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Message Subject the census bureau is coming to your front door/GPS *UPDATE* 5/1 The American Community Survey.
Poster Handle Dread Pirate Roberts
Post Content
if they come to my door physically, what are my rights? Can I choose not to respond? Can I deny them entry What are penalties for failure to comply, if any? Etc.

then again this was re the 2000 census things have CHANGEd

[link to www.fff.org]
The Census Bureau wants you to tell it all sorts of things about yourself, but there's one thing it doesn't want to tell you: You may be punished if you disobey.

Sheldon Richman is senior fellow at The Future of Freedom Foundation in Fairfax, Va. (www.fff.org), and editor of Ideas on Liberty magazine.
 Quoting: Phennommennonn

thanks Phenom...of course I am not advocating breaking the law nor advocating being recalcitrant in any way. It's the government, and they are here to help us.
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