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Message Subject the census bureau is coming to your front door/GPS *UPDATE* 5/1 The American Community Survey.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Already had some goofball walking down my street with a little box standing in peoples front yards taking down locations. Saw him in my yard cause the dog went nuts...good puppy!...lol....she is weighing about 70lbs and has a good bark goin and is starting to feel protective and is proud of herself when she barks it up on a space invader...lol.....so we go outside and the dude says he's from the census and is logging in GPS locs...bye, smile, wave...he was done I guess....looked like a Meter reader and was trotting off down the road. Now my neighborhood it's pretty easy to see all the front doors as you walk on down the road....and all SF dwellings...so it was probably an easy one to do...just like lots of neighborhoods are and a lot are probably already done and people wouldn't even know it...we wouldn't have if the dog hadn't alerted and we pretty much confront everyone we don't know as most of the denisons in my little hood does...

Here is the purpose of the 2010 Census...to ensure Demorat power by redistricting...and of course this will be the most accurate and scientific Census ever taken because the Mighty Obama used High-Tech Global Sattelite locationator stuff....so when all them districts get reAcorned into strong Dem districts it'll be the very first high-tech and accurate count taken since the year 1800. Yes Virgina there is a Santa Claus and No Utah you are not going to gain a Representative....
 Quoting: SHR

gps has allways been about the militay,
it 's for targeting, the info on google earth is the same,
all our lives been this list and that list.

all those churchs and eveyone had to have an id at least,a
state id to do anything for ever,
na, this is about warfare, and targeting,
the shitty thing is we should have seen this coming and
had laws to protect normal people.
oh well,
just rember all those vids on the net from irac, showing the houses hit by airstrikes the ground troop call in when they meet to many armed people they can't win against,

this shit + all our troops being trained in house to house,
+ drones/robots +beam weapons...

man we are fucked.
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