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Message Subject Obama Orders Chevrolet and Dodge Out Of NASCAR - Car News
Poster Handle BRIAN MORAN
Post Content
look, it would be easy to save money for Nascar,
just put governors on the cars.

65 mph is plenty fast enough.

a 400 lap race would take about 10 hours.
they could sell lots of commercials.
 Quoting: sleepy head 454544

How about replace the engines with big rubber bands? Then instead of burning POISONOUS GASOLINE to make DEADLY POLLUTION CARBON DIOXIDE, they can employ a couple of "winders" in each car, whose job it is to crank on some handles to keep the rubber band wound up.

This improvement will transfer directly to the road, since gasoline will be illegal soon. Unless you're in the government, then of course you're too important to drive a rubber band car, of course government people get gasoline cars.
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