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the horrors of crime (Kursk Chronicle)

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Russian Federation
04/27/2009 11:48 AM
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the horrors of crime (Kursk Chronicle)
2000) Retired from his family indicated a pension in her apartment on Lenin Street. Deep into the night there was a scandal - drunken rowdy something is divided. As a result, the pensioner grabbed a knife and inflicted several blows to the head and neck of his son. His actions were endorsed by his wife, second son and the wife of slain civil senior. They beat for a while the corpse of his feet. Pensioner has decided to consolidate the success which has opened a gas stove, all burners. When the gas filled the apartment, he lit the match. As a result of the explosion, he and his wife, son and wife of the murdered dead, killed a neighbor from the upper apartment, several people were seriously injured.
Nasmotrevshis drunk at the head of horror films, a resident of the street Olshanski took an ax, which began to run after his wife. My wife was able to run out into the yard, but the guy caught up with her there, grabbed her hair, and then struck several blows on the head with an ax. Since then beheaded her. I ran towards the tram stop, where an ax attacked the pensioner's 83 years old, who was unable to escape from it. Retired, he cut off his hand, then struck a mortal blow in the stomach ax. 6 Division arrived from the police who arrived very quickly, was unable to persuade the guy to put the ax. He continued to go after people, even tried to hit a police officer ax. As a result, forced to use weapons - shot in the head.
2001) at the railway station, three drunken young men on the platform staged a children's game - pushed each other. Play, one of them held a woman pushed from the platform. At this point in this way arrive train, "St. Petersburg" - "Novorossiysk". The woman did not have to leave the road and the driver did not see it because of the evening time. As a result, the front wheel pair of electric cut off her head and legs. The murderer was apprehended at the scene by members of linear division.
2002) Park House of Culture Kursk Plant of Tractor Parts assembled a noisy company of guys that are in near shop bought and drank vodka. Passed by asked them to give an alcoholic drink, but they run it. After a while he returned to the pump 12 caliber rifle. Then started firing on their offenders. He killed one and wounded the remaining three. Then began shooting at passers - injuring a woman. When he ran out of ammunition in the store, two local guy who pryatalisv bushes, rushed to him and to disarm the offender. Settlements of the offender was detained by them. Sentenced to 15 years' imprisonment in the colony of strict regime.
2003) released from correctional institutions resident streets Radishchev 29 years. After that he decided to celebrate it. He noted that with his brother and his wife. In the midst of fun end vodka. His brother went to the store. His wife fell asleep. Using this section of the guy, but because she was heavily drunk, quietly poizvraschalsya over it. His brother came back from the shop. Jailbird has taken a knife and strike at the heart of his slain brother, and then killed his wife, had committed sexual acts with corpses обоми, then took 15,000 rubles left. The next day his mother found the bodies, the dog took the trail is easy, because he was short - the killer lived next door, where he was arrested while sleeping drunk. He found things with traces of blood and the missing money. Sentenced to life imprisonment.
2004) Villagers fiber drunk drunk, and then made a scene of jealousy for his wife. As a result, attacked his wife with a hammer. My wife ran from the drunken husband in the bus stop, where jumped on the bus, but the man managed to run into the same salon. In the bus he began to beat his wife, a hammer, inflicting indiscriminate attacks. Bus passengers tried to stop him, but he began to fight with them. As a result, his wife was killed and three were seriously injured. The murderer was apprehended at the scene a passing patrol STR. who shot him in the leg. The District Court sentenced him to 14 years of strict regime.
In the central market of the company met pyanits.U they lacked money for vodka. They attacked the man held, had been armed with fixtures. A man was killed on the spot. Drunkard continued his march through the streets, attacking people. Soon, they went up the street Lenin. There they met a police patrol that all of them and detained. Their actions were killed 2 people and injured 6. All 5 of criminals sentenced to life terms to 17 years imprisonment.
2005) In one of the entrances to the house street Dzderzhinskogo happened drunken brawl. At the entrance lay a brick. They took advantage of and participants of the fight 27 years to build and caused fatal injuries to two contenders. Sentenced to 21 years imprisonment.
2006), three local Satanists were in the area of swamps on the street crimson. It was night. They returned on foot to the black masses - went on the South Cemetery, but on the way the car broke down. Because of this they were very bad. In the street they met a woman who went to his home. They beat her, raped, cut off blades arms, legs and head, after which кинули dismembered corpse in a swamp. The next day, one of them remembered, and came to the police. Explained temporary aberration. All three are arrested and found insane, then the court sent them to forced treatment.
2007) In the forest, near the village of fiber were two local alcoholic. They went to meet two Geya, who suggested they have sex. When alcoholics rejected, gays took nozhy and killed them both, and then carried the dead bodies in the bushes, where long pervert. Soon were arrested, and then confessed. Sentenced to 25 years.
2008) a student of the Kursk State Technical University Institute / met the girl who fell in love. But because of its traditional orientation of her love was lamblike. Lesbian often come home to the beloved, but it is not allowed in the apartment (on the main avenue). Once she saw her waiting in the yard guy. Then, as she explained later, has ceased to govern themselves. As a result, she benefited priparkovanym on the main avenue KAMAZ "with a trailer, which she managed to steal without any problems. There she moved into the yard, where there was a guy, sending the car straight at him. He was unable to dodge the car. Trailer momentum woman who walked with a five-year child. At this point, withdrew her beloved, which is seen to come into a state of shock. Lesbian easily drag it into a stolen car and it went further. Stopped the car on the street car Perekalskogo, where the girl was raped in the cab. This assumption and its crew detained by traffic police services, who had been searching for the perpetrator. Surrendered without resistance. As a result, killed three people, she got a strong moral shock, which is treated in a psychiatric hospital, lesbian recognized expertise insane, she diagnosed syndrome Adele, now runs a psychiatric treatment.
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