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Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time

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05/02/2009 08:03 PM
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Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time
From AbundantHope.net

Phoenix Journals
An Interval of Non-Time
By Hatonn
Jan 30, 2009, 08:02

Candace: I recently drew attention to this journal, under a post entitled something to the effect of The Real Meaning of the 2nd Coming. Here is a portion sent in by Christ Lippens. Thanks Christ! This is an extraction using text recognition software and then corrected.

[link to www.fourwinds10.com]

By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

Chapter 19

Page 159


When the universe reaches a point of maximum expansion, a unique phenomenon will take place.

There will be a moment when all laws necessary for the creative maintenance of physical matter and all materializing processes become suspended.

Due to the relative velocities of the various star systems. this event will not be experienced simultaneously in all parts of the universe, but will travel as a wave across the sea of creation.

Existing within this ripple of non-time will be the focused conscious attention of the Creator.

As it passes through the material realms, it will stay and take up residence in all life forms with circuitry capable of mirroring its essence.

This is the moment when the Creator will slip inside Creation; the moment for which we are attempting to prepare you.

This is the much misunderstood “Second Coming of Christianity”.

It is the event that primitive civilizations have looked forward to as “the return of the gods”.

The Mayans went so far as to pinpoint its actual occurrence in what you would call the year 2011 A.D.

Yet while many of your traditions hint at what is about to transpire, none of them have adequately conveyed the magnitude of impact such an event will have.

Indeed, no single conceptual structure is capable of conveying the enormity of what is soon to take place.

Those familiar with the scriptures of your various peoples should be in position to understand what is occurring for these are the times spoken of.

Yet you must realize that God did not invent the words used in scripture.

He merely arranged them In the order most approximating His meaning.

Further, He only presented them in mental pictures and through the years of translation and deliberate tampering most meaning is distorted and damaged.

What is actually happening requires all of biological life to convey its meaning.

Words can symbolize this but hardly portray it fully enough to stand alone.

If you would know the deepest Truth of scripture, look not to words alone but to the great momentum of spirit within your own soul.

This is where the living history is being made.

In a way that would be impossible for your rational intellect to comprehend, this forthcoming event is human history.

The sum total of all that has happened on your planet is but the shadow cast before.


In a very real sense, you have not yet been born.

You are still in an embryonic stale.

You have yet to receive the touch of God’s total definition.

Through the long years of human history on Earth, your species has been forming the cells that are to comprise the directive aspect of the physical body of the Creator within Creation.

Gestation upon this planet has but set the stage for the emergence of the Planetary Being now taking definite form.

This Planetary Being is actually “who you are”.

Has it occurred to you that the mathematical probability of your being here is infinitesimal?

Were you not here, living proof of the impossible, an excellent case could be made for your non-existence--and still can prevail in conceptual reasoning.

Within the framework of law that was of necessity instituted to create and govern these material realms, the existence of biological life would not have been possible, except were it to enter through that one moment when that law was suspended.

Ponder this carefully.

Such is the origin of biology; the fusion of Spirit and Matter.

The impact of this single creative moment is so vast, so far-reaching, that the shock waves sent out before it have given rise to all of the biological life that now exists upon your planet.

You are living in the shadow of an event not yet taken place.

Yet it is you, yourself, under all your layers of false identity that cause this event as you approach ever nearer to the Earth.

From within the context of history, it appears that there has been, on this planet, a progression of increasingly complex life forms evolving toward ever higher levels of consciousness.

It appears that there has been an evolutionary process.

But this is not the case.

What is actually occurring Is that the matter of Earth is falling under the influence of your vibrational body.

This influence naturally increases as you draw nearer.

Only when the center of your spirit touches the center of the Earth will Life on this planet be fully manifest in form.


This is not difficult to understand.

What you have considered to be history or in other terms, the evolution of the species, is only what you have been able to observe through the distorted medium of a fragmented and quite subjective intelligence, trapped within the past-future orientation of linear time.

From such a perspective, the act of Creation could appear as a progressive, sequential process.

To the extent that you are able to identify with the spirit that gives you consciousness however, it becomes a much simpler matter: you have yet to arrive.

You are still on your way, so to speak.

Sitting there reading these words is only a reflection of your unconscious totality as it prepares to become fully revealed on the day of awakening.

Your real life will begin when the Creator gives you His definition in form.

Within the womb of history, your species has been primarily defined by the
Earth-Mother who is helping to prepare the clay.

She is only interested in getting the form arranged according to specification.

Her only knowledge of Spirit is that It brings forth her potential.


When the Father’s center merges with the center of the Faith, the collectivity of human consciousness will awaken to a unified field identity.

You will be born.

After that, the influence of Matter will not affect your consciousness as dominantly as it did during the historical gestation period.

The Earth will continue to suckle the species, so to speak, for another millennium before you are capable of going off on your own, but even during that period the father’s influence will be much greater than it is today.


The Creator has established laws to govern the bonding of energy.

Through these laws of materialization, the physical universe is created and maintained.

In the material realms, these laws are right and proper.

But when they come into relationship with biological life, they begin to behave strangely.

From a perspective of consciousness, they translate into limitation, contraction and ultimately death.

In psychological terms, the laws of materialization have given rise to the ego--a fictitious identity with a sense of fear, vulnerability and a need to protect and defend itself.

Spiritual consciousness should not properly be associated with the forces that govern the bonding of energy.

Their historical juxtaposition came about through the process referred to as “the Fall”.

During the period of species preparation, the presence of the materializing influence on levels of consciousness has been unfortunate but not critical.

However, in light of the intensifying vibrations of the creative spirit that is now nearly aligned with the center of your planet, the definitions that have been imposed by matter will no longer be tenable.

The Creator Himself will dispel this planetary restraining influence and henceforth hold all life forms in appropriate expression through the new definitions of His love.

This will be a profound transition for each and every form Identity, a transition of a magnitude you can only begin to suspect.


As a collective event, the moment of birth Is still a generation away.

But individually speaking, this event transcends the limits of space and time and Is, In fact, already under way.

Your individual birth will take place at the precise moment in linear time when you stop struggling with your rational fear patterns and let yourself go In the divine dance of inner direction.

You must decide whether you are going to accept the inevitable in a state of love and prepare yourself accordingly. or hold on in fear to the bitter end.

Ultimately these are the only two avenues of response.

By the linear time this event takes place, humanity will be polarized according to these two adaptive patterns.

All will be decidedly in one camp or the other.


To those of the human race who have turned themselves in to the will of God, the coming interval of non time will literally expand into eternity.

These individuals will be able to experience a lifetime or many lifetimes, in that eternity, while still retaining the option to return to their physical projections as transformed representatives of the Being of Life on Earth.


These will be our coworkers during the period of Planetary Awakening--please, I hope you ones read this very carefully.

Dharma, pause, chela, and reread the above for it is indeed most important to some of you in this early awakening.

Some of you cannot drift upon the currents but rather must come quickly into knowledge.

Others, not so finely tuned to the forces that will be released at that time, will feel great surges of energy, lasting for an indeterminate period.

Some few will experience an intense fear and many, dear ones, shall die.

Everything in physical form at this time, every soul in every kingdom, will feel something, something incredible, something that according to all the laws of physics ever known or ever to be discovered, could never happen.

But there it will be before all senses; an impossible fact, like the babe in the manger, like the unmistakable feeling in your heart, an incredible vibration of Truth and Love, shimmering, scintillating, awakening every nerve, every capillary, every cell of your planetary body.

Whether the individual form identity reading these words right now will be a surviving participant in that event depends upon that with which you identify and how gracefully you arc able to align yourself with God’s creative definition.

If you can identify with the flow of Life through your essential Planetary Being and release all subjective definitions of who you think you are, you will play your part most joyously in the birthday celebration.

God’s definition of you in form is much greater than any you could possibly imagine for yourself.

During this present period of Individual Awakening, the first of the tree creative periods, you are being given the opportunity to embrace this true definition as the cornerstone of your existence.


On the morning of Creation, you will recognize the Unified Collective Consciousness of all Humankind as your own true identity.

You will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you arc the bridge between Spirit and Matter, between Creator and Creation, between Life and the forms through which Life flows.

If you release the definitions that Matter has set upon you, this is the definition that the Creator will bestow, the definition of Christ Himself!

Can you see yourself as we of the distant stars do, from the objective vantage point of the ages, with the eyes of the Star Maker Himself?

To us, your entire history appears as but a gesture of sorts.

We see in your passage through the vibrational field of Earth, a gesture that you make, a salute almost, to the energy-retention systems of this particular heavenly body.

This is how you express yourself on this beautiful blue and white world whirling through space as a wondrously blue-green thing of beauty.



Dharma, allow us to close this segment for ones must be attuned to the material thus far given that they can have concept of that which will come.


At this time in your racial experience, most of you are simply not yet ready to enter into a closer working relationship with us but we will prepare you, during the coming years of revolutions of your planet around the Sun for the time when your collective vibrational patterns are such that we can blend with them on a very large stale.

We are still experimenting with various ways and means of accomplishing our task of awakening but with the increasing ease of direct informational exchange, our work within the currents of your history will probably subside.

We hope it will not be necessary to shake you out of your exclusive past-future oriented focus on form through any of the cataclysmic events foretold in your various prophecies.

We will use these if we most in order to protect the biosphere of this planet but if you follow through on the information we are clarifying, there is no reason why we should have to resort to such extreme measures.

Through these transmissions and through many others like them throughout the Earth, we are supplying you with inure than enough information to enable you to restore your own equilibrium.


We are allowing a certain amount of ecological destruction to lake place without direct interference because such destruction may help to precipitate a voluntary and cooperative return to a pre-Fall state.

You must come to understand that you structure these things yourself and not of outside doing.

This would be far more meaningful than a return that is forced upon you.

A self-initiated awakening will greatly enhance your ability to restore the Earth’s ecological harmony.

Consequently, at this time, we are confining our help as much as is possible to the provision of information and to the development of conceptual clarity.

Meanwhile, there are many among you who will, as time passes, experience one by one the necessary psychological transformation and enter into a conscious working relationship with those of us in a state of grace.

During this coming period we will be largely occupied with the conceptual education of your species along with pointing out that which you are bringing in your own creation.

You must witness the errors of your creation in order to collectively form perfection and balance in that which you are now creating.

As we move along here in this present cycle, we will be withdrawing our activity on conceptual levels and focus more directly on physical and emotional levels.

This is where the real work needs to be accomplished.

The establishment of a conducive conceptual climate however, is a prerequisite.

As we move along we shall be integrating past, current and future perceptions so that you can look at the patterns in somewhat less confusion.

May we abide together, you and us, that clarity becomes our focus and ability to comprehend is granted through grace of Creator.

It is a joy to share in this wondrous experience upon the waves of the universe.


Hatonn to stand-by.

[link to www.fourwinds10.com]

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© Copyright by AbundantHope.net all rights reserved

[link to abundanthope.net]

phoenix journals WORD OF GOD TODAY

[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 667279
United States
05/02/2009 10:27 PM
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Re: Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time
This text is very close in concept to what Ken Carey wrote in his books (Return of the Bird Tribes, The Starseed Transmissions, etc.), particularly regarding the "bonding agent". The Wave event is also alluded to in different terms in The Course in Miracles, the Elias transcripts, Ra's Law of One, Cosmic Awareness Communications and etc.

All of these sources seek to remind us that we ARE literally ONE being. Hatonn refers to a "unified field", which Ra calls a "social memory complex". Even Jesus in the Bible tells us to "love our neighbors as ourselves", because everybody IS the same person. Ken Carey's source tells us, "There is really only one of you". It is all one thing.

After decades of reading about the Shift, and having gained some astounding revelations during meditation, I am convinced that the topic headline "An Interval of Non-Time" is exactly what we're headed for. And end of time. None of what we are presently experiencing will have any meaning at all; it will be forgotten as easily and as thoroughly as a dream we had last night.

Remember, too, that we are the ones calling this event to ourselves. It comes only as quickly as we can raise our awareness to It.

There are a few comments in this text by Hatonn which I would overlook as being slightly off-mark, but, generally, the concept -- IMHO -- is correct.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 656642
United States
05/03/2009 11:00 AM
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Re: Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time
Thank you for this post. I have read many articles about stasis of time.

Hopefully we will soon experience this stasis, the world so needs to be cleansed of evil.

Peace, love, joy and compassion is wished to all.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 667279
United States
05/03/2009 11:11 AM
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Re: Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time
Thank you for this post. I have read many articles about stasis of time.

Hopefully we will soon experience this stasis, the world so needs to be cleansed of evil.

Peace, love, joy and compassion is wished to all.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 656642

Evil? Cleansing?

Sorry, but I think you and diverge in our interpretations of the material.

Everything is one thing. There is no separation. To evaluate any part of the creation as "evil" is to call the Creator "evil".

I view the creation to be perfect. There is nothing that requires "cleansing in a perfect creation.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 145565
United States
05/03/2009 11:36 AM
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Re: Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time
For years Candace has pin pointed a time for this Stasis to occur. Every time that date comes and goes. She stated this last time that it would absolutely occur on March 25th of this year. Her guides were emphatic on that. Well, it didn't happen.

I do think Candace is a good person and does not mean to be deceptive, however, I think she is being misled. JMHO.
urantian (OP)
User ID: 667772
United States
05/03/2009 10:00 PM
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Re: Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time
Archangel Michael February 18 2009
Other Dimensions translated from French
[link to www.autresdimensions.com]

I am Michael, Regent Prince of the Celestial Militia. Receive my peace, my love, my blessings and my greetings. As you know, this year is the year of my presence, the year of the great purification. You will enter, in very little time, either to the first steps of my demonstration or in the full reality of my demonstration. I just purify what needs to be purified.

Man must move from competition [duality] to cooperation [unity]. This duality is not always synonymous in this dimension of competition with cooperation. Life, man's life in this physical dimension and yet more in this spiritual one, could not exist without cooperation.

Nevertheless, the forces that govern you, which you submit to voluntarily or against your will (and have not stopped wanting to enslave you, wanting to bully you, to take away your freedom), will soon end. [Our 3D lives are centered on competing for first place, for the most fame, for the most money, and for the most "toys" rather than joining in unity to help each other.]

Today discover that after 6000 years of man's existence in this cycle you will now experience the government of God [and this cycle of the slavery of man will end]. The inevitable and inexorable events that you are now called upon to live, individually and collectively, are, I repeat, inevitable. They reflect the transition from duality to unity, the transition from competition to cooperation.

Believe that, beyond the appearances of what you see, what you feel, this is not reality, this is not the truth about the meaning of what you see, about the meaning of what you feel [but it is merely a hologram]. Truth is beyond your understanding. I will try, however, to translate the meaning to you. Truth is Unity. Truth is Light. Nevertheless, allowing the birth and the revelation of Light (that will signal your absolute awakening to the reality and the truth of what you are) can exist only through what you call, as being humans, the destruction of the human flesh.

But destruction is not an end in itself. The destruction can find the most hidden aspects of human beings and the most noble, so that they can, both individually and collectively, emerge, be understood and lived. The spirit of belonging to a group, family, country, a man or a woman, must give way to cooperation [a unity of consciousness with all]. Cooperation does not know the concept of race, the concept of family, and the concept of duality.

Cooperation is the Truth. What is cooperation? Cooperation is the gift and the human dimension where the competitive spirit is destroyed by the destruction. But this destruction is not a destruction, it is a de-construction [reconstruction], which is not quite the same thing. Building your eternity requires destroying your ephemeral side, your power struggles, the struggles related to the economy, the struggles related to money, the struggles related to the family that prevent, by definition, the principle of cooperation with the Light.

I have said and I repeat, because this is important: those of you here on this Earth, who know the movement of planets, I invite you to watch a high-precision astrological configuration on March 25. This day will mark a milestone in the history of your soul and the history of your humanity.

This day is linked to the outbreak of Light in your density and dimension. Obviously, the densities [humans] that are not ready to receive this light will be removed. This applies to individuals, this is true at the level of families [that will be divided and altered], this is true at the national level, and this is valid at the level of all humanity.

My presence is revealed, and will be proven more and more, through my violent and particularly strong demonstration of the elements [earthquakes, storms, etc.] on your planet. The actual input of all of my vibration in your world and your solar system begins very precisely on March 25. I just give the news of the return of the light and a turning to the governance of God.

As you know, a number of plots, a number of conspiracies exist on the surface of your world to prevent this and to enslaved more human beings. That the Father can not tolerate. It is time to break your chains of slavery to this dimension, that you consider to be above you and which, however, is far below the reality of what you are. It will happen fast. It is useless to panic. It is useless to prepare externally.

Light and Divine Providence (I use that word purposely), which follows, will in your lives, offer your surroundings (physical and hidden) a state of grace that you have not have experienced in your history on Earth. This preparation was lengthy. When I first came visibly I manifested through the presence of a comet in your sky [Hale-Bopp comet in 1997].

