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Message Subject the census bureau is coming to your front door/GPS *UPDATE* 5/1 The American Community Survey.
Poster Handle Kat Mama
Post Content

Everyone that can.. go get a job with the cencus and fuck the systems up.. what are they going to do if you forget to add houses to the GPS?

Opps forgot to add this row of houses or put peoples names in the wrong places and just mess with their entire system. I will do this for humanitys sake..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 657248

Well, actually - no. I worked the census in 2000 (before I knew any better how our good gooberment "has our best interests" at heart..). I trained the enumerators and had to check their work in the field. Those who were inaccurate, whether willfully or thru ineptitude - were fired and replaced.
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