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Message Subject Mysterious Big Black Cat Sightings in NY Suburb
Poster Handle panther spotter!!
Post Content
I really hate to burst some bubbles, but!! While walking the south trail to rt. 9w, I spotted 1 large coyote on the trail. Upon seeing me, it walked into the woods and defensively watched me as I took a few pictures. Not a panther, ocelot, bobcat, impala, gazelle, lion or a tiger. A coyote....rare in Tallman Mt. State Park, yes. I used to work in that park and never saw 1. I still work in a parks system and am very knowlegeable about most animals. This "mystery" is over for me people, sorry. There are no "black panthers" anywhere in this county, just clueless homeowners who are not well versed in wildlife. And yes the police were contacted. Sorry again all you conspiracy theorists!
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