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Message Subject Why I believe the Bible to be invalid as a citation for any argument...
Poster Handle The Elephant
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Very much so. That's a fantastic viewpoint and I thank you for sharing it with me so peacefully, unlike nearly every other person I try to get information from.

I am not a very religious person, but I do adhere to what I perceive to be the moral law and ethics of the biblical text.

Given this, if we are trying to arrive at a conclusion that may have moral underpinnings or ethical considerations, a biblical perspective would be appropriate for those who follow its guidance such s myself.

It seems that some would use it to determine 'where to park their car' and this is a frustrating distraction at times if my analogy is a good one.
 Quoting: D. Bunker

Heh, I like the analogy. Though, if I may add to it in a different fashion, quite a few people end up using it primarily to tell others where to park their cars.

I am very happily surprised that I can agree with you regarding everything you have said. The Bible has many beautiful passages on morality, my favorite being the "Sermon on the Mount." I don't consider myself to be a Christian by any means at all, but I find myself reading that section of Matthew every single day.
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