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Message Subject the census bureau is coming to your front door/GPS *UPDATE* 5/1 The American Community Survey.
Poster Handle Phennommennonn
Post Content
excerpt from JG forums

The following was taken from the official census website:

"The 2010 Census will be a short-form only census and will count all residents living in the United States as well as ask for name, sex, age, date of birth, race, ethnicity, relationship and housing tenure taking just minutes to complete.
The more detailed socioeconomic information is now collected through the American Community Survey. The survey provides current data about your community every year, rather than once every 10 years. It is sent to a small percentage of the population on a rotating basis throughout the decade. No household will receive the survey more often than once every five years."
( [link to 2010.census.gov]

So The American Community Survey is the long, nosy, intrusive survey. (Here's a link about the ACS:
[link to www.mplonline.org]

The census is required by law. The American Community Survey, on the other hand... while it claims that it is, I'm not certain that could be backed up. And I am certainly not participating in that one! I keep thinking... was a similar type of "survey" conducted prior to the Holocaust?

One last link
[link to www.cato.org]
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