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Message Subject Mysterious Big Black Cat Sightings in NY Suburb
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Across the pond:

Pet owner spots 'big cat' roaming during daylight near home

This latest sighting brings the total to almost 50 in the past eight years.

Described by most people as a black sleek creature, it is believed to most likely be a melanistic leopard, commonly referred to as a black panther.

The most recent sighting was on Friday, November 19, on land off New Street, Measham.

Twenty-six-year-old Alex Lloyd was alerted by the barking of his rottweiler and his next-door neighbour's dog.

He told the Herald: "At around 2pm suddenly both dogs started barking. They don't usually bark at each other so I went to see what was happening.

"Part of the national forest runs alongside our garden and I realised they were barking at something they had seen. I thought it was someone out walking, but then suddenly a big cat ran across, about 10 metres away.

"It just bounded along this pathway in the grass. It was about the same size as my rottweiler but it was not a dog, you could tell by the way it ran.

[link to www.thisistamworth.co.uk]
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