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Message Subject PETA Killed 95 Percent of Adoptable Pets in its Care During 2008
Poster Handle mercury2
Post Content
I am no fan of PETA, but that article sounds like bullshit to me. Just about anything from a corporate front group like Center for Consumer Freedom should be assumed to be filled with half-truths and distortions. That is what they get paid for - why would you expect them to tell the truth?

Do you have any FACTUAL references for this that were NOT written by high paid propagandists? Any idea of the context of this bullshit? No - of course not. They strung together a series of words that they knew would get you to react - and you played right along. Thus, we see the reason for the state of things in this country. They know exactly how to manipulate us - and too few of us know how to see through it.

I realize it can be fun to spread lies other people were paid to make you believe, but in the end, it just makes you look like a fool.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 476405

I know what you mean, really I do, I don't know much about the organization "Center for Consumer Freedom" but of course it sounds like one of those phony front groups with an agenda - however - I have heard this story before about PETA killing pets, it's not going away, I'd love to hear that it's a 100% invented myth - is it?

Do you have any factual references to show that it's 100% bullshit? Now you can just say "innocent until proven guilty" I suppose.

I gave money to PETA for years and I appreciate the undercover work they have done in biological supply houses where the most atrocious abuses and cruelty go on that you could ever imagine, and other undercover infiltration they have done to expose a lot of the horrors that routinely happen in the most reputable animal research laboratories, not to mention the grotesque methods perpetrated daily and hourly in every slaughterhouse, where conditions are going downhill constantly.

So I give PETA a lot of credit for the work they do, it's hideous work and I admire them for it. Whoever got a job at Carolina Biological Supply and wrote about it deserves a ton of appreciation for doing that.

I could see PETA not wanting to get into the shelter business, that's their choice. But do people dump animals on their doorstep? I bet they do. Then what happens?

Putting unwanted animals down is a fact of life, it happens by the millions every year in this country, it's just one of those things we wish was different but it's not going away. Does PETA engage in it? Do they? They might - does anyone know for sure?
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