Twelve years later I now return to complete, by the principle of the number 12, a revolution in 2009. This revolution is that you will discover who you really are. Archangel Jophiel prepared you during the previous year 2007 to meet with your Angel and meet with your inner most nobility. The only preparation you need to make requires two virtues. The first of these virtues is called confidence. The second of these virtues is called surrender to Divine Providence.

You need not worry about anything else except that which is what you are, your divinity. But beyond this, cooperation will be required to develop on a scale hardly imaginable today for all human beings. A number of human beings will be removed [some will be uncreated] and that will occur after the summer solstice [June 21]. You should not be alarmed or worry about this because this is the way these people wanted to go through reconstruction, on their way to the Light.

The experience of the Light, at this time, with the souls that have chosen to repeat the path of duality in darkness or the souls that have chosen to view this light, does not matter, because time for the soul, does not exist [and is an illusion]. But your time on earth is itself real. It corresponds to the constraints of your reality: time expands, time contracts, as you have seen already. You will need to completely let go of that which is not the Light.

The only source of your suffering is your resistance. If there is no resistance, there will be no suffering. There will be light, there will be (as I already said) a wake up and there will be a special reconnection to your Source [Creator God], to your true identity [as divinity] which is largely different than the one you live today.

You are already, and for all eternity have been, multi-dimensional beings who have experienced individually, multiple plans, multiple dimensions, multiple experiences [and multiple reincarnations]. You are forced, through the experiences of incarnations in this duality, to be involved more and more in this duality and in this incarnation.

This incarnation is not a goal or an end in itself. This incarnation is a passage, but this passage is not mandatory, yet you chose to live it. The evolution is cyclical, the evolution is not linear. It is a [26,000 year] cycle, said to go through the same point but with a different view of the opening, another opening of consciousness, and another understanding. [Nothing is new under the sun, but it is viewed from a different perspective each time we pass through it.]

Do not judge what will happen. Do not judge human beings, regardless of their behavior, as the most despicable behavior does not reflect a lack of knowledge, a lack of light, as the light is present, even in these beings. It is simply not revealed in this dimension, which is not quite the same thing. No one is wrong, regardless of the acts that occur during my labors in the following events. The dread, the fear, is not confidence, and resistance causes pain and suffering which must find an outlet, a way out for these troubled souls in their deconstruction.

Deconstruction is really construction, new worlds, new lives, and a new vibration [frequency]. Unfortunately, the concurrent living in different dimensions between your solstice and the end of this cycle of transformation will necessarily confront you with two deeply opposing views between people who have found the Light and those who have not found it.

However, be sure and certain that the Divine Providence and your Guardian Angels are here to ensure you and be in you, so that not a single hair of your head disappears, so that no suffering is manifest among those who chose to join the Divine Providence. Do not become attached to the deconstruction. I told you, and I repeat, watch the sky, watch the light. Do not believe any human being who comes claiming to be of the Light. [New age channellers and cults will claim to have this Light and will lead you down paths of ignorance.]

That can not be true. The spirit of Truth, the spirit of Christ, will be able to intervene only when the destruction is completed and only there at that time, and only when you are ready to meet it in your intimacy will the destruction will be completed. Do not worry about it, and each passing day will make you remember this phrase: Do not worry about your fears, the need to prevent, or the need to limit what comes. Divine Providence, the Light, will take care for you.

The only task you need to accomplish, the only task you need to perform is to be reborn and grow in the Light within you, the Light that you are. Absolutely nothing else matters. You will notice, in the period of five weeks of your time on land (up to this important date of March 25th), you'll notice that many new energy events will overwhelm you, your conscience will appear more and more detached from the concept of time.

Your schedule will show the obvious distortions of time. This corresponds to the entanglement and inner penetration of Light into your duality. The forces of slavery that you have experienced will be trying to control human beings in this duality, in this conflict. Do not take part in any conflict. You should have no interest other than defending that of the Light. You should have no certainty to maintain other than that of the Father's love for you. It can not be otherwise. As you gain in the intensity of light, as you gain in the intensity of conscience, these words, that today may seem far from reality, will become the only possible reality.

There can be no alternative to that. There will not even be any doubt over it and this is very close. Now you need to work on your inner light. Please remove this world's encumbrances. Please remove existing conflicts. Please remove tasks required by your company [employment] that would place you further into slavery because the values you have been forced to join will no longer exist in a while. Some time must be taken in an earthly sense [vacation?] and not a spiritual sense .

A Number of things that I would say are major events must occur on the surface of this planet. These are ongoing. They have already started, but they are only beginning. Water, fire, earth and air will boil, as literally and figuratively, through the revelation of the light that comes. Preparing for your inner state will last exactly one month. Just when I will become visible in the sky, between February 25 [a new moon] and March 25 of your year, you have exactly four weeks, 28 days.

These 28 days are also an important thing in the data that you need to integrate and understand. These 28 days are 28 days of preparation and correspond to a full revolution of the moon [new moon to new moon cycle]. This is not by chance. Never forget that you have free will, as embodied human beings but, unlike the beings of Light that you are, solar, planetary movements, lack the freedom you have. They obey cycles extremely precise in their movements, changes in their orbit, for the modification of their revolution around the sun.

As you know the suns are not free, the suns are attached, so unwavering, in the sun on your central galaxy which is itself attached to the sun of suns known as the star Alcyone. This star Alcyone is the Source of the Father and the Father of Light. There it resides. From there the impulse is to experiment with life in multiple dimensions [Creation].

The star Alcyone will soon be aligned by shifting the whole of this galaxy, in relation to a much more direct influence of this star. This is directly related to and connected with what I called the governance of God. Man is finished with his principles of domination. He must find the reality of God's Light.

He must find his character, as I would gladly talk almost angelic, despite the fact that you have accepted to live in duality for so long, for some of you. This has strengthened the layers you do not know because they are not revealed in you. What are these layers? They have called in your language: force, truth, power, light. Some of you in this reality have translated it to mean power, domination and subjugation.

The Father has created you free. The Father has created you in his image, this is not an illusion, this is not a metaphor but it is strictly true. You simply do not have the means, for now, to see, to understand and to realize that. Simply, it will come and it will be soon. We will need, in our dimensional world, all of the goodwill and all conscience to guide, to better and move closer, all of your brothers who want to receive the light and this divine reality. Again, do not condemn and do not judge those who would oppose this.

This is their freedom and we can not oppose that. This is the greatness of man, but this is also the cause of the failure of man. But that failure is only temporary. It can not be eternal because, beyond the factual reality of the world in which you live, even beings that you call today blacks have in themselves the same light as you. Simply land based fear prevents them from knowing that at this time. Also they are at their place in the cycle of change that you live.

This is really the end of the 3D world but not the end of the world. This is the end of life as you know it, as you experience it. This world was created in the image of God, harmony, beauty, but it has already experienced many cycles, many turns, many periods (sometimes experienced as difficult) but nevertheless representative of all the solar system, but of this world upon which you are it is an opportunity to climb, a chance to reach an almost unique status in the history of the universe.

This planet, this solar system are truly unique in the history of creation. Deconstruction, which must be carried out by the militia of heaven is at the height of the energy that the planet must acquire in other dimensions. Observe your sky, watch the planets of this solar system, for they tell your heart and by your means (as they are still there) at the outside body.

The reality of events that I am here to tell you about, is to now occur in the next seven weeks that you will live. What you see on the surface of your world, whether at the level of human behavior as the behavior of countries like the behavior the of elements are only the beginnings of behavior that you will observe. Stay aligned, stay focused, stay internalized. What you will live [the coming Earth changes] is a necessity.

Again, the most appropriate word to use is the word deconstruction. You have to deconstruct to reconstruct otherwise. You have to deconstruct to reconstruct the same, but also because the vibration [frequency and density] and the octave of the solar system will change so extremely powerfully. Light is on the way. The phenomenon of ascent, as many call being connected on this planet, is an inexorable reality.

The ascension has begun. The ascent will occur from March 25 on individually or collectively. It depends. However, all will not be affected by this first wave. You must, for the majority of the Light workers (or workers of the Father) in the remaining event straddle both dimensions and strengthened your desire to climb and your determination to climb to higher levels of the Light.

Be careful not to succumb to the temptations of resistance to the Light that would lead you to suffer needlessly. I can assure you that if you live the period of preparation that will come in an authentic manner through your behavior through your actions, through your thoughts, that everything will be absolutely blissful and so bright.

And it is only in the light and the joy that can bring your cooperation and not otherwise. That, beloved children of the Father, is what I have to say. I urge that this date of March 25 which was announced as the date of preparation of 28 days that you are to live be distributed as widely as possible [to friends and those on the Internet]. It will be through multiple channels and messengers that will only confirm it.

The synchronicity of the emergence of these dates, the synchronicity of the emergence of these messages, be it through me, through different channels or other beings that accompany the canals, will all be in the same direction. And there you will understand, irrefutably, that something great is happening as it is grandiose, it is about the Light.

Of the Father's beloved children, children of the Unit, if you have any questions, queries in relation to this, in relation to my presence in your world, I will try to shed light.

Question: Those who are not aware of it or who do not adhere to it, do they enjoy the process of ascending in the same way?
The only risk is in the resistance and thus the suffering, but suffering can also lead, when it becomes extreme, to a form of understanding and acceptance that I would call surrender. So, do not worry about those people. Only make sure you announce. Make sure you also do not expose the pitfalls of this world that are real, because human beings must make choices on an individual basis. Only he alone must choose and can choose.

Question: What do you mean by "deconstruction"?
Deconstruction is the influence of the Light of the Father to erase the mistakes of the path of humanity as a whole and thus erase the subjugation, domination, authority and slavery of mankind by the darkness. Everything you've built, under the authority, individually or collectively, must disappear. The co-operation cannot be made if it there is an inclination to be able retain any semblance of power.

Question: Would deconstruction be accompanying the ascension?
For some people in some parts of the world, yes. But deconstruction, again, is not the end. Deconstruction signs the start of a process that is the emergence of the Light, which is the ascent of your planet, and that is what I may (and will occur only when my reign will be completed this year) call in your terminology reversal.

Question: Does your reign accompany the deconstruction?
My reign is to do the housework, in your current expression. To do the housework consists of revealing what is not of the light and fighting. Your role is not to fight [you should avoid negativity]. Your role is to reveal the light and nothing else. You are not in times of war. You are at a time of acceptance. Leave the fighting to those who do it and who know how to do it.

Never forget that you must return to unity as we, our plans dimensional, have already, in one way or another, human or not, angels or not, or not hierarchies, built this unity because we have never left it, unlike you. And we must fight for the glory of the Father so that the unity in the Light is revealed. This is not your role.

Question: At the end of your kingdom, will human beings will be unified, will they all be in the Unity?
All human beings, without exception, have experienced contact with the Light, and they accept it or reject it. It can not be otherwise, since everyone must be told, not only of the Light workers, workers of the Father. Even those who turn away from the face of the Light, from the face of the Father, must be informed and transformed by the Light, even if they decide to start over several cycles in the paths of duality.
[Full unity and Earth ascension may take from 20-75 years and will not come immediately.]

Question: Could you expand on what you mean by "the principle of the number 12?
As you know, you're in a solar system where the dominant number in duality is the number 7. The upper octave that you call the fifth dimension lives in one octave of the number 12. The number 12 is a form of unity. This is a new tri-Unity that allows you to ascend into the world of non duality. In your terminology I think this can be illustrated by what you called "the 12 labors of Hercules", but also by the 12 vertebrae of your spine in your back. The reference frame of 12 is linked to another octave and another manifestation of life forms. [Our diatonic music scale has 12 notes called an octave.]

As to 28, this number corresponds to a lunar [moon] revolution [rotation]. It is extremely important. For what comes after March 25 [a new moon] (and so much more obvious after your summer solstice June 21), is obviously your need to prepare, and that this preparation is not finished with 12 only but will continue through 28 levels total. It is those 28 levels you'll have to live through.

Beloved children of Light, beloved children of the Father, I bring you now all my strength, my protection and my love and I say welcome to your new eternity with an outpouring of my energy.


Comments: Archangel Michael said "I will become visible in the sky, between February 25 [next Wed] and March 25 of your year, you have exactly four weeks, 28 days. These are days of preparation [and a sign] for the coming events." Remember he said Jupiter would soon ignite and that planets can be moved to any location or delayed along with time being changed.

Enki said immense energy is coming our way soon, and it travels at the speed of sound which is much slower than light. This may be the proof we desire as a sign or it may not, so its validation will soon be here. We are at the end of the 26,000 year cycle and the beginning of a new era and a higher dimension.

Stasis will reportedly be using 3 starships that will beam a special energy. It will be a type of cryogenics needed to allow the Earth changes to continue, which will reportedly include the resurfacing and resurrection of Lemuria in the Pacific ocean, plus quakes and title waves. Stasis is not part of Michael's work, and this message speaks of his work only.

Ascension is a divine operation and Divinity sets the rules and the schedules, while ETs and ascended masters and lightworkers are only those who follow these rules. This message was given in France where there is 8 hours difference. I feel that this locality was chosen because of the work Esu [Jesus] did in France 2000 years ago after his crucifixion and his travels to France for his continued teaching, where there is still a faithful congregation.

I post alternate sources that usually confirm Abundant Hope but are not sanctioned by them, and AH does not give dates. My works are public domain and are available for use by all as long as they are not distorted.

Time will tell.

[link to groups.yahoo.com]
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05/03/2009 11:27 PM
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Re: Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time

From AbundantHope.net

Phoenix Journals
An Interval of Non-Time
By Hatonn
Jan 30, 2009, 08:02

Candace: I recently drew attention to this journal, under a post entitled something to the effect of The Real Meaning of the 2nd Coming. Here is a portion sent in by Christ Lippens. Thanks Christ! This is an extraction using text recognition software and then corrected.

[link to www.fourwinds10.com]

By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

Hatonn! Hat Off to you!! coming forth can be a nerve shattering experience.. or not.

[link to www.archive.org]

Mission Complete.


When the universe reaches a point of maximum expansion, a unique phenomenon will take place.

taken from full text of "The Thrasher, and other poems.." Eighteen something..


Hatton 96

On misspent Time 101

On the Seasons of the Year 103

Harmony .'.... 108

Parting Lines to W. V. Moorhouse, on leaving his
House after paying him a Visit, by his sincere

Friend, J. H 110

Smiles and Tears 112

Lines on the Death of the late Right Honourable

G. Canning 114

The Comparison 116

An Address to my Pen . 118

Joyless Joys J21



The present and the Time to come 123

A Poem on Woman 125

To the Evening Star 129

Poverty 131

Time 133

Elegiac Lines on the Death of my Wife's Sister Jane,
who died in the Year 1824, aged 19 Years .... 134

On Mankind 137

April Day. — To Narcissa 138



JL HE thankful tribute of these rural lays.
Which to his patron's hand the muse conveys.
Is due to Him who gives me power to sing.
And gratefully would I my offering bring
To Him, whose mighty power attunes my voice.
And bids me, 'midst my poverty, rejoice :
Inspired by Him, I would myself prepare.
To view the toils of each revoking year ;
Those painful toils, which always grow anew.
Which the poor Thrasher's destin'd to pursue ;
E'en these, with faithfulness I would rehearse.
To blend instruction with my humble verse.

Chapter 19

Page 159


The Thrasher 1

A Night-Piece 18

On the Creation 21

On Charity 25

Lines on the Death of the Duchess of Rutland .... 27

The Wanderer 82

Peace 35

The Close of Evening 37

The Winter's Night 39

To my Bed 41

On the Spring 42

To a Friend 44

Stanzas written on Dudley Castle, Worcestershire,
while viewing the Ruins one Evening in approach-
ing Autumn 46



Lines to Miss W s, from her disconsolate Lover,

after a Sepai*ation had taken Place 48

GlenfiUan 50

The Wish before Marriage 55

On Ignorance 56

Heavenly Love 57

Injnred Innocence 58

Lines written when travelling over a Forest at Mid-
night ..... 62

The Watch. An Address to a Watch-Maker, sent
with the Author's Watch, where It had been twice

before to be repaired 64

The Tobacco-Pipe. Addressed to a Friend wlio is

fond of Tobacco 67

Silent Sorrow 68

Lines on the Death of Mr. H r, of Walton upon

Trent TO

Elegiac Lines, on the Death of the amiable Miss M.

