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Message Subject Astronauts spill the beans concerning aliens, and their technology
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It's weird how we just take anything for granted, that SHADO television show for example and everything it implies

In a lead lined vault, eighty feet beneath a working film studio in the suburbs of London is SHADO, Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organization. Classified fuck_off and answering to only a special commission of the United Nations Security Council, its top-secret mission is to defend an otherwise defenseless Earth against an invasion of technologically superior extraterrestrials.

The aliens' agenda? Undetermined, but it appears they covet Earth's resources, biological resources, living human bodies.

Chartered in 1971, operationally active in 1980, SHADO recruits the best of the best from all nations and possesses the most sophisticated array of military and communications technology ever assembled for a single purpose on Earth.

[link to shadolibrary.org]

Or that half the population of Farmington NM saw hundreds of flying saucers over their town one day in 1950 but then everything went back to normal, everyone doing their daily routines as if nothing unusual had happened. To this day the town celebrates that event in the city parades but that's about the extent of it, and the rest of the country totally ignored it.

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