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President Barack Obama was seen snacking on a Spam

Anonymous Coward
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United States
03/31/2009 09:37 AM
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President Barack Obama was seen snacking on a Spam
By Kelly DiNardo
For The Associated Press

Combined with rice and wrapped in nori seaweed. Served with eggs or topped with pineapple. Tossed in macaroni and cheese, stir-fry or salad. Is there no limit to the dishes Hawaiians will dream up using Spam?
“As a child we would make Spam sandwiches of Spam straight from the can on white bread with mayonnaise,” says Ann Kondo Corum, who grew up in Hawaii in the ’50s and has written several Spam-inspired cookbooks.

Today, Hawaiians eat more than 6 million cans of Spam a year, the nation’s highest per capita consumption of the processed meat, which is cobbled together from a mixture of pork shoulder, ham, sugar and salt.

And recently, it got a nod from the eater-in-chief. While vacationing in Hawaii in December, President Barack Obama was seen snacking on a Spam-filled sushi-like concoction while playing golf.

more.... [link to www.reporterherald.com]