T r, of Kepton, who died December 23rd,

1826, aged 18 Years 72

Lines to my Wife. Written on a dark and rainy Day

when at Warwick, May 6th, 1827 76

Stansas 78

Lines on the Author's twentieth Year of Age, in which



he lost his left Hand by the bursting of a Gun, in

the Year 1816 80

The musical Bells of Meriden 84

Idles on visiting the Slirine of Shakspeare in Stratford

upon Avon Church 86

Lines on the Death of an amiable Child ........ 88

To the Memory of a departed Friend 89

There is a Smile, &c 92

Stanzas on viewing the MsUnsion and Gardens of the

Earl of Plymouth, at Hewell, July 2nd, 1827 ... 93
An Address to the Author of the '^Thrasher," after
reading a Part of his Manuscripts, by Mr. James

Hatton 96

On misspent Time 101

On the Seasons of the Year 103

Harmony .'.... 108
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Re: Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time
Commander Hatton..!

Your passage through Heaven's Gate was prepaid..

clips from: The Milagro Beanfield War Heaven's Gate Sarah Plain and Tall ..

Christopher Walken can leave his hat on....


User ID: 272605
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05/03/2009 11:58 PM
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Re: Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time
For years Candace has pin pointed a time for this Stasis to occur. Every time that date comes and goes. She stated this last time that it would absolutely occur on March 25th of this year. Her guides were emphatic on that. Well, it didn't happen.

I do think Candace is a good person and does not mean to be deceptive, however, I think she is being misled. JMHO.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 145565

Excuse me, but I have NEVER given a date for stasis, nor have any of those I work with. You are mistaken. You will NOT find this on my website. There is somebody out there trying to associate my work with somebody in France, who is writing completely false pieces by supposedly AA Michael. This one put out the 25th as some sort of magic date and I did not support that work. It is not the work of AA Michael, who I do chat with from time to time and he recently did a piece through me denying that he is for example Hale Bopp comet and comet Lulin, which was part of that French language material. Somebody right here on GLP posted, probably in one of these threads by Urantian that my people promised this and MY PEOPLE promised no such thing and I made that clear when I saw it last time. Stop this spreading of a lie if you are that same person, or if you read that post by that person.

Also there is rumor I am Urantian, I am not. But he/she does great work here and perhaps you sadly read one of those False AA Michael pieces in one of his/her threads. He/She does post material by others that is not related whatsoever to my work. Please do NOT associate the work of others with ME and those I work with.

I wish to make it very clear I am not being misled by those I work with. There is a careful program going on, and it has purpose of awakening. I do not have any idea when the moment of non time will occur, it could be during stasis, it could be long after.

The interval of NON time is NOT necessarily the advent of stasis.

PS on editing, I see the piece I am talking about that promises something on march 25 and in which it is stated that AA Michael was Comet Hale Bopp and is now Comet Lulin is right above, again. AA Michael did not promise anything by this date, he was never a comet, nor is he now, and he is not even properly titled in this piece. This was NOT a work I supported. It is not real.

Last Edited by Candace on 05/04/2009 12:24 AM

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05/04/2009 02:10 AM
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Re: Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time
Excuse me, but I have NEVER given a date for stasis, nor have any of those I work with. You are mistaken. You will NOT find this on my website. There is somebody out there trying to associate my work with somebody in France, who is writing completely false pieces by supposedly AA Michael. This one put out the 25th as some sort of magic date and I did not support that work. It is not the work of AA Michael, who I do chat with from time to time and he recently did a piece through me denying that he is for example Hale Bopp comet and comet Lulin, which was part of that French language material. Somebody right here on GLP posted, probably in one of these threads by Urantian that my people promised this and MY PEOPLE promised no such thing and I made that clear when I saw it last time. Stop this spreading of a lie if you are that same person, or if you read that post by that person.

 Quoting: Candace

LOL hi Candace, never expected to see you here. hf

Well for what I can tell, some of the abundanthope-messages were full of fear. I'm not sure if they were origninally ever published in your site, but we sure did talk about that a lot in the lightworker thread. I also read a channeling that I felt close vibrationally. It read that there is NOT going to be any stasis, and that all that fearmongering about bad things happening is bull.

Well anyway, now that I've read more sources, Jupiter is a second sun already, but in the higher dimensions. So if we're going to ascend in vibration, it means that Jupiter is going to show up as a second sun. Whoa, never thought about that. So I could relate the concept of stasis with the 2012 ending of linear time. As Terence McKenna put it, the transcendental object at the end of time. I'm totally waiting for it. But waiting is not good enough. We need to act out now, and seize the opportunities in front of us RIGHT NOW.

Peace, love, unity & respect

red_heart smile

Last Edited by th€bbo on 05/04/2009 02:11 AM
We the people of the Planet Earth, in order to form a more perfect union,
establish love, insure global harmony, provide for the divine knowledge,
promote the I AM connectivity, and secure the blessings of manifestations
to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish
this Constitution for the Planet Earth.


The Definition of Our Future:

Responsible freedom of self determination, becoming truly self-confident and free, to
unconditionally be responsible for oneself, without being coerced to accept some higher


Denn der Mensch ist der Acker und sein Herz sein Baum, sein Werk seine Frucht. -- Paracelsus
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Re: Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time
No date for Stasis, it is by choice to change your mind.

There could be a dead-line though !!!

According to this A.A., the end of summer will be the time (dead-line) for UNCREAT some fallen angels AS THE FIRST WAVE.



As a collective event, the moment of birth Is still a generation away.

But individually speaking, this event transcends the limits of space and time and Is, In fact, already under way.

Your individual birth will take place at the precise moment in linear time when you stop struggling with your rational fear patterns and let yourself go In the divine dance of inner direction.

You must decide whether you are going to accept the inevitable in a state of love and prepare yourself accordingly. or hold on in fear to the bitter end.

Ultimately these are the only two avenues of response.

By the linear time this event takes place, humanity will be polarized according to these two adaptive patterns.

All will be decidedly in one camp or the other.


To those of the human race who have turned themselves in to the will of God, the coming interval of non time will literally expand into eternity.

These individuals will be able to experience a lifetime or many lifetimes, in that eternity, while still retaining the option to return to their physical projections as transformed representatives of the Being of Life on Earth.
urantian (OP)
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05/04/2009 12:09 PM
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Re: Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time


From AbundantHope.net

Phoenix Journals
Epilogue to Phoenix Journal #7, Rainbow Masters
By Aton(Christ Michael)
Mar 14, 2008, 12:51



SAT., SEP. 30, 1989 7:30 A.M. YEAR 3, DAY 045

I shall write of the final segment, Dharma. How many will be still and listen? I AM ATON and I see my beloved peoples in pain and confusion. I watch you of my children unprepared and without care­ful thought unto tomorrow. Tomorrow is upon you. Today, in America, I watch the confusion in your South Carolina as you attempt to set your lives in order after the recent hurricane. What have you learned? Very little! Your “leaders” say you must have billions of dollars to rebuild for long term, when you have not even heat, food and water—and who will tend of those who cannot rebuild? Further, what will happen when the next hurricane comes ashore? Do you believe that the ONE is all there will be? I speak just to the children of the United States on this day—what will you do when the 10—12 point earthquake hits your Pacific coast? It will do so and you know it is coming? Are you prepared? It will make the rubble in South Carolina look like piddling child’s games. And what of the time when all shall be falling at once? Who will then tend when the volcanos erupt? Your native brothers tell you truth; the signs are always brought forth for you and then you turn and do such foolish things.

Let us just consider your state of Washington for a minute. Your elder brothers of the ancients told you that the “Little Sister” would weep and speak unto you ones. And then, the “Grandfather” mountain would speak! Mt. St. Helens spoke—your little sister spoke loudly and some heard and most plugged their ears. The grandfather rumbles and that, dear ones, is Mt. Ranier. How many have been lured unto its very regions by the evil teachers who bring destruction and evil shrouded in partial truth? How many will perish in their ignorance and blame the God in heaven for your foolishness? You were given “reason” and you heed it not.

I have told you how it will be many times through many ones and you heed not. So be it for the lands will be swept clean and ultimately only those who turn unto ME and heed the warnings and take preparation shall survive for there is only the ONE WORD GREATER THAN MINE, THAT IS THE FINAL WORD OF THE CREATION FOR ALL THINGS CREATED ARE ONE WITHIN THIS WONDROUS WHOLE. Man was sent forth as caretaker for that wondrous Creation and man has destroyed in his human form and consciousness. The soul of man shall return or move on to suitable placement; but the physical creation shall reap first the winds for you have sowed the winds upon your wondrous mother.

What is it that you await? The horses to literally move from the clouds? John’s vision in his Book of Revelations as projected from the heavens by the Master Teacher to come alive with candlesticks and horsemen? It was said that man would become drunken with evil, greed, lust and heinous acts. The brother shall betray his own brother unto death, it is said; and children shall rise up against their parents.

Just as birthing contractions become harder and more closely following one upon another, so shall it be with the things that shall come. As these signs become all present and the frequency intensifies, then you shall know the time of birthing is upon the Earth. The time has come when you will not follow sound doctrines. Instead, to suit your own desires, you gather around you a great number of teachers who say what your itching ears want to hear. You turn your ears from Truth and turn aside to false myths. You sit and chant, or shout, your “belief” and then you go blindly forth blaming God for tending you poorly when you change naught—”only believe HE died for your sins and you are SAVED”—perhaps your soul, it will do nothing for your physical body unless YOU GET PREPARED TO SAVE YOURSELVES. YOU GO ABOUT WITHOUT REASON IN YOUR THINKING MINDS WHICH WAS YOUR ONLY GREAT AND GRAND GIFT TO SET YOU ASIDE FROM OTHER OF CREATURES. YOU CAN PROVIDE FOR YOURSELVES AND YOUR BROTHER CREATURES. YOU HAD BETTER BEGIN TO BE VERY SELECTIVE AS TO WHICH “SPACE” BROTHERS YE ATTEND. FURTHER, MAN’S DOCTRINES WILL NOT GET YOUR TICKET HOME—YOU WILL TURN UNTO MINE LAWS AND THOSE OF THE CREATION OR YOU SHALL NOT BE RETURNED INTO MINE KINGDOM!

Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. Is it not so? You have political chaos throughout your world, nations are being torn apart by civil wars and revolutions. The nations of the world are mostly ruled by evil leaders who incite strife among their own people and inflict it across the borders unto another. When one governmental power is overthrown it is replaced by naught better.

And you will hear of wars and rumors of war! You have wars all over your lands and within the seas. To refuse to call it “war” does not make of it less the war. You will have nations completely removed from your maps—it is happening daily; look for yourselves. The wars will erupt and become more and more intense and finally the one fanatic will begin that which will pull you all down if you are unprepared.

You have wars proceeding presently with weapons of which you as a people cannot see nor comprehend and you are falling more heinously than you would were it mere bullets or atomic blast-(if you had your shelter systems of which you, in beloved America, do not have). Neither do you hear and change.

There shall come the financial collapse of your world. You will then be placed under the total control of the evil ones who have carefully planned it to be exactly this way. You are in the downfall this very moment. You will have chaos, depressions and collapse of your systems.

You have famines already and they will worsen for man clears his lands incorrectly for the growing, the governments pay growers not to grow, you function on greed for money and do not share of your foodstuffs to fill your larders for your shelter systems and you do not even notice. Ones go hungry and malnutritioned in your own dooryards and you will not accept responsibility for your brothers.

You are acquiring a population of addicts. You are bearing children who are addicted into the hell you have created. You live in immorality and seek naught but pleasures of the flesh. You sell your own souls and your very children for a puff of drug. Your own governments claim to help you on the surface while they reap the rewards of the underworld. You claim “freedom”? You have no freedom for you have surrendered it to the evil.

Ye shall have plagues. Oh yes, you already have it! It will kill millions for you have set it up and you continue to nurture it. Facts are kept from you and you go blindly as sheep to the slaughter. Your enemy within the “anti-Christ” and “anti-God” societies have better control of the disease than do you. Oh, God will ultimately take care of you? NO I SHALL NOT; NOT UNTIL YOU TURN FROM YOUR EVIL AND BACK INTO THE LIGHT OF THE PATH OF TRUTH AND ABIDE AGAIN BY MY LAWS AND THE LAWS OF THE CREATION. YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD WHAT TO DO AND STOP DOING TO BRING IT UNDER CONTROL AND YOU DO NEITHER AND THEN BLAME ME FOR YOUR CIRCUMSTANCE—WHY DO YOU NOT BLAME THE GUILTY? WHY DO YOU NOT ACCEPT YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY FOR ALLOWING IN THE EVIL INTENT AND NURTURING IT IN THY LUSTFUL WAYS?

You shall have Earth changes. You have Earth changes. You have atmospheric pollution and man pollution which is killing your lakes, your rivers, your lands and your seas. You will have ever increasing “accidents” as your equipment and machinery grows old and in disrepair and more and more people who run these things fall into greed and addiction. Already, you have unworthy products flooding your marketplace. How long until your nuclear plants erupt?

You shall have floods in unmerciful measure and droughts in unmerciful measure. You will have sustained winds of greater than a hurricane, a hundred and fifty miles an hour and you will have your power lines blown down and you will be in dire circumstances.

You will have earthquakes of great magnitude and widespread which will crumble the land beneath you and disrupt your financial base, your life resources of heat (gas) and power (electricity) for in­definite duration. Millions will perish. You will have volcanic eruptions which will take entire islands and build others. You will need your shelter system to move to safety from that which will rain from the heavens in lava and ash. You have further contaminated the substance in the fissures of the Earth by nuclear testing and it shall spew forth and shower the lands with radioactive downpour. Your nuclear waste dumps shall open up and spew the ultimate poison upon the lands. Americans feel safe? The entire world now runs on nuclear power in great measure—what does France do with her nuclear waste? Better check it out, my children.


My Celestial Sons are being presented unto you that you might know of them and seek help. The Teachers of the Seven Rays of Life have just been sharing with you in this document. How many of you will toss the book aside because your local “preacher” tells you to do so, while I, GOD, come forth to give you Truth? Further, the Angelic realms stand by and the Archangels of your sectors stand ready to receive of you and help you with the turn around of your species. I care not about your “churches and their doctrines”—I care as to whether or not you turn unto ME AND THE CREATION WHOSE LAWS YE ARE IN THE CONSTANT DEFIANT BREAKING. THROUGH YOUR DISOBEDIENCE UNTO THE LAWS YOU HAVE OVERPOPULATED YOUR WORLD UNTIL IT IS SPIRALING INTO DEVASTATION. YOUR MOTHER SOURCE IS ATTAINING HER HIGHER TRANSITION AND YOU ARE IN IT RIGHT NOW.



I urge you to call upon these Masters of Life Truth for they stand ready to respond and most diligently acting presently and without rest that you shall be able to survive. They petition constantly in your behalf for mercy. It no longer is a matter of mercy, it is now a matter of “justness”—what ye ones have sowed and nurtured so shall ye reap. It is never too late to return to Truth and petition for thy being but YOU shall do of it, for no one—not even the Greatest of the Masters—can do of it for you. YOU MUST DO IT FOR YOURSELF! I AWAIT YOUR CALL!



Candace: To any new readers looking at this, Aton aka Christ Michael, aka Creator Son of Nebadon, is the Father of our particular universe, and visited this planet 2000 years ago. He returned, as promised long ago, in 1954 with many others. New revelation and teachings of how the dark side operates has been given through a long series of Phoenix Journals, called such, because he returned on the Phoenix Starship, the Pleiadian Command ship of a large fleet of 1 million ships handing around our solar system to assist earth through the end times and the birthing into the new times'

How many readers here have chosen to live in dangerous areas? How many refuse to acknowledge our over population and the ensuing issues of providing for all, and at the same time protecting and caring for this beautiful planet? How many give a damn about the pollution and damage to other life forms?

A couple days ago, in my area of the world, Denver Colorado a person is wanting a law to keep any cats capable of hunting birds and other wildlife inside. This person seems to be perhaps noticing there are fewer birds. Well, its not the cats beloved, because most loved cats get most or all of their nutrition from their human family, and if they hunt at all, it's now and then.

The reason the birds are fewer is because man occupies the land, and because the pollution is harming them. I myself have noticed a huge decrease in the local bird population, just in the last 4 years and increasing yearly. Now a bit of this might be because some folks that were feeding them moved, but its not the whole reason. I put out abundanthope food and less and less is consumed. What i put out for an hours time before (I had lots of visitors in those days, they came and ate it and left), lasts now a week, sometimes more. I used to put out lots of bread and the like, and now I bake a pan, and it lasts 10 days or more, and I no longer take the time to acquired day old breads and the like. Those breads were probably none to good for them anyway.

More deformed animals are being born from the pollution, from the cleansing effects on damaged DNA from being in the photon belt. I am seeing squirrels with funny tails, missing boobies, and the like. I am finding dead birds, some of them out of nests, pushed out I think by mothers who know something is wrong with them. We are rapidly loosing the bees, and that portends huge issues coming upon us.

