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Message Subject dulce underground base-cattle mutilations and alien craft
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
These technologically advanced weapons are going to be revealed when the aliens take over in the very near future. The technology is exclusively alien and, as such, belongs to the aliens.

The aliens don't want humans to know about them or their hardware (yet), but are content to let them use their own 'primitive' weapons against eachother in wars - wars the aliens engineer through their hybrid illuminati operatives.

That's funny. You ASSume that there is only one type of "alien" around and that they are all bad. The "good" ETs would welcome these technologies come out into the light of day, not for use, but to prove that the government(s) have been lying, hiding, and turning most of humanity into debt slaves to create all of this technology and NWO infrastructure. Thus we might actually pull our heads out of the sand, unfurl our nuticles, and deal with the problems.

You also ASSume that these weapons have never been used, yet credible people have told of them being used in 9/11, in Iraq, in recent volcanic activity and most of the 3D "UFOs" people see these days are man-made. I was just watching a "UFO" video from Crotia and it was actually one of the US TR3B "UFOs".
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 652204

Hey dudeski, I'm not arguing with you about alien types and whether or not secret weapons are being used in Iraq et al; I wasn't in Iraq during the war, so I wouldn't know. Maybe the credible sources you cite are correct, I'm just saying that the Draco/malevolent ET's, along with their servants (global elitists), tend to horde these technologies for themselves.

As I understand it, from what I've read from numerous sources, the good guys (God and his angels) are observing this planet, but won't intervene because it will interfere with our spiritual evolution. If they came in and rid the planet of the bad guy ET's then what lesson would we have learned? We wouldn't have learned the consequences of giving our power away to a ruthless predator, a we have ben doing for thousands of years.

It's our duty, and our duty alone, to take our power back.
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