Detoxification and Purification Procedure.
* Body Biochemical Balancing, using Herbs, Minerals, and Supplements.
* Simple Exercises for Lymphatic Function.
* Special Foods for Cellular Regeneration and Maintenance.

When Dr. Reams Program is followed, very POSITIVE Results occurred!

As a result of applying the tests Carey Reams developed in the 1950s, he was prosecuted for practicing medicine without a license during the 1970s and hounded out of the U.S.

A small number of "nutritionists" and other fringe practitioners use this Urine/Saliva test as the basis for evaluating a person's health and prescribing dietary supplements to fix it.

The most visible modern proponent of this test has been Gary Martin, who, during the 1980s, operated the American College of Nutripathy, a nonaccredited correspondence school that granted "degrees" in nutrition. One of the school's brochures described nutripathy as "the condensation of most all natural healing and counseling techniques available today .

Martin claimed that nutripathic tests could detect "imbalances which, if left to mature, must ultimately manifest as some form of disease process." and "discover the root cause of the disease while it is still in the prediagnosable stage."

According to Martin's book, Nutripathy: The Final Solution to Your Health Dilemma, the first three numbers represent sugars excreted in the Urine and the acidity (pH) of the Urine and Saliva, and indicate how much "energy input" you have. The other numbers, said to represent your "mineral salts index, urine debris index and nitrate nitrogens over the ammoniacal nitrogens index," indicate how much energy your metabolism is using. "A low energy input and high energy drain," says the book, "means degeneration, rot, decay and death." To fix these alleged problems, Martin and his followers offered a large variety of supplement products.

Some suggest NOT taking Nutritional Supplements until being tested.... "Because you may be UPSETTING your Body Chemistry by taking the WRONG Calciums, for example. Many People are taking the "dirt" CHEAP Calcium Carbonate sold everywhere. However, their Body may NEED another Calcium, e.g. Calcium Gluconate, Calcium Hydroxide, Calcium Citrate or Calcium Lactate or ANY combination of the above. WITHOUT the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI) Testing, we don't know whether our Food and Supplements are helping or aggravating current maladies...they may even be contributing to deficiencies of other Nutrients.

MOST of us play a sort of "Russian Roulette" with our Supplements and Diets. We can END the "guesswork" by using Reams BTI Testing... You might have to do research to find a Tester, or invest the time and money to learn to be a self-tester... Thanks to "Google" and other Internet Search Engines, locating data for these is getting ever more easy....
During active sessions about this topic at An Ever Beter World Internet Academy, participants do this type of online searching and share it... To learn what courses are currently available, join us at a Daily Online Briefings... info at:
[link to www.AnEverBetterWorld.net]
Back-upsite: [link to www.libertyzone.com]

*********** More Helpful Data ***********


The visits of US fertility experts, Dr. Arden Andersen and Dr. Phil Wheeler, to Australia generated tremendous interest in their unique approach to high-production, sustainable agriculture. Both consultants describe themselves as exponents of the Reams / Albrecht / Callahan approach to fertility management. The triumvirate to whom they refer comprises Dr. Carey Reams, Dr. William Albrecht and Dr. Philip Callahan. These three pioneers are central figures in what has become the most powerful sustainable push in late 20th century agriculture. Alternative agriculture has never sailed so close to the mainstream. Vested interests have always successfully contained and controlled what they have regarded as "organic fringe dwellers", but a burgeoning grassroots movement, led by conventional growers, appears to be changing this power base. The Reams / Albrecht / Callahan approach seems destined to become a major force in agriculture, and in this context it is important that we consider and evaluate the work of these pioneers.

The late Dr. Carey Reams is the least known of the three, but he was responsible for a series of remarkable breakthroughs, the most important of which was his discovery of an irrefutable link between nutritional imbalance, weed infestation and pest / disease resistance.


Dr. Carey Reams was both a physician and an agronomist. His medical degree, completed in England, included an undergraduate degree in chemistry. Upon returning to the US to practice medicine, Reams chose to retain his independence by avoiding membership of the AMA (American Medical Association), and this infamous establishment bastion would eventually secure their pound of flesh for Reams' "disrespect". Dr. Reams was dogged throughout his life by the medical authorities objecting to his use of nutritional healing and nutrition-based, preventative medicine. His simple approach could successfully cure several major diseases, but his rebuttal of drug-based mainstream medicine eventually culminated in a Californian jail term during his later years.

