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United States
05/01/2009 08:49 AM
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HELSINGIN SANOMAT, the largest newspaper in Scandinavia, wrote in the
September 9, 1999 issue that Scientific American magazine estimates that
after the Millenium perhaps ALL people will be implanted with a "DNA

How many people realize what it actually means? Total loss of privacy
and total outside control of the person's physical body functions,
mental, emotional and thought processes, including the implanted person's
subconscious and dreams! For the rest of his life!

It sounds like science fiction but it is secret military and intelligence
agencies' mind control technology, which has been experimented with for
almost half a century. Totally without the knowledge of the general
public and even the general academic population.

Supercomputers in Maryland, Israel and elsewhere with a speed of over
20 BILLION bits/sec can monitor millions of people simultaneously. In
fact, the whole world population can be totally controlled by these
secret brain-computer interactions, however unbelievable it sounds for
the uninformed.

Human thought has a speed of 5,000 bits/sec and everyone understands
that our brain cannot compete with supercomputers acting via satellites,
implants, local facilities, scalar orother forms of biotelemetry.

Each brain has a unique set of bioelectric resonance/entrainment
characteristics. Remote neural monitoring systems with supercomputers
can send messages through an implanted person's nervous system and
affect their performance in any way desired. They can of course be
tracked and identified anywhere.

Neuro-electromagnetic involuntary human experimentation has been going
on with the so-called "vulnerable population" for about 50 years, in the
name of "science" or "national security" in the worst Nazi-type testing,
contrary to all human rights. Physical and psychological torture of
mind control victims today is like the worst horror movies. Only, unlike
the horror movies, it is true.

It happens today in the USA, Japan, and Europe. With few exceptions,
the mass media suppresses all information about the entire topic.

Mind control technology in the USA is classified under "non-lethal"
weaponry. The name is totally misleading because the technology used
IS lethal, but death comes slowly in the form of "normal" illnesses,
like cancer, leukemia, heart attacks, Alzheimer's disease with loss of
short term memory first. No wonder these illnesses have increased all
over the world.

When the use of electromagnetic fields, extra-low (ELF) and ultra-low
(ULF) frequencies and microwaves aimed deliberately at certain indiv-
iduals, groups, and even the general population to cause diseases,
disorientation, chaos and physical and emotional pain breaks into the
awareness of the general population, a public outcry is inevitable.

[Eleanor White comment: ELF/ULF frequencies on their own cannot
be focussed and are practically impossible to transmit in the usual
manner of radio transmissions. ELF/ULF cannot carry voice.

ELF/ULF CAN be carried on radio and ultrasound carrier signals, however,
and are effective in things like setting up a target to be more receptive
to hypnosis, force a target to be unable to sleep, and force a target
to fall asleep daytime. This is like the reverse process of reading
the brain's natural ELF/ULF electrical activity using biofeedback.]

Who is behind a sinister plan to microchip and control and torture the
general population?

[Eleanor White's comment: Reports from persons targetted by neuro-
electromagnetic experimentation show that not everyone is implanted.
The fact that those few victims who have had implants removed cannot
get custody of the implants means someone has a keen interest in
controlling the use of covert implants and preventing the publication
of this practice.]

The Patent Office of the U.S.A. has granted patents for purposes of
mental monitoring and mind alteration.

Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brainwaves,
methods for inducing mental, emotional and physical states of conscious-
ness, in human beings. Method of and apparatus for desired states of
consciousness are among some of them.

People who have been implanted, involuntarily or through deception vol-
untarily have become bilogical robots and guinea pigs for this activity
under the guise of national security.

The real consequences of microchip implantation (or with today's advanced
hidden technology, using only microwave radiation for mind control,) are
totally hidden from the public. How many know the real dangers of mic-
rowaves through mobile phones?

How many believe the disinformation that microwave radiation is not
causing health problems? The economic issues in the mobile phone industry
are enormous. Therefore health issues are deliberately brushed aside.

However, the same thing is inevitable in the future as with the tobacco
industry. When economic compensation for health damages becomes big
enough, as in the tobacco industry, health hazards will be admitted and
users are then responsible for their tobacco-related illnesses.

Today, already about 50% of Finns, Swedes and Norwegians use mobile
phones, especially the young population.

Mobile phones used in mind control was a brilliant idea. Military and
police agencies can follow every user, influence their thoughts through
microwaves, cause healthy people to hear voices in their heads and if
needed burn their brains in a second by increasing the current
20,000 times.

That probably happened to Chechnyan leader General Dudayev who died
talking to a mobile phone.

Heating effect of tissues with the speed of light is a known effect of
high power microwave and electromagnetic pulse weapons.