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My news paper is doing it again.....BLANTANT LIES!

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United States
04/17/2009 10:17 AM
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My news paper is doing it again.....BLANTANT LIES!
Email I received:

Dayton Tea Partiers:

We need your help NOW! The Dayton Daily News is doing an editorial and an editorial columnist is doing a column for this weekend's newspaper berating the Dayton Tea Party.
The Dayton Daily News is claiming we did not fill Courthouse Square in downtown Dayton and that it was a disappointing turnout. Additionally, they say we all were anti-Obama, anti-government and nothing but unknowns spoke to the crowd. Finally, they said the Dayton Tea Party was nothing but a Republican product and Fox News creation. Read their initial editorial reaction after the Tea Party: [link to www.daytondailynews.com]

The Dayton Tea Party received estimates from police officers who were providing security at the Courthouse Square Rally of about 8,000 attendees.
The DDN website shows many photos of Courthouse Square being packed! (If you have a good crowd shot, send it to DDN.)
The speakers and attendees brought a message of low taxes, fiscal restraint in our government, support for the free market and small business, smaller government and respect for the U.S. Constitution.
The speakers blamed both parties for the current economic condition and wasteful spending that has occurred.
The Dayton Tea Party was not sponsored by the Republican Party or FOX News.
The costs of the rally were paid for by YOU the attendees in the form of private donations, $10 and $20 at a time.

Dayton Daily News is notorious for misleading and out and out right LIES in its reporting...so much so as to be mentioned in O'Riley's book (Not that it matters but simply proves the extent of manipulation above other news sources).

anything after 'but' is bullshit!

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