A life-changing experience appears to have had a formative influence on the passionate mission that was to become Reams' life work. During World War II Reams enlisted in the US army as a chemist and Officer with the Special Operations Branch, and soon after he was severely injured in a landmine explosion. He suffered serious spinal injuries that left him a quadriplegic. After the war his recovery did not progress as hoped, and he deteriorated to the point that he was considered to be close to death. At this point, in desperation, he travelled to Philadelphia to attend a Katherine Kumen faith healing service. The service, later documented in Katherine Kumen's book, apparently produced a miraculous cure for Reams, and he was able to walk and function normally. Dr. Reams' subsequent conversion to Christianity would greatly influence his later work. He now came to see nature as both divinely ordered and holistic. This was in stark contrast to pidgeon-holing, specialist approach of conventional science.


It is a fact that a shining intellect can often be apparent at an early age, and Reams' genius shone through from the outset. During his childhood on the family farm in Florida, his intuitive and practical understanding of plant growth became legendary. It has been said that his father entrusted him with sole responsibility for a significant growing area when he was just five years old. He devised a fertility program, organised labour and apparently produced an exceptional melon crop at that tender age.

Little is known of Reams' youth and early medical career. It was only after his injury and subsequent surprise-recovery that he really began to make his presence felt. His dual professions as an agricultural consultant and physician contributed to his understanding of a link between human health and soil health, and he began to develop a relationship with the leading researchers in this field - Dr Charles Northern and Dr William Albrecht.

Dr. Charles Northern was a gastro-enterologist who, in 1936, presented congress with findings supporting the concept that human health problems are directly related to the mineral depletion of our soils. Reams worked with Dr Northern's concepts and fused them with the ideas of Dr. William Albrecht, with whom he frequently corresponded. Combining these ideas with his own concepts, he set to work as a consultant in the South Eastern US, where he demonstrated the efficacy of these principles. Reams' clients grew exceptional, high-yielding crops with increasing nutrient density, but, most importantly, these crops were disease-free and resistant to pests.


Dr. Reams never really separated his two professions. He developed extensive systems related to both during the 1950's and 60's. While practicing medicine in Orlando, Florida, he opened a health retreat in Georgia and used this accumulated practical experience and research to develop what he termed the Reams Human Health Equation - a diagnostic and analytical tool based on the testing of urine and saliva. These body fluids were tested with the identical LaMotte soil testing approach, which Reams favoured when evaluating soil health. The test measured energy loss in his patients, and Reams accurately diagnosed specific diseases based upon small reductions in energy loss, without actually seeing his clients.

Dr Reams' diagnostic skills, using his own techniques, were significantly superior to existing techniques at the time. Apparently this approach can still offer better early-warning, diagnostic precision than current alternatives. This part of the Reams work has been continued by Minnesota-based Dr. Joe Manthei, who translated the original Reams recipes to workbook and audio tapes. (Darlene Sartore writer of this web document studied RBTI with Dr. Manthei while he lived in Lancaster Pennsylvania Amish country. Over the years we lost contact with each other.)

Dr. Reams developed his system extensively and had several different clinics around the US, but he still somehow managed to foster his other passion - his agricultural consultancy. During this period, he developed his Biological Theory of Ionisation, which is the centrepiece of his soil-health philosophy. He also perfected the use of a series of monitoring tools, which were to become integral components of his system. These tools included the LaMotte soil test, the refractometer, the conductivity meter and the electronic scanner.

Dr Reams continued to teach agriculture and human health classes through the seventies and eighties, and the validity of his nutrition-enhanced vitality was graphically illustrated in his personal life, when he remarried and fathered a child while in his 80's.

As previously stated ...
This article is dedicated to all who help keep Carey Reams' wisdom available.
Currently the most diligent persons seem to be
A.F. “Sande” Beddoe, Jeanne Beddoe, Bob Pike and Dan Skow...
the following information is what is known at the time of posting this article online.

