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AMAZING! TWO Different People Claim ZODIAC Killer As Close Kin!

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04/30/2009 10:51 AM
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AMAZING! TWO Different People Claim ZODIAC Killer As Close Kin!
Let's call this the case of the Duelling-Daddy-Serial-Killers as now there are two different people in California who are claiming -complete with evidence- that their Father [or Step-Father] was the notorious Zodiac killer who officially murdered five San Francisco Bay-area residents in the late 1960's. His authenticated identity has never been established.

Last year, a man from Pollock Pines, CA claimed his step-father was the Zodiac and offered forensic evidence to back up his claim - notably family keepsakes [including a bloody knifeblade] that on the surface looked compelling; he withheld a fair amount of info and evidence because he was/is working on a documentary to pick up some cash for his sleuthing efforts.

Now, from Orange County, comes Deborah Perez who not only claims HER Daddy did the deeds but that she actually JOINED HIM on two of the murderous jaunts... his body count allegedly reaches 32 [although THAT piece of evidence is conveniently missing]; and: she has the eyeglasses of one of the early victims to prove it! She TOO is working on a documentary.

At a press conference held yesterday in front of the offices of the SF Chronicle [the newspaper became a mouthpiece for the killer when he began sending taunting notes to them ala' Jack the Ripper], Perez brandished the glasses and faced down a derisive crowd of unruly disbelievers. Some shouting, "GUILTY!" - presumably in reference to the fact that if Perez DID accompany her Papa on his grisy missions then she too could be guilty by association. Others in the crowd simply yelled "Bullshit!" as her PR-man pitched his claim.

This could get pretty interesting if these two money-hungry souls actually get to court and duke it out over who had the baddest Daddy! Imagine spending your time trying to PROVE your Father was a vicious serial-killer?

What fascinating times we live in, folks!

[link to www.sfgate.com]

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