This week I helped put out material about 911. Most don't give a damn, and that is a piece I need to write yet today. We are not paying atention. In December of 2004, there was a huge tsunami, and its been forgotten in this country, the USA. Not that people cared much here anyway, they are too comfortable, living empty lives of entertainment TV, and that was only entertainment TV for them. It is now I believe to late for any major waking up of the peoples of this planet, the problems huge. Cats depleting the bird population, how incredibly stupid!!!!! We can't get 911 on TV but we get this on TV? And so the people in the involved city (Boulder, CO) will be diverted to arguing about whether their cats can enjoy anything left of an outdoor experience, based on the fact that it is pollution and earth changes depleting the birds, not the cats.

© Copyright by AbundantHope.net all rights reserved

[link to abundanthope.net]
urantian (OP)
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05/04/2009 12:25 PM
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Re: Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time
Phoenix Operator-Owner Manual


Introduction by Aton
Foreword by Sananda
Understanding the Laws of God and the Creation
The Highest Command of the Law of Creation
The Highest Command of the Law of God
The Laws: 1-9
The Laws: 10-18
Understanding the Nature of your Personal Responsibility
How to Recognise the Anti-Christ Within
Recognizing the most "Deadly" Sins of Hu-Man
Sins 1-5
Sins 6-12



I come this day that ye shall be given to recognize of My presence. I Am! I AM the LAW, the TRUTH, and the WORD. You need no burning bushes nor snakes into the staff - nor do you need blazing wheels in the cosmos. Hear Me clearly, children, for you who have been misled into the corners of darkness and into behaviors which have unbalanced your planet and soiled the places of perfection, shall hear Me, find Truth and turn unto that Truth in the days that follow, or you shall be separated into the places away from My presence. For as you have made your choices, and continue to act in ways against the laws as given unto your species to maintain balance and wholeness of soul direction, you shall continue in the places of the adversary which have pulled you down. You have put reason and Godly thought to the side and entered into the places of darkness - claiming that you know not that which is Truth and living according to that which Man has made "legal", but that which remains "unlawful". Now you spread the shackles of the "voted-in 'legal'" evil which have been thrust upon you in your "modern" world and have defiled ALL that remained sacred and wondrously gifted unto you.

I have sent My Hosts to give Truth unto you of the planet Earth (Shan) and I have sent the WORD and until the ending of the cycle so shall it be thus. You have no way to know of the "time" which might be given unto you to find your way into the lighted path of Godly behavior and Truth.

You continue to flail about in your carnage and denounce My messengers. Blessed are the ones who see and hear for theirs shall be MY KINGDOM. Blessed are you who pass the Word of Truth unto thine brethren in giving and tolerant sharing, for you shall shortly see of MY BEING. I am as near as the breath you draw; I see and know all within each of My Children's beings and you have taken Me into the holes of Hades in your sloven and evil practices which you conceal and hide in the dark secrets and deceptions even against those you claim protection and love of; you commit treason against that which was placed into your care and destroy it; you deceive your children which were given into your care - those which you have left unmurdered - now you fill them with lies and teach them to murder, rob, live in deceit, war and addictions. That which you have done shall be visited likewise upon them, for neither shall they who have been misled be within the places of Light - for YOU have extinguished the flame of Truth and Light within them. You ask, "What means, `The sins of the father shall be visited upon his children'?" This is that which it means! That as you have bent the twig into the contortions of the diseased tree, so shall the disease have spread and the fruit ruined and in spoilage. You shall bear your own bloodline into the void of separation if ye change not.

You interpret the laws as given for your journey and you consume the fuel which consumes the energy which thrusts your vehicle instead of moving it in glorious motion unto the lighted places of immortality in wondrously gifted wonders and growth into the places of the soaring Eagles of My fleet.

What mean I when I say unto you, "To everyone who overcomes - who to the very end keeps on doing things that please Me - I will give power over the nations - And I will give you the Morning Star!"? I mean that you shall have abundance, glory and the evil empire shall fall into shambles at the feet of My Hosts and of My people and the place shall come again within the laws laid forth in Truth, Balance and Harmony. The Morning Star? The adversary (Satan) has taken the label given unto his first perfection and torn the beauty and perfection asunder and yet still labels himself the "Morning Star"--"The Great White Morning Star". The adversary shall be handed into the hands of My people who have turned unto the WORD.

I have watched and waited as you have taken Truth and turned it into lies. I have watched as those of the evil adversary have labeled themselves as MY CHOSEN PEOPLE and called themselves "Jews" which never was of Me nor of My people. My children of Judea were blessed and, when you failed, the punishment was great for you lost your relationship with the Christed beings sent to set you to right direction as you turned Him and those who were sent with Him away - as you clung unto the adversary of My lighted teachers. You were scattered about the Earth and unto lands which were not yours as you were put into separation from myself by your own choosing. Now you have allowed the very evil leader, himself, to take all that was gifted unto you and follow an empty idol unto the abyss of restlessness. There can be no fulfillment which flows from the physical flesh for the physical flesh is but dust and unto dust shall again return, and you who follow the beast within thy beingness of soul shall be left to continue the endless search in restless agony and find no peace within your beings.

I know that you ones have lost your strength as forfeit unto the bastard child of evil. You have followed and consumed that which he has given you and called wonderful. You have poisoned your bodies and corrupted your minds and chased madly hither and yon to gain of the lustful, greedy luxuries and ill-behaviors of that which is taught to bring pleasure to the human physical. But you have found chaos, pain, non-fulfillment, restless searching and you have found no peace. You have become diseased and plague-riddled robotic zombies who stumble hither and yon without direction and bow to those who send you forth in battle for their evil wishes.

You have FEW who will stand against the dragon even as he spews his fire upon your being but rather wallow in the ashes declaring it wondrous and good. You give lies unto your brethren while you say that some of that which is brought by My Host, Hatonn (for instance), is taken with "great difficulty". You claim "great difficulty with the attitude displayed by the one, Hatonn, who communicates the information (for instance) about AIDS, and many other relevant topics to today's troubled times, but his information supports one, Dr. Strecker's research." So, the inference is that sent of God can be peered upon for it "supports an Earth man's 'research'". I shall just give you the rest of the quotation coming from one in Canada and who actually came and had interview with Hatonn and shared in the gracious hospitality of ones who serve our Hosts. He came on more than one occasion and did, in fact, claim to be in total, unflinching service unto God and did, further, want funding for his projects (of course) to come from these ones - but he liked not the attitude of Hatonn as Hatonn pronounced the Truth of the laws. In other words, "I will serve God and do God's work - as long, by God, as I can do it MY WAY! He continues in his advertising for his own gain: "We have ordered all of the books (PHOENIX JOURNALS) listed on their order form, and we receive each new publication as it is printed. They produce one or two new books each month. Hatonn, we are convinced, DOES NOT UNDERSTAND THE STRUCTURES OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS, THE HIGHER PURPOSES AND FUNCTION OF SEXUALITY, NOR MANY OTHER HUMAN ACTIVITIES. WE DISPUTE MANY CLAIMS HE MAKES ABOUT HIS `HIGHEST INTELLIGENCE' (ME - GOD, ATON) AND UNDERSTANDING OF OUR PLANET'S NEEDS, SUCH AS OUR PROTECTION, ETC., BUT THE INFORMATION HE HAS ACCESS TO IS MOST VALUABLE, AND HAS CAUSED GREAT DISTRESS IN THE U.S. GOVERNMENT."

He continues later with, "... keep yourself updated with the SPOTLIGHT and the PHOENIX (not giving your attention to Hatonn's critical nature and focus on the negative which only hurts and isolates himself and others) ..."

Perhaps I should mention to you that Hatonn denounces the lack of RESPONSIBILITY of the sexual unions as you of Earth have come to practice them - the murders of the unborn, the USE of another for gratification of power needs and the activities which are given and experienced - in most despicable ways bearing diseases and killing the very body seeking acceptance and pleasure. LOVE AND UNION OF EMOTION IS A GIFT OF EXPERIENCE GIVEN UNTO THE SOUL (EMOTIONS) AND HAVE NAUGHT TO DO WITH BODY PHYSICAL. THAT FOR WHICH YE SEARCH IS NOT FULFILLED BY ANY CONJURED ACTIVITY OF THE HUMAN PHYSICAL BEING. IT IS THE "BEHAVIOR" DENOUNCED, NOT THE LOVE AND ABIDING CO-RELATIONSHIP OF THAT WHICH YOU LABEL HETEROSEXUAL OR HOMOSEXUAL. IT IS NOT "LOVE", RESPONSIBILITY, NOR EVEN CARING, WHEN ONE WOULD GIVE FATAL DISEASE UNTO THAT OTHER HE CLAIMS TO ABIDE WITH IN LOVE. Therefore, when ye are told the truth of it, you denounce and turn away.

How can you believe and accept one thing from Hatonn and discard that very portion which allows your immortal transition into the glorious realms of higher dimension? Is the inference, somehow, that if you have experienced the things which are against the Laws of God and The Creation that you are doomed and lost forever? Do not be foolish - all done in IGNORANCE is instantly forgiven as TRUTH IS NOTED AND FOLLOWED. As in the "homosexual" participant in any relationship - you turn from the placement of your parts of procreation or that which was purposed for speech into the places of fecal expulsion. Is that so very difficult to attain in truth? Is that act a true expression of your caring LOVE of another being? What about the soul of the one so used, especially as he turns into the terminal case of cancer or pneumonia from the act? Can your soul find peaceful rest after having delivered your closest friend or child into the agony of death by disease which shall snuff out their experience in incredible suffering and lingering sickness?

MY LAWS and those of THE CREATION were given unto you of physical experience to honor total simplicity and gain wondrous fulfillment and joy from your relationships with your brethren, to pass the journey of experience in learning and then make passage into higher levels of understanding and knowledge. You have now bound yourselves by shackles of lies into the endless rotation of the wheel of experience worsening with each experience until you have forgotten all the Truth of LIFE. Most of you have wasted your experience and are the moving DEAD searching after bits of physical dregs to pass the journey.

I judge not that which you DID; I judge that which you DO after learning Truth. No MAN nor group of MEN/WOMEN shall change one iota of the LAWS! You can all vote in favor of that which is and make of thine laws according to land, and it means nothing for you will continue to be consumed by that which is evil that ye have brought upon selves. The actions are totally and completely up to you. Do ye wish My Hosts to come and tell you worse and more despicable LIES? Is that for which ye seek in the perfection of God? � more lies from My messengers?

This is the time of the separation of those who are WITH ME from those who stand AGAINST ME. If you turn again unto the Laws of Truth as given forth, you shall be given all assistance from MY REALMS AND FROM MY HOSTS. Those who remain in deliberate practice of those things which are birthed of the physical and expended in human-level actions have made their choices. If you turn unto the dark passages, choosing to forfeit the Light, so be it for ye shall be left unto your choices for I force not any creature - but YOU ALONE shall be in the choosing. Not only do I have total forgiveness - so can I cause your CURE of the diseases besetting thine beings.


I have come in many ways, many times and in many forms to show you the way and teach you Truth through the Word. I have sent many of My sons to give unto you Truth and you have slain them and turned from them in denouncement and continuation of your defilement of your own places of nesting and corruption of thine selves and brethren - all relations of thine perfect planet with all wondrous relations of life beings put forth for your use and pleasure and you have trampled them as pearls under your feet and spat upon them as ye spilled their blood and crushed the life from their wondrous existence.

You have turned in honor and bowing before the idols of "things" and unto the human beings who will enslave you. You have spat upon My messengers and cast the lessons and instructions into the trash as you mock and ridicule and shout "lies" and "false prophets". You no longer can discern that which is false from that which is Truth - HOW DID YOU EXPECT GOD TO RETURN UPON YOUR PLACE? YOU HAVE BEEN LULLED INTO BELIEVING THAT YOU SIT AND WAIT TO BE WHISKED AWAY TO GLORY ON THE CLOUDS - HOW FOOLISH CAN A MORTAL BE? YE CLING TO THE LIES AS IF THEY WOULD SAVE YE FROM THE FIRE WHILE YE PREPARE TO JUMP INTO THE HOLOCAUST.


I write this first Word unto you so that as you pass this portion of this JOURNAL, you know that which is given is Truth, reason and in justness. This is the most important document ye shall ever be given for the last trumpet is sounding and ye have been again warned and petitioned and My messengers have pleaded upon bended knees to be heeded.

I have given the written Word unto another scribe so that ye have not the EXCUSE, "I JUST DIDN'T SOMEHOW BELIEVE DHARMA!" or "...WELL, I JUST DIDN'T SOMEHOW BELIEVE HATONN". You are being given the facts behind the illusion of lies so that you have opportunity to change your circumstance or move on into the abyss of the enslavement for it is at hand, the time of the cycles upon your place wherein the separation shall be made.

Do you see the writing? Me'-ne, Me'-ne, Te'-kel Uphar'-sin - - ? for "In the same hour came forth fingers of a man's hand, and wrote over against the candlestick upon the plaster of the wall of the king's palace: and the king saw the part of the hand that wrote." Daniel 5:25. Do you see the hand that pens your fate? Do you hear the call of the trumpets which signal your fate? Do you take note of My messengers that you be given opportunity to rise out of the morass and into freedom? The moving fingers write and then, having writ, move on and so moves the Truth of opportunity which knocked and you heeded not. Each of My Messengers and Scribes shall put this Truth unto the people in the languages of understanding - the native of the ancient tribes unto his people and thus and so, so that all might be given into opportunity to come again into remembering. But the Word shall stand, lest ye think ye shall corrupt and tamper with the message - for no matter how ye tamper, it will change nothing.

I ask that Thomas take to pen and write a message from the Master Christos of the Sacred Infinite Circle to follow this and precede that of Dru. There is naught NEW, it is information as old as unto the beginning and you have pulled away into your physical path of wanton actions and desires. Just as the obese person has the simplistic opportunity to simply close the mouth to lose of the fat, so is the simplicity of all of MY instructions in order to come within the laws. AND JUST AS "WILL" OF THE FLESH IS NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO CLOSE OF THE MOUTH AGAINST THE FOODS IN EXCESS, SO YE SHALL BE GIVEN STRENGTH IF YE BUT ASK WITH INTENT OF PURPOSE - NOT OF THE LIPS THAT ALWAYS PRONOUNCE LIES - BUT THE HEART WITHIN IN PETITION FOR AID. You shall be given that which will lift you up and you will give support unto your brethren and goodness can again flow across that wondrous place given into your care and you will be given to remember and awaken and you will set things to straight as you turn from the beast that has pulled you into the pit. You shall move away in total newness - without looking back lest ye be pulled again into the destruction.



I am coming soon, and My reward is with Me, to repay everyone according to the deeds he has done and according to the moment of confrontation to that which lies deep within the essence through intent. I AM the start and the finish, the beginning of counting and the end of counting. Blessed forever are ye who are tending of thine houses and washing of thine robes as ye remove the soil from their weavings, so that ye stand tall as ye pass into the city through the gates, via My chariots of silver and golden wings.

Until it is finished I will leave My messengers upon your place and then, they shall be lifted up into the security of My places of safety and Light and you who choose to listen not and continue to abandon My Truth shall remain outside My city with the sorcerers and the immoral and murderers and idolaters, and all who love to lie, and do so. I have sent My angels and messengers among you to put the WORD to print and sound and picture in order to tell you these things. Know that in these times of the sorting that as "time" moves on, the vile will become even more vile; good men will be better; those who are holy will continue on in greater holiness. AH YES, CHILDREN, I BRING YOUR REWARD WITH ME AND YE SHALL BRING UNTO ME THINE MARKERS AND WE SHALL MEASURE THINE PORTION.

I suggest all of you who can read, go unto the book called Holy and even with its tampering, I commend you to read the Book of Isaiah and unto My people say, "Maher-shalal-has-baz". Be ye ready? Do not be foolish in your geography perceptions. The beast of anti-God shall rise out of the places which "claim to be MY holy places" and the people will claim to be "My chosen people", but they are evil and have no truth in them. But it shall be from the places of the ancient days from which the wars shall move across the nations and My reclaimed places shall rise and the infected and evil places shall be given to sink beneath the seas to be cleansed and healed. Where shall ye be? I shall save My people - "Shear-jashub". "Shear-jashub", and Maher-shalal-has-baz.

Turn thee from the witches and mediums. Listen not longer to their whisperings and mutterings. Can the living find out the future from the dead? Why do ye not ask of Me these things? Why do ye not listen when I send ye the Word and the Truth? What will ye do? Will ye move away, My people, led away captive, stumbling, weary and hungry? Check the words of those witches, channels, mediums which pronounce things upon which ye hang thine beings - IF THEIR MESSAGES ARE DIFFERENT THAN MINE, IT IS BECAUSE I HAVE NOT SENT THEM FOR THEY HAVE NO LIGHT OR TRUTH WITHIN THEM.