In 1970, Sande (Dr. Alexander F. Beddoe) completed his dental education and received a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree. During my dental education he became very fascinated with the discovery of the real cause of dental decay. Through the revolutionary research of a professor of physiology, at my dental school, also a dentist, I learned that healthy teeth have a natural self-cleansing process that results from the movement of a biologic fluid from the tooth's center (known as the dental pulp where the blood and nerve supply are located) to the outside surface of the tooth's dental enamel. The conclusions determined from this research revealed that in order for teeth to maintain ideal health, they must be connected to a healthy mineral rich body. In other words, the better your body's mineral reserves are maintained, the better the natural self cleansing process your teeth can maintain. This really means that the teeth decay from the inside out, when the self cleaning process breaks down.

Dr. Beddoe especially enjoys the experience of seeing and hearing the "Uh-huhs," when students take note of how the all-encompassing truths of Biological Ionization stand forth, as the solid basis of understanding of all the allopathic and natural health "ologies" and disciplines. Yes, it is very customary for students to come to the overwhelming public realization that Biological Ionization holds the keys to understanding the proper place for all health disciplines. If a health practitioner is never exposed to the significance of Biological Ionization principles, they will always and only ever have a symptom-based therapy system, no matter how natural they orient it. No matter how elaborate or wholistic the diagnostic or treatment routine used to uncover and deal with health dysfunctions, it will never reveal the true cause of the dysfunction nor what to ideally do about it as will the properly understood and applied Biological Ionization principles and techniques. No matter how natural, or otherwise, the therapy of a health practitioner, whether in using natural drugs, homeopathy, herbs, massage, chiropractics, wholistic dentistry, kinesiology, iridology, raw foods, colonics, acupuncture etc., the symptom will remain the focus of the therapy and the real cause will not be addressed. ---- Connect with Sande via [link to www.advancedideals.org]

Bob Pike is founder of Pike Agri-Lab Supplies, and well- known agriculture consultant and expert on the teaching of Dr Reams. Bob Pike can be contacted through [link to pikeagri.com]

Dan Skow, D.V.M., a veterinarian by formal education and founder of International AG Labs, he studied under the late Carey Reams and recorded the original seminars and helped to teach them. Dan still teaches the Reams seminars to this day. Dan Skow can be contacted through www.aglabs.com

[link to www.libertyzone.com]
Anonymous Coward
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03/26/2009 12:07 AM
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Re: Does Illness begin with the Vagus Nerve?
my wife got schlongilitis when i hit her vagus nerve.

also known as wangilitis or sclongophobia
Anonymous Coward (OP)
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03/26/2009 01:42 AM
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Re: Does Illness begin with the Vagus Nerve?
my wife got schlongilitis when i hit her vagus nerve.

also known as wangilitis or sclongophobia
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 617796

Did it make her ill?
Anonymous Coward
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03/26/2009 02:52 AM
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Re: Does Illness begin with the Vagus Nerve?
My brother almost bled to death from a hiatal hernia. He had one pint of blood left. He has to take omeprazole and iron weveryday until he is strong enough to get the surgery.

I probably have it too. The other day I just bent over and wiped and my heart raced for 15 minutes.
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03/26/2009 03:12 AM
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Re: Does Illness begin with the Vagus Nerve?
stay safe do not transfer any fluids during sex.. kissing even transfer illnesses ...cook foods at home in sanatary conditions.. disinfect tooth brush before after each use with solution of mr clean . rinse brush well each time . then use a quarter cup liquid clorox in dish washing cycle to fully sanitize dishes along with your usual soap ... these precaustion will drop illness expenses in your family . keeps lots of dollars in your pocket in hard times.. wash hands often .
Anonymous Coward (OP)
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03/26/2009 10:44 AM
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Re: Does Illness begin with the Vagus Nerve?
My brother almost bled to death from a hiatal hernia. He had one pint of blood left. He has to take omeprazole and iron weveryday until he is strong enough to get the surgery.

I probably have it too. The other day I just bent over and wiped and my heart raced for 15 minutes.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 641266

I suspected I could have a hiatal hernia and the acupuncturist/chiropractor I saw earlier this week confirmed it. I let him give me a diagnosis before I told him I thought I could have it. He read my list of symptoms and the first thing he said was the hiatal hernia and vagus nerve. A good chiropractor can pull the hiatal hernia down. I go back next week to have this procedure done.

Scroll through this forum and you'll find some testimonies from people who have had this done.
[link to curezone.com]
Anonymous Coward
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03/26/2014 12:09 PM
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Re: Does Illness begin with the Vagus Nerve?
I am very interested in this article, but cannot find the rest of it?? It says continued, but the link doesn't take me to this article??