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Message Subject dulce underground base-cattle mutilations and alien craft
Poster Handle Inquiring Minds
Post Content
The conference in Aztec has been going on for years, there either was a crash there around the same time as the Roswell one; or it was an elaborate hoax by Frank Scully (Mulder & Scully anyone??!).

Either way, read about the 1950's event over Farmington, sounds like war of the worlds for real.

[link to www.aztecufo.com]

At what point did our technology cross over with theirs, and did it all originate out of Germany; was it due to Vedic studie regarding mercury engines & vimana or have our governments really been in cahoots with ET's ?

According to 'my sources' there is to be a foundation located in and around Aztec, NM - solutions oriented and above ground, with the purpose of openly integrating into our civilizations infrastructure these technological advances.


This stuff should be able to be openly discussed, and researchers and those close to the truth need to stop being taken out.

Their very own media via 'UFO Hunters' during March featured this particular base.

UFO Hunters: Dulce Base Inside Archuleta Mesa
Thread: UFO Hunters: Dulce Base Inside Archuleta Mesa

How does this all fit in with the 'Triple Helix' and 'Yale' (Skull & Bones) research ...

Triple Strand DnA
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Here is the only article I could find with a quick query:

Dulce Base Symposium: Full Report
[link to www.theufochronicles.com]

- Inquiring Minds
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