My Holy Spirit shall not leave you, any of you who shall turn into the wanting of the good and gain hate of the wrong. Rise up, My children, let your light shine for all the nations to witness. For the glory of MY Light is streaming from you if you will but take it. Darkness as black as the moonless midnight shall cover all the peoples of the Earth, but MY glory will shine from you. All nations will come unto your light; mighty kings will come to see this glory of My Light upon you. My winged chariots shall fill your skies and there shall be rejoicing in the homecoming.

Lift up your eyes and see! For your sons and daughters are coming home to you from distant lands. Your eyes will shine with joy, your hearts will thrill, for merchants from around the world will flow to you, bringing you the wealth of many lands - and has it not been given and you have turned it into spoils and wretched plunder?

Oh, despicable and vile are the ones who took My words and promise and made them to read as the profits and reward of the very evil anti-God who would seek Zion and call themselves My chosen children and take the heritage of Mine own, unto themselves.

Do you of the veiled children not see that which they have done? They have taken My Truth and turned it unto their own use to fool all of ye nations. They have set up their vile and evil temples in lands not their own so that the world would not know of their evil and think it prophecy. They would set their cities forth in the Biblical lands and pronounce that "... see, God says that the things of Lebanon would be mine" and that "Israel would become known around the world and glorified in the eyes of all" - NAY! You follow the beast into the pits of separation if ye follow on with this charade. �Tis not the God of Light these ones follow but the fallen gods of evil adversaries who have mesmerized and captured you in their nets of lies and webs of human physicalness. So be it for the moving finger writes and then moves on - WHERE WILL YE BE, CHILD?

Dharma, it is enough. Write herein that God has sent His messengers to every land and said, "Tell My people, I, the Lord your God, am coming to save you and will bring you many gifts." And you shall be called "The Holy People" and "The Lord's Redeemed", and so it shall come to pass in your generation upon that place laid forth for your experience. That which is pronounced in Isaiah is not that which is referred to as the Israel now placed within the location of Palestine - for they were liars and frauds from the beginning and their messengers fill the lands with the lies and false teachings - and those, too, shall fall in the sweep of Truth. Let it be known that none of evil can nor will stand in MY LIGHT for all of darkness shall be vanquished. So be it. Sit, chela, and tell these things for so as I give it to be written, so shall it come to pass and I send the Word for man to KNOW so that he can choose his direction. I shall no longer stand silent and those who have changed My words and destroyed My Truth shall be cast into the silence for they have pulled My people down and the reward shall be heavy indeed.


May the Light be given entrance to shine around about you that you be given into vision for the remaining days of your experience upon that place are numbered.




Peace, Thomas, for I am come. I Am Sananda of the Sacred Circle of Infinity for I am come again as ONE with The Most High Living God/Aton/Father. Man will never again return unto the unknowing and the ignorance that has been his downfall. Never again shall the darkness keep man bound from walking within the lighted Presence that I Am. Each must choose ... each must decide. Always man will cast to the side that which does not suit his view, his way, his opinion, his new laws. It matters not one whit. Nothing shall be changed for herein lies the Truth of the matter, plain for all to see. All who have eyes to see and ears to hear shall receive the message and be increased thereby. Each may come into knowing and therein be most grateful, for these are the instructions you have pleaded for and at last you have that which you have wanted, for lo, these eons of time.

Man has struggled in his turmoil and conflict and warring nature. Man has lusted after women without shame and now lusts after man in like manner ... you have entered into the pit of darkness and you must return to living according to these LAWS OF GOD AS THEY WERE GIVEN UNTO THEE FOR THINE GREATER GOOD. You have been careless and thoughtless and have trampled the Holy Word of God under thine feet. No longer shall you do this in ignorance ... each shall act responsibly in their decisions to remain in darkness. And the decisions made in conscious error shall be the most painful of all. The soul shall cry out at that hour when standing in the Presence of the Mighty I AM. We weep for you and plead with you to hear, to take heed, to change. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE AND YET YOU HAVE BEHAVED IRRESPONSIBLY. EACH SHALL BE GIVEN TO FACE THE CHOICES AND THE CONSEQUENCES SHALL RETURN UNTO THEE.

Do you recognize that the Hosts of Heaven have been sent? Do you acknowledge that God/Aton has returned to the once beauteous jewel to bring order out of the chaos of this ending cycle? Why do you not believe that I Am come again? Has it not been prophesied? How did you think I would return? Did you think to one day turn on "60 Minutes" perhaps and see me speaking with Mike Wallace? Did you think that one day you would turn on TV and see me preaching from the stage of the Crystal Cathedral? Come now ... times have not changed so much ... the crucifixion would take half the time. I HAVE NOT SAID THAT I AM COME AGAIN UPON THAT PLACE ... I HAVE SAID THAT I AM RETURNED WITH THE HEAVENLY HOSTS, AS PROMISED LONG AGO, AND WE ARE ABOVE YOUR NOW POLLUTED AND TROUBLED PLANET TRANSMITTING FORTH INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOUR VERY FREEDOM, SURVIVAL, AND GODNESS. WILL YOU LISTEN? WILL YOU LISTEN?

What must be done in order that you will listen to the message? Has it not been said that by their fruits you shall know them? Herein is your life-raft. We do not come to force anything upon you ... we come to offer instruction and tell you the way that it truly IS. Man may do what he will, as he has done to this point. It takes no brilliant mind to see that you are in most grave circumstance. Why will you not consider the messages that are offered for your protection and wisdom? THE LAWS OF GOD ARE FIXED ... IMMUTABLE ... MAN MAY CHANGE WHAT HE WILL BUT HE WILL NOT CHANGE THE LAWS OF GOD FOR THEY ARE THAT WHICH WAS GIVEN FOR BALANCE WITHIN THE CREATION. MAN HAS SOILED THAT WHICH HAS BEEN GIVEN INTO HIS CARE FOR HIS STEWARDSHIP.

Herein you shall find The Laws clearly outlined. There is no room for misunderstanding the message. There are no little grey areas for you to move around in. If you violate The Laws after completing this document you shall do so willingly, knowingly, and therein shall be CONSEQUENCES FOR THOSE ACTIONS. God is most forgiving for actions done in ignorance. Willful violation of The Laws is entirely a different matter. It is the better part of wisdom to heed this warning for it is most grave indeed.

We are at the final hours of the planetary cycle. Choices will be made by man that shall affect him for eons in your future counting. Be most cautious when seeking the momentary thrill, for the excitement you seek shall not satisfy you in the countless generations of recycling and rebirths before you as you learn well the lessons you so carelessly refused to learn this time around. Fleshly pleasures are fleeting ... the soul is infinite ... and in the cosmic realms of where we dwell ... infinity is a long time indeed. Ponder it. Where do you wish to spend your time? Upon what do you wish to gaze? In the ending will your ego-filled and willful ways have been worth the pain you shall experience in the recycling of rebirth? Why does man always think that he knows better than God? Foolish, foolish man. I do not come here to chide you. I come to plead with you on bended knee ... these are your instructions ... clearly given in full radiance of The Father's presence. These are no abstract concepts for you to struggle with ... read them ... learn them ... live them. To return to the radiance which I AM, The Laws are truly the only way in which to live. The Laws are the ultimate in logic and reason. The Laws work. Has your way worked? Oh? Look around you ... look at your planet. Perhaps you should take the next shuttle flight, if it is not cancelled due to faulty equipment, and view your very atmosphere from great distance and you shall see how man's way has worked thus far. You are in most dangerous waters and the instruction we bring with total love is offered to bring you back unto the Presence of Holy God. Why do you resist so?

Beloved, we are here. I Am returned. I Am returned with the Heavenly Hosts and with The Father/Aton. Listen to the words we bring for therein IS LIGHT. Man has walked the darkened pathways for too long. Return to the ways that shall see you through unto the lighted realms wherein I dwell. The time grows most short indeed and the hour for deciding is upon you. Which path shall you walk? Come ... walk the good Red Road ... walk the lighted pathway according to The Laws herein and you shall KNOW GOD.

I place my seal upon these words. I Am Esu Jesus Immanuel Sananda of the Christed Sacred Circle of Infinity and ONE WITH THE FATHER. Blessings unto all in whose hands these words are placed for you have found your very soul's freedom therein. Walk most gently the pathway before you and treat your brother as ye would be treated for you are, in truth, one.


Continue on to PART TWO - The Laws outlined (Nos. 1 through 9)
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Re: Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time
Wow, who reads through all that crap anyway?

Hey, urantian, didn't you say that if no one could see that Jupiter
ignited by March 25 you would admit you were
wrong about it?

Can't bring yourself to be honest?
 Quoting: DrPostman

Hello Dr.p:

Didn't you get the memo?

From AbundantHope.net

For Those that DON'T GET it, JUPITER is BEHIND the SUN
By Candace and NASA
Apr 24, 2009, 06:27

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Re: Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time
Archangel Michael - The First Wave of Ascension
March 29 2009 translated from French
[link to www.autresdimensions.com]

I am Michael, Regent Prince of the celestial militia. Receive my protection and my love. You are my beloved. As I announced, and I solemnly confirmed on this day, the ultra-violet energies of the sun have begun their work on this planet [starting on March 25]. The elements outside man at the Earth, began to activate immediately after the descent of the energy ultra-violet sun relayed by your power and my vibration.

The effects will begin to build up on your planet. I've told you repeatedly, and I will repeat again now, that what is to come will be on a global level involving external elements [during this reconstruction], so be sure to control your own energies within your body. The pressure of this radiation linked to ultra-violet energy will lead to a number of changes within your bodies.

They may respond in different ways, but you may experience temporary discomfort related to adjustments required for entry into areas of the Father because it is a preparation for entry into the realm of Unity with the Father [Creator God], and into the realms of Unity with divinity. Beloved people, you now need to prepare as you still have choices [for acceptance of this energy].

You should now be totally in agreement with what you have come here for. Will you participate in the battle to maintain status quo on earth or will you prepare for the new Earth? This is your choice and you must choose. You may no longer be in both worlds at once. Increasingly you will find, in periods of longer times, during the weeks and months to come, that you will be immersed in what you call the fifth dimension.

This will, initially be at the level of your dreams during your times of meditation, where you will find that you will have easier access to the vibrational energy of light and the potential for a new level of your consciousness. To do this you must make irreversible choices while there is still time. Those who have not chosen the worlds where they want to go can not unfortunately do that within the next few months [decision time is over according to AA Jophiel and again mentioned by Esu. The wheat will soon be separated from the chaff, and some will move on to other 3D worlds to continue their education.]

The events as they occur on the surface of your planet as well as within each human being, will trigger, by the pressure of my radiation energy, the phenomenon of struggles and tensions. Those of you who will not accept this energy, that will not accept this new consciousness, from the top of their head down to the bottom of their feet, in all cells of your body, will be affected greatly by these elementary events [and it will cause much pain and suffering].

The elements I put out now that you will see, are an alternation of water and fire, and will be strengthened with the addition of the Earth changes, and of course in the air. The number of events you would call natural disasters now, day by day, will be increasing to a peak that seems unbelievable by the summer equinox [June 20]. You will therefore have a period of three months [this Spring] where you will face an intensive period of preparation within your body, within your consciousness, but also within your lives.

You must proceed urgently to recent adjustments in order to plan what you came for, most of you who listen to my words. Never forget that the date of March 25 was the beginning of the discharge of the radiation of ultra-violet energy on this planet. This is an early sign of the deployment of a number of prophecies announced long ago and in time immemorial.

You are now fully into the events of the end times. The end of time must be for you a period of glory, a period of light that you must lead, so inexorable in your return to your divine home. This is the end of the world of duality. But this will not happen over night. There are a number of battles that must be carried out to purify what is needed and what can especially be accomplished.

You are now in this blessed period. My radiation protects you as I already said. I repeat: to use the radiation of ultra-violet energy, call on Michael's Light and the Light of your Sun. Do not attach any importance to what other people might tell you on your way there, for your truth is that which you will live.

My Light will shelter and protect you, and this will appear soon at all your energy centers [chakras], and you will be forced to flee the world as you know it as humans will be prey to the elements, inside their bodies, and they will reject in advance the arrival of the Light within their reality, so that this could potentially conflict with your extremely energetic Light. This should not be allowed by you.

Also, you are asked to make choices for which you came here for. You are asked to complete what you decided to be and become and to prepare accordingly. This is not a message of fear, but on the contrary, a message of hope: the Age of Light, the era of the return to the Unity has finally begun. You have entered fully into the end times. It is your responsibility to ensure that your spritual lights are not extinguished. It is your responsibility to ensure that your Light grows every day based on energy that you receive from the Source of the Central Sun.

This is your way, this is your destiny and nothing should oppose it. For this, the old [3D] world is falling apart and will be disintegrating faster in the days and weeks ahead. As I announced in my first speech by this messenger, I can confirm that you should not give importance to what happens inside of you. Do not participate in any fighting with other people you encounter or compete or join with them in their actions.

You are not here to fight against the darkness. This is the work of the Light. You are here to develop, to expand and to create your own light. It is not for you to return in this ultimate final battle. The hours of struggle, the era of duality has for you expired. It is your responsibility to cultivate Unity: Heart Unity, the Unity of Heart to Heart, and a life in Unity, either alone or in groups.

The hour of the first calls to the Light has finally come. This time will signal your final total awakening into the Light. Gradually, in the weeks to come, you will find all of your divine potential, the whole of what you are, and nothing can oppose it. For this and for these reasons you must be sheltered in your interior temple and escape the hustle and chaos and agitation of this world.

Meanwhile, in this country where you live (France) you have been greatly affected by human events. That will soon change. The pressure brewing inside human beings who are not awake has now expanded and they are in combat mode. They are preparing to deliver a fight that no human has lived so far. You shall not participate in this fight. It is your responsibility to expand your flow, your Unity and your Light. You can access it, with integrity, with the ultimate and final stage of ascension if you respect the choices you've made.

There is no time to procrastinate. It's time is now, and I give this solemn appeal, that the energies of open hearts come together, that people who work for the plan and the establishment of the Truth, Unity and of the Godhead group within the same collective group mind to participate in the return of Light. This promises to be a cosmic wedding.

Of course, for those who are not open to the Light, this time will be drama as humanity has never experienced before. This will not happen if you choose and create in your lives conditions conducive to the establishment of Light. The important thing, beloved people, is to understand that what I announced a few months ago now is happening before your eyes. During this period between March 25 and June 20 of 2009 [the start of Summer], many geophysical changes will occur on the surface of your planet.

You are going to view with your eyes events that none will be able to deny with their own eyes. However, it is here, it is now, this will not be tomorrow. Discharges of ultra-violet light and the influence of the Central Sun of the galaxy will now be strengthened day by day and hour by hour. You must at all costs, eliminate the remaining areas of darkness that are inside you.

This will not happen through your work but through the acceptance of the Light. If you agree to allow the pressure of the radiation of the Light within your energy centers, nothing troublesome can happen to you, although there will be some pain, some side effects, some periods of fatigue. But this is nothing compared to the quality of light, the amount of Light and the reality of your truth, that you will finally discover.

That, beloved people, is a solemn yet unique moment in the annals of mankind. This time is now, a time when all souls who have opted to allow the incarnation happens only once. It is your responsibility to fully accept the guidance of the Light. It is your responsibility to accept that you dictate the Light, that your conscience dictates to you to realize your choice of light, your choice of conscience and the truth of your choice.

You can not deceive yourself or others [fake acceptance of the Light]. The authenticity will become a formal acceptance of Light. You must be in alignment with the Light, in alignment with those who have succeeded, and most important of all, open your hearts to receive the ultra-violet Light. Beloved people, the time is both serious and at the same time, the making of history in a spiritual sense.

A Number of luminous phenomena that some of you have seen in some places on the planet will begin to spread. The colors of your heaven will profoundly change, and this will occur in a sustainable manner. Planetary movements will begin to deteriorate. The sun will no longer appear in the same place, as it should appear, at such a day, at such an hour, but will be modified in its course [Earth will wobble and the sun's movement will be erratic and may result in magnetic pole shifts].

In a number of weather-related phenomena like water from May 7 [national prayer day] will take on a catastrophic importance, resulting in millions of humans being driven from the shores of ocean waters. As you start this time, there will be clear signs that something in the cosmos is occuring as never before. This is the great sign and the beginning of major events that will affect all in this time, not just a part of the globe but the whole of this planet and all of the solar system.

You, beloved people, when you hear this have now arrived at this time. That is not in ten years, it is not in one year, but it is now. So I urge you to collect, I urge you to enter within your Heart, to enter into the inside of your essence, in order to make good decisions, and to have a good guidance in your choices and your desires for your future.

This belongs to you alone. No darkness, if you have made your choice, will hinder what you will become. However, for this you need to say with force, with determination and desire what you want done, what you have to do (for the Earth and for you as an individual) to promote the ascension of a larger number of human beings.

