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Message Subject Mysterious Big Black Cat Sightings in NY Suburb
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Big Black Cat Sightings: NY Black Cat Mystery
By Maggie M. Thorton

Big Black Cat sightings in New York State are escalating. Those have seen the animal say it is definitely not a large house cat. Speculations are rampant as reports of Big Black Cats crossing highways, running along the highway, in the State’s Tallman National Park, and of most concern, in neighborhood backyards where children may be, keep rolling in.

Big Black Cat Sightings

The cats are described as be 4′ to 5′ in length, supporting a 3′ long tail. We might think a pranking is in the works, but in New York’s Rockland County Park, the reports are taken seriously. Signs are posted warning the public of “Suspicious Animal Sightings.” “In the hamlet of Palisades,” one Big Black Cat was seen in a private drive and two in the backyard of the home. In Orangetown, police increased patrols, and cameras have been installed in State Parks.

Included in the Big Black Cat category are Panthers, Cougars, Mountain Lions, Pumas and Jaguars. One region of the world may refer to a black Cougar as a Panther. In another region, a black Jaguar may be called a Leopard. It gets confusing as reports come in. If a sighter is not a wildlife expert, these felines are virtually unidentifiable unless caught and examined. Experts tend to believe that black cougars do not exist anywhere in the world.

The State of Florida has a designated Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge. Under the auspices of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, The National Park Service and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Florida has established The Inter-Agency Florida Panther Response Plan, and there is an annual Panther Capture meeting, as well.

Great Britain has a long history of Big Black Cat sightings, and it continues in 2009. A March 19th report from an Edinburgh man says he saw the Cat in a forest. His account is said to be twelfth such sighting. In February, the BBC reports forty sightings in Wales.

Whatever the genus of the Big Black Cats in New York State, these animals are frightening people. You can view a video of the family who recently got the story of the NY Black Cat Mystery in the news.

[link to www.rightpundits.com]
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