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Message Subject the census bureau is coming to your front door/GPS *UPDATE* 5/1 The American Community Survey.
Poster Handle The Magnificent Bastard
Post Content
they will have a tough time tracking down my Camper I am living in...

dont be so sure. they will end up going to camp sites and motor parks. i saw tons of these along the pennsylvania turnpike.

They've already been to my RV park....I'm permanent but they also gathered info on the visitor campers..Only 10% of the residences here are permanent...how stupid..90% of the other RV's won't ever be here again..just passing through....leads me to believe something else is going on....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 210370

What my wife was saying, but failed to say is that alot of people use these motor parks as their permanent residence. I'm not joking. Some motor homes, although up on blocks have room extensions added on. Some had wood stoves, and porches. 2 of these lots were pretty close to full capacity, and tight knit like sardines too.
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