As I said, the first wave of Ascension will begin during your month of June. But most of you are to assume and maintain the structure of light in this third dimension to its ultimate end. Only God the Father knows the end date. As for me, you know that my domain, which stretches from the beginning of this year until May 2010, corresponds to the period of my great purification. This large work of purification begins now, as the light reveals itself little by little, day by day, more and more.

It is your responsibility to integrate each particle of light you receive, to lead the Light into your temple. Light, as I pour this light that comes from the Sun, is the ultimate key that lets you rediscover your essence. There is no alternative, there is no other condition than this one. In particular, there is no condition of karma, there is no age requirement, there is no condition other than your life, you must ask for.

Some of you will feel a call to move away from where you are [coastal areas]: you should do so without delay. Others will feel the need to come together to combine in Unity and to multiply the Light. At that time, it should be subject to the internal desire that is not an impulse of the ego but is an impulse of the soul and, indeed, the Holy Spirit who infuses in you.

You can not delay or postpone decisions that some of you have already made over many years. Now is the time to work for unity, for the Light and Truth. You need to put in place the structures and resources which are offered by life in order to achieve this. Plus you'll be safe inside your being and within your structures, the more you can work with the forces of revelation of the Light, with the angels of the Lord to manifest that Light and to allow the maximum in human beings, now in division, to join in their first unity. These, beloved people, are important announcements that I wanted to make.

These will be validated, as I said, in time. Those who argue that spiritual beings, spiritual light cannot give a date, do not understand the transformations underway [there are divine timetables]. Many prophets, indeed, gave dates that turned out to be false. But I am not a prophet, I am a messenger of light, heavenly sent, so only the workings of celestial time are important, and I just print the mark of my work on your planet and the solar system. The moment is here, the time is now, the time is right now, so go where you must go now.

That, beloved people, is all I have to say. If you have any questions about the UV radiation, the pressure of this radiation, about the ultra-violet energy itself, or about the planetary movements, I will try to answer it if it is in my ability.

Question: How do we recognize if we have accepted the ultra-violet Light?
Acceptance of the ultra-violet Light was evident during the preparatory period from February 25 to March 25 by an outpouring of energy entering the top of your head [crown chakra] . Now that Light must penetrate your heart and should lead to compression and pressure in what you call the heart chakra. It is from this place that should bring your own power over you, your own force on you and the sign of recognition that you have accepted the vibration that comes from me.

However, some of you have not yet felt the vibration because the way that the head and the heart connects is not completely clear of recent obstructing matter. This will be done from now until the period of June 20 [start of Summer]. This may, for some of you, be a period of three months. Others of you have done this work already. They are the results of this new time. They should, for those feeling the energy pressure in the heart, distribute this vibration (as appropriate) to all human beings and the whole of humanity. This is not a fight, this is a release of Love. This is the only way to help you now, human beings on the road to ascension.

Question: Can sex hinder our integration with the Light?
Not if you consider the sexual relationship as something healthy, physiologically beneficial and normal, in a respect of the other partner, for personal satisfaction as well as that of the other, that does not involve any deterioration of self or any difficulty in performing that activity [sex is not just for procreation]. There are physiological needs of humanity, related to the third dimension [and will be different in 5D], which need to be expressed, in particular for the lower age [youth] brackets of your humanity.

We have no more questions, thank you.

Beloved human incarnation, I propose now to commune with the energy of the radiation pressure and energy of the Unit in the Heart. I ask you to open your chakra coronal, to accept the light that I spilled on you now. You will be able to call upon my cancellation order to hasten the movement of incarnation of the ultra-violet radiation at the level of your heart. ... Effusion energy ...

I will now exit. As usual, beloved people, I give my blessings and my protections. I will give updates each week, during the period between now and the summer equinox [June 20], because this information is very important, and is vital for your future. Be blessed and I say to you I will return in a week of your time on earth. We share this information with complete transparency.

Comments: Michael called himself Archangel Michael on Jan 5 and now speaks only of his work as Head of the Divine Militia in His role in the reconstruction of the universe. He earlier said on Jan 22 that Jupiter would ignite, and this procedure started a few days later according to unofficial NASA statements. This along with words from others seems to show His words are real. In French names are changed so that John becomes Jean etc., and that explains why his name has been changed also to accommodate the locals there. He also spoke of Nibiru as being in our future to assist us.

Sheldan Nidle in 2000 said:
Presently, your Sun is in the midst of activities that will finish only when she is in her fully conscious state. In addition, the artificial outer mobile planet that most of you call Nibiru is nearing her fated crossing with Mother Earth. This event will prove that a release for Mother Earth from her present bondage is close to its resolution [no more pole shifts by Nibiru as in the past]. Here, the Fleets of the Galactic Federation are acting as our Divine Referees. We have instructed them on what actions to take in order to regulate your Sun and see that your coming connection with Nibiru goes off as Divinely planned.

On Oct. 23, 2001 he said: We intend to recreate [Maldek] as it was before it was destroyed by a large Battle Planet that you call Nibiru. Nibiru also will be transformed and will become your Eleventh planet. When we came to liberate your Solar System about 900,000 years ago, Planet Maldek and its armed Moon were a major threat to our success. Our incoming Fleet deployed a powerful Battle Planet of its own to destroy this dark Anchara/Orion Empire base; it was reduced to rubble and the result was the Asteroid Belt.

On May 18, 2004 he said: The Moon was disguised as a lifeless orbiting body, but underneath her surface, the interior Base had been completely modernized and organized as a Mothership controlling a large, hidden Fleet. The remnants of its former luxuriant eco-system were mined for the minerals and ores needed for the constant renovation of the Base and it's Fleet of Spacecraft. Then in the early 1970s, the Galactic Federation annexed a section of this Inner-Moon Base, which then served as our primary Headquarters there until the early 1990s.

Our section of the Moon Base was under constant duress from the dark Anchara Alliance until the mid-1990s. Then the Anunnaki changed sides and helped us to take over the whole Moon Base. The unified Moon Base became the center of our Earth operations. The Moon Base coordinates a number of Inner-Earth Bases set up at facilities that were created after the "Fall" of Lemuria by its predecessor civilization, Agartha.

Here we monitor the hidden activities of your Secret Government's underground Bases and maintain a close and continuous surveillance of your World and the workings of the last remnants of the Dark. This last Cabal is closely watched for any transgressions it might attempt that go beyond the limits set for it by your Ascended Masters.

This Moon is filled with historical implications. His 16 levels, each with myriad sub-levels, once housed endless laboratories and testing stations where its former denizens of the Dark carried out a variety of experiments [genetic manipulation with DNA] on your Ancestors, and even on you. The horror from these procedures of the Dark still enshrouds many of his lower levels.

Our intention is eventually to make this place into a memorial when the World we know as Bellona [Maldek] is restored. This trans-Martian Planet [Nibiru] was where many of the Dark's malevolent plans for this Solar System were first hatched. We propose that this restored Planet and its fifth Moon have a permanent memorial placed upon them.

Your Moon is an artificial construct that was created to be a special tactical station attached to Orion Empire Fleets of the former dark Anchara Alliance. It formed part of the Fleet that conquered your Solar System about 1,000,000 years ago. The Moon's purpose was to be the main defense coordinator for the former Planet Maldek that was between Mars and Jupiter. When we came to liberate your Solar System about 900,000 years ago, Planet Maldek and its armed Moon were a major threat to our success.

Our incoming Fleet deployed a powerful Battle Planet of its own to destroy this dark Anchara/Orion Empire base [Maldek]; it was reduced to rubble and the result was the Asteroid Belt. The attached Battle Moon was temporarily thrown into an erratic solar orbit that ran between Earth and Mars and finally, about 25,000 years ago, was placed into its present orbit as Earth's Moon. [Some ancients talked about a time when there was no moon.]

This has been archived at [link to www.angelfire.com]

Further Comments: Firm dates have been given that speak of much upheaval along the coasts in May [probably from tidal waves] and the beginning of ascension in June. It appears that next month some who will not ascend or will not be present later on Earth will start leaving. There are divine timetables that are set in stone, although certain actions are dependent on events and our reponses that can alter some decisions.

Divine changes usually involve dramatic actions because we wish to keep a status quo with only moderate changes and a better life, and we wish to dwell in new age fantasies. Most UV energy has been filtered by the ozone layer around Earth which will be removed during Earth changes, so its effects are limited at this time. The coming end times can be viewed as driving in a construction zone: it is unpleasant but necessary, and the end result is a new road that can be enjoyed by those who travel on it.

These events that Michael speaks of will be a sign that shows to all that the beginning wave of our ascension has begun. It is a real change and a move to 5D that will end with Michael's work in May of 2010. He said earlier that this will be completed before 2013 and 3D will disappear by then. This year will also be a time when a transition from Illuminati leadership to a divinely chosen government will begin.

He speaks only of his work so it is necessary to connect the dots to see the whole picture. Adama last year said that ET action would commence after Feb 1, although he did not understand its relevance, but I immediately thought of Jupiter and its placement behind the sun on that date as the reason for that specific time.

AA Michael speaks of chakras that those in the Far East like Tibet have mastered, and this practice can bring immense enlightenment. Most here are too busy to meditate and learn this, and are distracted by work and family and the TV media. He talks of UV energy that started on March 25, and Esu spoke of energies from the Sun that have caused Earth's instability recently.

see [link to abundanthope.net]

Michael said that He will give now weekly updates because it is a time of great importance and change and is unlike anything yet known to man. Will it happen? Time will tell.

Thu Apr 2, 2009 12:09 am

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Anonymous Coward
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05/04/2009 06:15 PM
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Re: Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time
bsflag bsflag bsflag bsflag bsflag bsflag

you suck urantian hey no jupiter ignition no stasis and you still swallow that bullshit from abundanthope. RETARD

bsflag bsflag bsflag bsflag bsflag bsflag

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05/04/2009 06:20 PM
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Re: Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time


Anonymous Coward (OP)
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05/04/2009 07:17 PM
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Re: Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time
Thank you, Mark, for receiving this transmission. I wish to convey to all my human guests the truth about their existence on my surface. God, as a part of his creation of this galaxy, created me. That was several billion years ago, and yes, evolutionary processes were used in my creation, things like the vast ocean of gasses that cooled into a hard mass.

All life forms that now inhabit my surface were brought here from afar. After I provided a suitable ocean and land, the agents of God who are charged with such tasks introduced plants. In my case I was given an extraordinary variety of plant life, both on my land and in my seas. This variety is unrivalled anywhere else in the galaxy. A while later animals, birds, fish, and insects from around the galaxy were introduced.

Some of your scientists and visionaries believe that all physical creation is but one form or another of energy, slowed to materialize into physical form. That is true. I said that the life forms of plants and animals from around the galaxy were introduced; I did not say how that was done. The way it happened was that patterns were brought, and the physical forms were materialized here; they were not physically transported. Why physically transport anything, when you can bring the pattern and materialize it where required? So that is the way it happened to me.

In answer to your question as to what you, as an individual human being, can influence of my materialized creation, the answer is that you can physically affect that which appears physical with the tools I have provide to you. Thus if you wish to cut down one of my trees, you will need to use a physical implement to do so. As long as you remain in this 3rd dimension reality you will affect things of this dimension in 3rd dimension ways. The physical is acted upon by the physical.

Is it possible to act upon things energetically? The answer is yes. At your level of evolvement, humans have a somewhat limited ability to affect my material creation by using energy techniques. As you proceed to assume greater powers, this ability will increase. You will also be able to construct machines to assist you in this process. Working in today’s 3rd dimension, if you wish to construct a table, you will need implements with which to do that. At a higher level of functioning, you will be able to construct things by using energy manifestation techniques.

It is of little value to you at this moment to see everything as slowed energy, unless you wish to do so for philosophical reasons. From a practical aspect, see that which is of my material nature as something you can interact with on this physical plane. Hold all in appreciation for what I have given to you, for it is my bounty that I freely give to humanity, and which I allow humans to use for their benefit. Appreciate them as gifts, and do not desecrate my air, water, and land. Hold all in great appreciation and I will continue to serve you. Waste or misuse and I will withdraw it from you.

I am transforming to a new way of being. I invite all who would be caretakers of my new way of being to accompany me on this journey. In my new way of being, the land, water, and air will once again be pure and clean. In my new way of being, there will be peace among all my guests, and all my animals, fish, birds, and insects. I am very much looking forward to the time when that will be the case.

My transition to a lighter density is being accomplished with the help of many of your brothers and sisters from other star systems, as well as mighty celestials, agents of God. Together they will be freezing time for my human guests, as well as my animal, bird, fish, and insect residents. This will enable me to accelerate my return to my former state of pure waters, clean air, and pristine land. My plant life will be repaired, and once again my deserts will bring forth the trees and grasses that formerly existed in there.

All of this will be accomplished in an instant of time as far as my human guests are able to sense. During this frozen moment, as I am returned to my pristine self, each human guest will make his or her choice known. Not all of you will remain with me, only those who desire to become true caretakers of my land, water, and air. Those who do not wish to honor me in this way will be removed, or will remove themselves.

You may appreciate what a complex process this is when you consider the many guests who are currently on my surface, as well as my many residents. All must be cared for in the manner most auspicious for their wellbeing, even those who are leaving me, and make no mistake I would like to have as many as of my guests as possible accompany me.

You who dwell on my surface have, for many years, allowed fear to rule your lives; no more will that be the case. After my transformation to a pristine state, love and light will form the foundation for those who remain, and there will be peace at long last.
urantian (OP)
User ID: 667772
United States
05/04/2009 10:30 PM
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Re: Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time
Archangel Michael - A New Era and a New Beginning
April 10 2009 translated from French
[link to www.autresdimensions.com]

I am Michael, Regent Prince of the Celestial Militia. As Usual, to everyone here, human souls in transition, I bring My protection, My love and My Light. I come to you today to express a number of things related to the physiological level, the physiology of the solar system and the physiology of the human soul. As you know, in all universes and all dimensions that exist, the major omnipresent evolutionary principle, because it is linked to the nature of the central sun [Alcyone], uses the concept of a cycle within a dimension as in what you call multi-dimensional worlds.

This notion of a cycle applies to all forms of life whatsoever. The concept of a cycle is the fundamental principle of physiology that is returning, so it is therefore a cyclical episode with a specific point. This point, this return to the starting point of the cycle, is the allegory and the symbol of the return to the Unity prior to any transformation of a life form into another life form or a form of life into another dimension. This cycle is here to remind you that all life comes from the Unity [Creator God], the Unity comes from and returns to the Unity.

This physiology in the densest [lowest] dimensions without exception is inconceivable even to your mind. You know, and I have told you from my first visit this year, that you are at the dawn of a new cycle [era], you are at the end of an old cycle. The End of this cycle involves both the human body and the planetary [Earth] body, and all the suns in your galaxy and all galaxies in this region of the universe [that will undergo a change].

The completion of this cycle, is like the snake that bites its own tail [the Ouroboros - a snake swallowing its own tail and forming a circle and constantly re-creating itself]. The existence, presence and passage of this cycle accurately reminds you of the very idea of the Unity of all creation, even on the densest worlds in duality that are dominated by division, segregation and exclusion that we now exist in.

This principle applies to any form of life and is an element and an event that affects all human souls, as well as your planet, the solar system and all the solar systems around you, a central point from which everything comes and everything will return one day. This is the concept of the cyclical principle.

The completion of one cycle means starting a new cycle. The start of a new cycle can be done within the same dimension, in a lower dimension or in a higher dimension. The end of this processing cycle of life forms both in the inter-dimensional worlds that you do not understand, and in the worlds of many dimensions that you now have only temporary access to.

The importance of this moment is that it must be seen as the start of a new evolutionary loop but also as a point of completion of the current evolutionary loop. The completion at this point, means that you will return to a point, and that this precise point has a certain number of choices that are possible regarding the future of this physiological system in consideration. This evolution can be done within the same dimension, in higher dimensions, or in lower dimensions, by keeping the same form of life or by changing that form of life, while changing or by not changing dimensions.

You have now arrived at this ultimate moment. It only happens every 52,000 years. It corresponds, in this solar system, especially on this planet but also on other planets, to an extremely precise evolutionary cycle. Many of you have started and initialized this new cycle, having accompanied this new creation project by becoming disassociated with this current third dimension. I'll explain a little later how in this third dimension we are separated.

However, most of you are involved, you are in a cycle in this dimension and this separation, as you finalize it [and move on to another cycle]. The completion of a cycle is called a resolution. This resolution requires a process of awareness, a learning process related to this experience. This notion of returning to the same cyclic point, will also free for the whole of creation, the knowledge related to the exploration of this higher dimension. I have called the world you now live in a separated world of the third dimension. It also exists in different third dimension worlds that are not separated.

