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Message Subject Census needs to GPS my house?????? WTF!!!
Poster Handle The Jurist
Post Content
Note the change in taxation via the census when the 16th amendment was implemented;
here is where the "Communist Census" is taken:

Ratified in 1865, Amendment XIV, Section 2, to the Constitution gave additional guidance on conducting the census. The census link to tax collection from the states was rescinded by Amendment XVI (1913). Contemporary guidelines about the decennial census are found in Title 13, U.S. Code (1976).

[link to www.census.gov]

Plank 2 of the Communist Manifesto: Income Tax.

It is suggested that you get some information on Peoples Awareness Coalition and LB Bork, the author of The Red Amendment, and study-up. [link to www.redamendment.net]
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