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Message Subject dulce underground base-cattle mutilations and alien craft
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A few posts have it correct. The "secret" government has been secretly cloning humans, etc. at the underground base in Dulce, New Mexico. The cattle mutilations are done by the government. This is to scare all you "would be" cowboys with no balls. Hence, the fear of the anal probes. It's all very pathetic that you cowboys would be scared off by such bullsh*t. Yeah, even Larry Flynt said "More anal probes". He takes money from the government, too.

Dan Baruish is a government disinformation freak. He has even fooled the likes of Michael Salla. Hence the theory of the "good" vs. "bad" ET's. Sure, the ET's play "good cop/bad cop", but so do the police and mental health practioners to get someone to act less crazy. Developmentally, human beings have been dumbed down to a developmental age of "the terrible two's by the Rochefellers and Rothchild groups (ie, Illumanti/etc).

They will have their false flag attacks (E.T included), slaves (many cloned "humans"), microchiipped population, and purging of the masses if we continue to not look beyond the horrific "parenting" of the Nazi Rockefeller, Rothchild, Bilderbirger groups.

Educate yourselves, please,or get more of the same. In other words, please grow up and take responsibility for your thoughts, speech, feelings, and behavior.
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