What is a separated third dimensional world? It is a world where the experience of the incarnation, the descent into matter, is accompanied by a loss of conscious connection to your unity and your Divinity. This is a choice that you made but was assisted by what you call a karmic Lipika [divine beings connected with karma, recorders who store a record of every act and thought, great or small, in the universe in the Akashic Records] or a Lord of Karma, which supports the destiny of an evolutionary cycle.

There are third dimensional worlds in which a unified loss in memory of the Unity was not conducted. These people, these forms of life there, these physiological beings experimenting a third dimensional body were aware of their divinity, which has not been your case for eons, specifically for more than 52,00 years.

Today you have arrived at this place of completion. What is this final moment? It is when all the memories related to the experiences both individually and collective are revealed. What is this completion of memories? This is an area where awareness of what has been experienced by some, by others and by the whole humanity and incarnation in this solar incarnation, will be revealed to your consciousness.

By an error of words, some papers have likened this to the end of the world [doomsday], but it is certainly not the end of life. Quite the contrary. As you will soon see, whatever your choice of destiny and whatever your individual choice, you will during this time that I called deconstruction, rebuild a new identity, a new spiritual being. Whatever your choice is, you will have to do something new [no more status quo].

However, there are cycles in all during this completion phase, and forces oppose this for the simple reason that this revelation completes this cycle and thus completes a form of change [and some do not want change]. Your form in this three-dimensional separated event has created a number of forces operating on their own account within you and also within your entire planetary system. You can call it a group mind or if you prefer, a mental awareness. The mental consciousness is the prerogative of isolation in the third dimension. This mental awareness is in isolation within this incarnation in this world.

It is an action unique to your own creation. And it knew from its inception that it was part of a cycle with no knowledge of eternity [or our Divinity]. So all of you, each of the physiological systems present on the surface of this planet and the physiology of this planet itself is mentally in mourning [due to our separation from Divinity]. This was necessitated by the principle of separation from divinity in your incarnation. However this mode of operation therefore linked to your mind, has no reason to continue after you finish this cycle [soon this experiment will be over].

However, your resistance may yet continue, even if you accept the end of this cycle as well as an awareness that this is the end of this cycle. This mind must be transformed into a new form that has been planned and experienced for over 60 of your Earth years for 2 generations to prepare for what now comes to you [this has been known and planned since after WW II]. Logically, being still in a three-dimensional separation from divinity, you are obliged to allow this to end.

However, this can cause tensions [confusion] and also a resistance and even contradictions within you [in those who wish to remain in status quo]. This ultra-violet energy has long been transmitted down to you by Myself, but especially by the energy of [God] the Father in Alcyone, the Central Sun of your galaxies. Light has no need of this mental energy [but we are still in darkness and need it].

The mind is a tool that you have been given but which nevertheless will never understand a multidimensional world. It allows you to realize the Divinity in you, even within this dimension, but you will not, under any circumstances, access the multidimensional world with it. This is assisted by lessons that have been given by various teachers, especially in the East [meditation, Kundalini chakras, yoga] but also in the West with the evolution of this mode of operation. You are now in a time of completion of this cycle.

This cyclical conclusion in terms of planetary cycles, as I said earlier, and this cycle as you exist as incarnated souls in a human body is now being recorded. You must understand that what you have allowed [in the past] has no more existence than in your thoughts. The world you created is the result of a thought [hologram]. You participated in a separation of thought in this experience of separation [from your Divinity].

The experience of separation from your first Unity was simply intended to strengthen you in this connection to this Unity. Deprivation, during what you call a long time for a complete cycle in this dimension, once it has disappeared if that is your choice, will bring an understanding of your connection to the Divine Unity, without understanding it with the mind. The mind has been the tool that allowed you to strengthen your bond with the Godhead in His power, by its very absence that has made this possible.

However there is a battle between the forces of old [the dark who want status quo] and the new [Light] forces [that want change]. This exists in every area of completion of this cycle, which is not the case at the start of a new cycle in which there can be tension [confusion due to changes that will need to be adapted to], but there is a membership of all the people involved in the creation of this new cycle [and some will not be members in this new cycle]. So it was, for more than 50,000 years during the initialization of this third dimension in isolation [from Divinity].

Whatever your choice, and whatever your energy level in the very short time you have left to live in this dimension, you can create, through the impetus of a new cycle, whose beginnings are felt within some of you, a unified leadership to a new mode of expression and life. The peak part of cycles corresponds to a moment of joy in contrast to the ending of this cycle period you belong to now, which must be finished and which is now a moment of mourning.

Many lessons of letting go have been stressed to you for many years. Letting go means that during this time you abandon current ideas and allow new ideas to formulate. Letting go is a conscious act, both mentally and voluntarily. You will soon be asked to move to a higher stage and a step well above the current level. This step is called abandonment [of 3D], and it includes the transition from a human government to a divine government. You must submit your spirit, your consciousness, your will, your soul and all of creation, so that you accept God's will in all things.

This can be done only by an act of abandonment [letting go]. This is your only way out of this duality you now exist in, and can only be manifested by accepting this Unity, and this has absolutely nothing to do with what you have experienced so far. This step is both a great hope, a great joy but at the same time, as you will become aware, a period of much suffering. This great suffering coincides, when it becomes extreme and unbearable, with extreme joy.

There can be no distinction between suffering and joy. These are two sides of the same reality. This reality has to be resolved in a unity that I call ecstasy or inner joy. This corresponds to a point in your life at the end of this cycle. This will be announced at the time shortly before the end of this dimension. Your degree of preparation must be focused now on the acceptance of the ultra-violet energy of which, I remind you, is a quality of consciousness, relayed by the Central Sun, by the Will of [God] the Father and the issuance of the Father.

However be aware that letting go is not enough, that abandonment must give way to the totality of this Light, and your desires to this must be given willingly. Intelligence is the Light, the Light is consciousness, the light is truth, the Light is Unity, and you must follow what you call the Light. You do not need to follow what people tell you, what logic tells you, or what the mind tells you.

There will be no other alternative than to say [to Divinity]: "Thy will be done and not mine." And from that moment on, when you accept and live that phrase, when you dare to take the plunge, you'll discover that your whole life, despite the short time remaining to live in this dimension, will be held under the multidimensional auspices regarding your access to these multidimensional realities, and the conduct of your life will follow the laws of synchronicity, of fluidity, especially an inner Unity of joy.

But nevertheless, this choice must be formal. It is no longer a choice about your mental circumstances, about the ideals that you embrace, but about the reality of a total abandonment to the will of the Father and the Light if you prefer this choice. Therefore during this period, the ultra-violet energy is there to help you make this choice, if this is what you feel inside your heart, so that you can pass on to the final stage prior to what you call ascension or a new life, regardless of this choice.

Again, either choice requires a form of abandonment, and to access your mutidimensionality requires the abandonment of your will to the will of Light, which is well beyond the will of your soul, but which is ultimately the will of your mind. as to its creation and its purpose. This is extremely important.

When you let go, there are still some small mountains to climb. These mountains are only illusions built by your mind, appropriate for this separated third dimension. However, the transition to unification can be achieved only if you agree to unite yourself with the Source [Creator God] first. This requires total acceptance prior to making your unity possible.

At this point you should forget the external circumstances, the material, mental, emotional, and social elements and everything that makes up your life in this present dimension. You will be in a moment of doubt when the last resistance attacks you from all sides. However, if you trust fully the energy that I send you, if you trust completely in the dimension of the Father, the infinite size of the Unity and of the Light, defeat will not happen because this affirmation will keep you in the light, and the Light will help you reach this destination regardless of the obstacles that will face you.

This is extremely important. The same goes for your physiology as a disconnected human soul. It is the same physiology the planet has experienced in this dimension that you have traveled disconnected in. The separation between its external area and its true interior dimension, like you, hides in the center of this sphere that you call the Earth.

At the heart of the Earth she is aware of her Divinity. This has existed for a certain number of years, and she answers the energy first initialized by your Central Sun which was Sirius and later maintained by Alcyone in order to enable you to answer the call to Unity. The Earth now answers at this distance existing between its outside and its interior being. She's is revealing her interior to her exterior. This is also reflected in what I called volcanic eruptions and the basic Earth changes that are waiting to achieve great strides and now knocking at the doors of your various continents.

You have entered into a period of major events. A Number of times you were asked to keep informed but not to participate in that. You've got to believe that this step will appear within your consciousness, even if the choice of the Light for some among you is already anchored and perfectly stabilized.

This step is a letting go, a total abandonment to the will of the Light because Light is consciousness and awareness; it knows what it wants, it knows what it must do to make you return to the path of Unity, and you can complete this separated three-dimensional cycle in the most joyful way possible.

You will find, for those of you who want and have the strength to give up your entire personality and your dimension, the unity retaining an awareness of what you have been but also what you will be. You will arrive at a given moment, at some point called the "zero point". At this point zero, you will be aware of your past, but you will be aware of your future because at this point there is no more time.

There's just a need to surrender to the will of the Light. The surrender to the will of the Light comes with a revelation of memories. You will know where you came from but you will also know what you will become. This is not a dream, this is the truth. Truth can occur in these times of cycle changes and in particular with regard to your isolated three-dimensional existence.

The same is true for all other planets in this solar system, which for the most part, already (as you can see externally) have abandoned their three-dimensional separation (some of them long ago) but were forced to accompany it, by cutting their exterior living, and moving within these planets in a planetary consciousness, as fifth dimensional beings they are provided, living in these planets [in their hollow interiors]. However, this problem is now different. [Most planets are now in higher dimensions than Earth, and we are the last to make this movement.]

Today all of the solar system has chosen to ascend and is ready to do this. This is a complete change in the operating mode of the consciousness involved. This concerns, in a synchronous manner, the sun, planets, moons, human consciousness, and conscious plant, animal and mineral life. Such abandonment is not intellectual [but of the heart]. You should allow this vibration of the ultra-violet force to work in you and prepare you for the ultimate choice of either abandonment or non-abandonment.

For this you need to be permanently fed this ultra-violet energy. This energy, I remind you, usually enters at the top of your head and should arrive in a short period no later than the end of this year, but I would say it is best before the end of June, and you must have this energy stabilized in your heart by then. For it is with this energy, with this awareness that you will activate in this final stage the abandonment [of 3D] and the acceptance of the will of Light if it is your choice.

However the more you stabilize and feed your heart with this ultra-violet energy the more it will give you something that will take place instantaneously and not over a long time that might make you suffer unnecessarily. This is now. This is not in ten years. This is not in a year but this is now, and that is part of my preparation that I bring you to allow you to install and activate in your system your twelve strands of DNA corresponding to the twelve stars that comprise your solar system in its new dimension, at least for those who will allow them. [In 5D our universe will look different than it does now.]

This is extremely important, but I tell you again that I will return after the Easter weekend. I invite you, during the full moon that you have lived in since yesterday and of which you will be under its influence for 3 to 4 more days, and I urge you to direct this energy that you receive to the middle of your chest, even if it should take a relatively long time.

You will benefit during this period from a major influx of consciousness that will make this work much easier because that is its job. This period will be repeated, of course, at appropriate times and, in particular, during the full moon of the bull (ie in May) and also the period which has been called the Pentecost [Sunday, May 31] until the period of your summer solstice [June 21].

This is crucial. Take advantage of those periods where you feel the energy that penetrates you to transfer in consciousness this vibration into your heart, because for the moment, regardless of your progress on the way back to the Unity and the passage through the end of this cycle, you will not likely have the ability to again surrender to the Father's will later, because it involves the loss of all your reference points in thought.

Until you have accepted to live this step which is, in a symbolic way, a death, as when you leave this incarnation, you will not pass through the narrow door. This must be done, I told you, no later than early fall. You must make this your priority. Make sure you keep informed as to what happens on this planet. I have long maintained this luminous phenomena [in the skies]. I have also discussed the phenomena related to basic events. I've said repeatedly that they will grow to reach their apex, their maximum potential beginning this summer.

This is now. This is not next year. This is my role. This is important before experiencing what you now have to live and what I call the turnaround next year [in the 5th dimension?]. But you can not make this reversal in your physiological life without the total abandonment to the will of the Unity, the will of the ultra-violet energy that I relay.

Beloved souls human incarnate this is what I transmit to you today. Try first to conceptualize in your thoughts, even if you can not live them, the words abandon, surrender, and what this means to your conscience, in your life, your desires, and your will of the Light. This is crucial. It is a reflection and an experience that I urge you to relive. Compared to this process, and in relation to it only if you have any questions, I will try to answer them.

Question: Does this mean that we should stop any activity, any plans?
This can not be dictated by your mind as it might be a mistake. The mind is in general deceptive. If that decision comes from your conscience, without the analysis tool of your mind about your situation, about what you make of your life, it will follow instinctively. The impetus will come from the heart. If you feel this is necessary, do whatever the price because at that time, some of you will be forced to make choices that will engage, regardless of their spiritual openness to back away from this three-dimensional separated cycle into another space/time, and link to the Light.

The question is no longer a matter of choice. As to choice, many of you here have already made it. The question now is surrendering to the will of the above, which is not quite the same thing. Now the principal choice is effectively abandoning the reality of your current life. This is what I called the equivalent of death. When you switch on the other side and you abandon the body (by a physiological process that you called death) you abandon everything that was your identity here in this reality in which you live, and still this is not the end.

In the same way you should abandon all ephemeral characters, all the roles you play in all aspects of your life, but this can not be a decision taken by your intellect, but must only result from your heart . However, when you feel that the time of abandonment is here, remember that your mind knows you will die. You will send orders because it is obvious that your mind will prevent you accessing Unity.

Your mind is a logic related to the maintenance and cohesion of all life, regardless of the state which belongs in a dimensional life form. This is logical. This is standard and you should not panic too much. Remember that the phase of abandonment is a mechanism of death [to the 3D world] for all your attachments and all your beliefs, without exception. You must pass this knowledge to your being.

There is no other possibility. Moving to surrender your old life is what one needs to do. Being what you will be is everything you are now except what you created and demonstrated in this [3D ]dimension. This is the final step. The best analogy I can give is when you face the transition called death, except that here there is no death in the literal sense and physics. There is a transition to another form, which is not quite the same thing.

Question: Does this radiation of ultra-violet energy also occur during the night?
Yes. It is done at different times of your days and your nights and will go on increasing during the time slots and the repetitious frequency pulses relayed by the various types of Light.

Question: You said that this radiation affects primarily the highest point of the body ...

Question: What is it like during the night?
It is the same way. This is exactly the same thing that is happening during the day.

Question: So would it be transmitted by the crown chakra?
Where it is possible it will be sent by the crown chakra.

Question: As the astral plane is being dissolved, what about the intermediate steps that existed before, after the departure of the body by death?
It was created within the confines of your galaxy as a dimensional transition area. This dimensional holding area was created for seven years. This is where all transitional souls who have left your dimension and who chosen to become complete at the end of this cycle are stored [awaiting bodies in the next life].

Question: During this phase of waiting, is there is a process of reconstruction?
The reconstruction process is permanent. It is not a more privileged moment. All your life, and especially in the end of this cycle, there are moments of déconstruction and rebuilding. But that was always the case

Question: Who is in charge of these stages of reconstruction?
I do not see the need to answer this question. In the same way that you have multiple places of care on the surface of this planet, there exists on the level of the non incarnated worlds, not always three-dimensional and non-differentiated, multiple facilities of care and transformations.

Question: What will become of the people, the souls who do not want these changes?
This is their choice, it is their function, it is their freedom. These souls are destined to repeat a cycle of 52,000 years again, a separated three-dimensional cycle time of life until they find their new unity [and grow up spiritually]. This was their choice at the time of their first incarnation in this dimension separately. The oath of the soul is to go until the end of this cycle so that these souls will be able to regain their unity. They have all their time in the sense of time as you now live.

Question: How can the division between the separated [duality] and the unified third-dimension be explained?
I had already answered in the explanations that I gave you, namely that the difference between the unified third dimension and the separated third dimension [duality] is simply a perception of unity, in design and reality present or absent, in one case or the other. [The unified 3D connects with Divinity and the dual 3D we now exist in is separated from Divinity.]

We have no more questions. Thank you.
Human souls in incarnation, I bring you again my protection, all my love, and before I leave you to your dimension, I would like you to receive an influx of My ultra-violet radiation and if possible to send well below your head to your heart. This is now. Receive my thanks, my blessings and my love.

With an Effusion of My energy ...I leave you now. I tell you that in a week we will begin to address the mystery of the twelve stars and therefore your twelve strands of DNA because it is part of your legacy and things that you must also know and recognize. Be blessed. You are loved by the Light.

My Comments: Translation is a complex process that involves much work and delays from the time it is given until it is seen here. A word for word translation loses most of the message, and it is necessary to understand phrases in the context of the whole message. From the time it is given in France to the time I finish my translation and post it here usually takes at least half a week. My comments inside the sources that are quoted are placed in [brackets] and is a standard practice.

