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Message Subject Why I believe the Bible to be invalid as a citation for any argument...
Poster Handle D. Bunker
Post Content
It is a reasonable reference to determine what the viewpoints of the Biblical patriarchs were. I think it depends on the subject as to whether it is relevant.

I agree on subject matter regarding relevance, I suppose. But do you agree that it's arguable as to whether or not the current Bible even reflects much of the patriarch's viewpoints at all?

I'm not saying that's the case, only that it's legitimately arguable. And if so, the Bible would be an unsound piece of evidence for any conclusion referring to those patriarchs.
 Quoting: The Elephant

It simply is what it is. I think logically if one believes there to be a God then the bible is not a hard task for him. If one believes it is authored by man without this aid, then it would likely have evolved over the years for a variety of reasons.

The bottom line is, it is a book that depicts a particular God and several mens perceptions of him, his word, his purpose etc. It is in how you choose to receive it that the reality is determined. For me it is not as complex as many make it.

Does this make sense?
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