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Message Subject HERE COMES THE SUN
Poster Handle mu1ti
Post Content
It is well-known that the Earth's magnetic field and crystalline grids, as well as the Sun’s output, are altering rapidly in conjunction with emanations from the Galactic Core as per the Mayan Calendar. Correspondingly, our DNA is altering rapidly as we, too, are being impulsed from the Sun and the Galactic Core to radically transmute ourselves at the subatomic level and to embody new frequencies, Light and the understanding that we are Source, Divine and Multidimensional in nature.

We have been in a ‘deep sleep’ since successive, historical ‘falls in consciousness’, which correspond to the sinking into lower and lower levels of vibration such as fear, anger, and hate, as well as the corruption and shutting down of the full potential of our DNA. (As is well-known, we use only 3% of our DNA capability.)
These ‘vibrational falls’ have resulted in devastating genetic mutations and distortions, the severe compromise of our Original Crystalline Divine Blueprints, destructive conflict between men and women, ongoing warfare (and continued perpetuation of the Global Military Industrial Complex), and our ability to be one with Source and to thus co-create realities of Joy, Peace and Abundance. These ‘falls’ have been well-documented in many great stories – stories about the Lucifer Rebellion, the Atlantean Age and the Tower of Babel being only a few – and, of course, are directly reflected in the current state of crisis on the Earth.

At this time, with solar flare increases and magnetic field drops, and with Transformer Pluto conjunct the Galactic Core, our pineal and pituitary glands are increasingly stimulated and our DNA is recalibrating itself. Consciousness is flowering, people are awakening from the ‘deep sleep’, and all manner of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical disorders are on the rise in an accelerated effort now to clear the old and align with the new.

Galactic Core Attunement Sessions provide multidimensional, holographic assistance at this time to release the old programs that are incompatible with this evolutionary shift and to activate the codes within ourselves that will awaken each of us to our Divine Purpose and our Original Blueprints of Divine Perfection, and to the remembrance of how to navigate these shifting times effortlessly so that we can merge seamlessly with the accelerating frequencies.

The Sessions release corruption from within the DNA that then enable the release and activation of

1. the Seven Sacred Plates of Solar Consciousness which correspond to our Etheric Bodies, Seven Chakras and Earthly bodies. These Plates have lain dormant since the Atlantean Age, when their activation did not take place, their encodements were corrupted and much trauma resulted. These prepare the body for the merging with the Immortal Diamond Body which allows us to interface smoothly with the acceleration process into the Fifth Dimension at 12-Strands of DNA.

2. the Five Sacred Plates of Sirian Consciousness that exist beyond our Earth vehicles. These Plates create the Sirian Template Body of the Christ Matrix that facilitate the expansion into Seventh Dimensional Consciousness and 48-Strands of DNA.

The Plates are light-activated (by the Galactic Core, the Sun and various celestial movements) during times of key change (such as ours) in order to facilitate radical transformation on subatomic and DNA levels. Essentially, the Plates are time-encoded gateways of consciousness that allow one to experience wise mastery of both Internal and External reality, as well as of Spirit and Matter. It allows one to stay in body, intact and in power – and to mulitidimensionally merge effortlessly with the Ecstatic Frequencies of the Divine that are exponentially impulsing all life at present.

[link to www.diamondconsciousness.com]
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