This message is a complex discussion that basically states that we are at the end of this 3D era that we now live in, a 3D duality world disconnected from Divinity, and this era is now over. Those who are not ready to ascend will again repeat a cycle of 52,000 years on another 3D world elsewhere before they will have another chance at ascension. Earlier He called this a separating of the wheat from the chaff, and said that many are not ready for this ascension, and this is evident by observing some of the juvenile work by those attacking Him. Since the angelic realm determines our future He already knows this.

Families will soon be divided, and this may be a good thing to some. On Jan 22 He said: "What you call a couple and what you want to live in the 3rd dimension of humanity, is the scar of your initial injury related to your separation from the Source and from the Light. That is why, since life began, you went in search of another. Of course, informed of the Light of the Father, you understand that this has more meaning because you will find your own new sources [friends and companions]. What you call a couple has more reason to exist in the new dimension. "

It is estimated that half of all marriages end in divorce, that half of all crimes involve family members, and that half of the children born are unplanned or unwanted, thus bringing on child abuse and neglect and even violence in some cases, as people wish to disconnect from this institution.

We are taught that we should get married and have kids to be considered normal, but we are vastly overpopulated, and some find that the person they married to is not the same person that they are now living with, as people change over time, sometimes for the worst. Many marriages are held together by money, and when one loses his job, it often results in divorce unless there is no other option. Many stay together because they cannot afford a divorce or do not wish to bring problems to their kids.

We are taught that it is "till death do us part", although many ETs say that when a relationship is over it is time to separate and start a new life. Money will not be a concern soon, because we will be provided with all necessities in what has been called a Utopian society where we share and help others in need. In Unity we will find a continual network of communication with all creation, no longer having a feeling of loneliness that we now have in a disconnected 3D duality.

In this current 3D period when we die and are reborn in a different body, we lose our memory of previous lives, and this will change when we move to 5D. This 3D practice is both good and bad, good in the sense that now we start over anew and bad in that we must learn everything over again.

Soon we will remember past lives and can continue our education that we learned in an earlier life, but this can be a problem with those who never learn from their mistakes and continue to do them over again, and some will retain their bad habits and attitudes in the next life. This can be seen by the words of the former Enki who though in a Zeta body still has the Anunnaki mentality that he has had for the past 10,000 years.

We will all soon be one big family united with Divinity with a realization that we are also part of this divinity that has been hidden from us in this current incarnation. Much of this is now unwelcome to those stuck in a 3D mindset, and it will take time to adjust to this new way of life. This is a real change, but is not the change some want, since they wish to remain in a better 3D status quo.

The team cuts will be made and it is time to move on to the next level as a new team or continue a 3D life elsewhere. Some new agers will attack this and that is their right, and they will need to spend more time in another 3D environment elsewhere until they learn enough to advance to the next level. Reacting to negativity with love will strengthen the soul and give you a needed spiritual growth. Attacks show that you are saying things that some do not want to hear, and you may be handed a crown of thorns for your efforts.

During this Easter time many still view a Christ who died on the cross for our sins. This is a revision of the Anunnaki Jewish tradition of a blood sacrifice that some have called a reptilian barbecue. Jesus died not for our sins but He died because he called the leaders corrupt and called for a change in man's thinking.

Many companies are close to bankruptcy, unemployment and foreclosures continue to increase, banks have doubled their interest rates or ceased lending completely, and Mr Obama continues playing his fiddle while Rome burns. The Army Times says that 80,000 troops are now being trained in Georgia for a domestic disturbance that they are anticipating when people start to awaken to this status quo, and further deterioration continues with no hope in sight. I feel Casper's work is generally accurate and reflects some of the hidden actions behind this status quo.

Apart from recent earthquakes there has been little visible evidence of any changes yet and hopefully that will change so that some may take notice of the coming changes. AA Michael hinted an event in May of this year and said that by May of next year His work will be completed. The procedure for unlocking the 12 strands of DNA will be given by Him in His next message, and this should be available about this time next week. Time will tell.

PS from NASA: A strong type III solar burst was observed by a number of Radio JOVE observers on February 10, 2009 at 18:02Z [but was erased on Stanford Farside graphs later]. Get Ready for the 2009 Jupiter Observing Season. The next Jupiter season will begin May 2009 and end in November 2009.

[link to radiojove.gsfc.nasa.gov]

Rich N
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Re: Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time


Stunning UFO filmed by Russian Farmer

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Nibiru 2012 real video (21.04.09)

Thread: Nibiru 2012 real video (21.04.09)
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Re: Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time
rchangel Michael - Volcanic Activity Worldwide
April 4 2009 translated from French
[link to www.autresdimensions.com]

I am Michael, Regent Prince of the celestial militia. I bring you all my love and my protection. I come again in this weekly window as I promised, but I will not discuss topics that are evident to all relating to individuals, this planet, and all of the solar system. I have already, on many occasions, pointed to a number of important events which are occurring at your local and body level and also on the body of the planet Earth.

This relates to the integration with and reaction to my presence and the ultra-violet light that I send you from the sun of the Central Galaxies [Alcyone], the central point of the thought of God, to you through my vibration, my presence and also through other planets and your sun in this solar system. I have on many occasions talked about this energy of radiation and the energy of Ultra-violet Light.

My presence and My energy will have profound transforming effects within your human body and will also affect all of the planetary bodies. The first of these transformations will awaken in you and arouse codes that are still unknown to you, occurring at your DNA level. This is intended to help you find, in the very near future, all of your higher energy and your Divinity.

This, as I said, comes with a number of mechanisms, sometimes resulting in bodily disturbances, fatigue, pain, even what you call diseases in this case, in the removal of your darkness and what could be called your past karmas of a collective nature. This is now. Many of you have already experienced this Ultra-violet energy all around you and within you.

Remember that this energy will enter at your highest point. The highest point, as a human, is your head. The highest point [elevation] in this planet has volcanoes, and volcanoes are located on the mountains. This activity is on the way. You can see, at least for human beings who have awakened at the level of this vibration, pressure and pain occurring on a regular basis now, and already for some time on your head [headaches].

The force of the radiation of this [unseen high frequency] ultra-violet energy is manifested at the center of your head. The goal is for this energy not to remain at the head but to send this Ultra-violet energy to your heart. Indeed it is on that level that a certain number of codes related to your hidden Godhead [divinity] and your Essence will be unlocked and activated.

The pressure of the radiation associated with these particles of Ultra-violet light must, as the weeks progress, be installed at the center of your inner sanctuary and temple [heart]. This is the required condition for your elevation, your ascension and the return to your unity with divinity. This now continues. It obeys the rules specific to your physiology and your internal energy mechanisms to which I will return at the appropriate time after the Easter [April 12] period as defined in the Roman Catholic calendar, because this period corresponds to an active full moon like that of the following month due to the festival of the Bull.

But we're not there yet. I Illustrate these remarks not on a local level but on a global body. This radiant energy pressure will cause a number of major volcanoes on the surface of this planet to act, and this is an undeniable fact. Now, you will see a number of anomalies related to weather phenomena consisting of abnormally high and low temperatures. This energy now reaches the level of volcanoes which results in a molten lava fire, but it was started by fire in relation to the Ultra-violet cosmic radiation.

Understand that this Ultra-violet radiation is deeply related to these changes, with this transformation as a goal. This Ultra-violet energy was never meant to be a power of destruction, but it corresponds to a reconstruction energy that aims to break the dark restaints of this planet on your human body, your Unity, and your divine dimension that was overshadowed by the duality in your present incarnation. This is ongoing.

The next step will occur when a number of volcanoes will fire up on your planet, and the level of ultra-violet energy accumulated in your head will allow the energy and consciousness in this present duality to focus beyond your head to your heart, for all beings that are now awake. I told you that the installation of this energy will continue and reach a climax on the summer equinox [June 21]. This is also the truth about your planet and all the planets which must precede the ascension and the rise [awareness] of your planet. This is ongoing.

Many volcanoes will remain active during this period that you still have to go through till the summer period. This is on going. The next step corresponds to the activation of the energy of the volcanoes in your world, not bound only to the elements of water, but also in the air. This corresponds, at the physiological level, to changes in what you call air currents and the seas of your planet.

This will result in a shutdown of certain existing ocean currents and the development new currents. In the air this energy will result in a major emphasis on what you call hurricanes and cyclones that will occur in regions where they were never present before. This again is only linked to the reaction of the disturbances on the level of planetary physiological organisms [Earth is trying to remove its evil polluting corrupt beings that distribute negativity, and this is Her reaction].

This Ultra-violet energy is transmitted by a number of higher-dimensional beings who are involved with and are in relationship with the energy of this planet. There are a number of councils, called the Galactic [Federation] Council, the Intergalactic Council, the Council of Melchizedek, the Eagles, etc..

There are many human beings who are now incarnated here today from higher dimensions who will communicate and direct this Ultra-violet energy. Their role is important. Perhaps you have perceived physiological changes related to energy in your bodies. As you can see, there are time slots within each day during which you will perceive and feel the pressure of this radiation, both in your head, and for those who are more advanced, in your heart.

Remember also that the force of this radiation grows louder and stronger in human beings who will not or do not have the spiritual means to activate the upper chakras (ie those located between the top of your head and heart) that will impact these energies in what you call the lower chakras (ie chakras located below the heart) [like pelvic areas], resulting in a reactive force that is deeply amplified and associated with social and economic actions that are generated by the force of this new radiation [and that may affect areas like sexual and other personal relationships].

As you know, a number of people have tried to use this period to create in your world a climate of fear, a climate conducive to the destabilization of the human soul [chaos]. This is only a natural action for those in darkness here. The force of the radiation of the Divine Light, relayed by the Ultra-violet, by my presence, from your sun and all of the entities related to the Light, has greatly upset mankind, and created a phenomenon of confusion.

The important thing, as I told you is to stay as much as possible aligned and focused, to stay as much as possible removed from this confusion [and to stay aligned to the Light energy in your heart]. You can create this as much as possible with your refusal to react to the external events to come.

This is an order from me to you, and I say that you will only find peace inside of yourself and not outside of yourself . This will lead you to reconsider even before you pass into the fifth dimension, all aspects of what you call your life. You have the usual problems of mankind, during many your incarnations, of living your external [3D] life, since it is defined by this world's duality and your feedback in the broadest and narrowest sense in your lives and in the course of your destiny.

Today more than ever it is necessary to focus on the source of your life at the center of your being in your heart. It is in this place, and only in this place that you will find peace, and you will not need to enter into events in response to social, economic problems that are fast approaching you. This is not a message of fear. I can not help it if a number of people conceive fear through those words [for this is your future reality, and you need to know these things]. I am here to announce what the Father asked me to announce.

There are a number of prophets, there are a number of prophecies that have always existed on the surface of this planet. Their goal is not to create fear. Their only goal is to prevent panic, to warn humans [as a sign of the coming changes and an undeniable proof]. Today more than ever, it will become increasingly evident.

The only solution to this problem, the only solution to your frustrations in your inner life, economic, social, family, personal, can be found at the center of your inner being and nowhere else. Of course, you are helped [by the Light], as I told you already, but nobody can do it for you, so you must go into your heart [for assistance]. This belongs only to you. It is your job every minute, every breath.

You will see, in the coming weeks and into the summer equinox [June 21], that the more you get into your inner life, the more you get into your heart, the more you get into your Essence, the easier it will be to manifest peace, tolerance, love and understanding on the outside, whatever the severity of external events that affect the global physiological changes and the physiology of some human beings . The only way to be in your heart is not to react negatively [to these changes in fear, but to react in Light and Love].

The only way to be in [this divine] unity is not to maintain the duality of this world. However, the natural reaction is one of duality. It is therefore essential that you yourself learn, through your meditations, your prayers, your moments of silence, and your encounters with nature, to develop more and more the feeling of harmony with your own unity, with your own Godhead [divinity].

Now, you are exactly one week from the due date of what is called Easter. Not that I want to talk about religion, but I instead wish to use the term New Full Moon [April 9]. It [Easter] happens in exactly 8 days of your life on earth . During this period that you now live, and thus a new period of 7 days until then, I ask you to find the maxiumum moments of opportunity to focus on your heart, even if it lasts only few minutes, but you should do it dozens of times daily if you are able to do this.

This will best stabilize your procedure in order to not return a hostile response both in relation to your family, to your own emotions, your own mental, professional, economic, social or emotional problems. The only solution, once again, is linked to learning the ability you have, as human beings, to live the events that await you in your heart.
The solutions will result from your ability to live in the state of your heart. If you deny this action in your heart, relatively large emotional events may occur that would be deeply damaging to your desire to integrate, to expose and prove yourself in combining with your unity and your Divinity. It is therefore an important time to experience this radiant energy in your heart.

I will now discuss what I previously called luminous phenomena [in the sky] associated with the presence of the Ultra-violet. You can see this influence with your own eyes in your individual reality at dusk [sunset] when the moon begins to appear in your sky. Observe your heavens and you will see that the luminous phenomena will begin to appear all over the globe at that time.

It is not therefore phenomena related to the sun, at first, but related to when the sun is on the other side of where you live [in darkness at night] and what will be a reflection of this light on the moon that you will see. As the luminous phenomena occur, they will be an imminent manifestation of my presence in the reconstruction process, especially if these phenomena extend beyond the period of 48 to 72 hours.

This is already known to you. Most important, once again, I say that each action, is not so much external phenomenon, even if it concerns the Light itself, but it is your internal reaction to the force of this radiation that will show that you will not react [negtively] to these events that the Earth experiences [in its coming changes].

I now specify that this is what you have to do during this next period for entry into your total inner being in order to find who you really are, what you are, and what you want to do, not according to your desires, but according to your ability to lower the body vibration, to bring in new vibrations that some of you already started installing since March, to experience episodes of new energy in certain parts of your body or all of your physiological body.

This is an apprenticeship [a time of learning and training]. This requires your time. It is time now to perfect this ascension while not yet in a fifth dimensional body, which will occur at the time of your final ascension into the fifth dimension with or without your present body. This belongs to you, every human who is being faced with choices to face in the reality of its vibrational capabilities. The only option, whatever your age, your diseases, or your lifestyle, is only linked to your ability to ascend inwardly in what is called the vibration of your soul in the Spirit.

The rise of the vibration of the soul in the Spirit leads to a vibrational rise in the whole body and also a vibrational force in the head and the heart and, secondly, throughout your entire body. At that time, when the pressure of the vibration is manifested in your whole body physiologically, it becomes much easier to understand what it is really like to ascend. All of the rest of your thoughts are only projections [dreams and fantasies] related to your desires, your emotions or your mind. This ascension is a reality [it is a raising of your frequency into a higher density and dimension, and is not just a dream or a hologram].

The release of the Light of the Father that I am here to bring you through the force of the Ultra-violet Light, is directly linked to this increased vibrational energy. There can be no other ascension to your inner vibration. This is a guarantee of your ability to ascend in the future. Again this time is a time of deconstruction [and reconstruction]. This deconstruction, you see, is at the global level, the level of your individual self, your family, and the level of the whole of humanity.

This has more or less increased your intuition and the feeling that the reality of change is now here. It is really here. This is not just words, it is not just in the thought form or a collective group mind you can create, but is only in your ability to what I would call raise your vibrational level. This increase in vibration is the only adequate response to a dark force that wants a cancellation of the Ultra-violet energy. It is your responsibility to greet this energy, and if you accept it totally, beyond your heart into your entire physiological body, you will see very quickly the ability of this vibration in your whole body and I mean your physiological body, your physical body.

I do not speak, then, of perceptions that do not reflect the capacity of your physical body to enter fully into this higher vibrational frequency. The vibration that you receive is intended, if you wish and if you allow, to completely transform your body. This is what you are, and some are already now living in this new spirit [in their current 3D bodies]. This period to access this energy will continue until the end of what is called the summer equinox [June 21]. These are some of the important elements that I wanted you to know. Now if you have questions in relation to these processes I will try to provide extra enlightenment.

Question: Could you tell us about the codes that will awaken us?
The question was already answered. You should just worry about installing this energy [in your heart]. The precise unveiling of those codes will be given after the period of the Pascal [Easter] weekend.

Question: How can we better raise the vibrational frequency [in our ascension]?
The only way to raise this vibration is to accept the entrance of this Ultra-violet energy [into your inner being]. Prayers and requests do not affect this process.

We have no more questions.
Thank you. So, dear souls in human incarnation, before I leave to return next week, I want you to practice raising your vibration by increasing the radiation of my presence. I give you the overflowing of My energy. That, beloved Sons of Light, souls in human incarnation, is the beginning of this energy that you must live in.

I am Michael, Regent Prince of the celestial militia. Receive all my love, the love of the Father and above all my protection, and I say to you these events will occur very soon. We share this information with complete transparency and openness, and I thank you for doing the same.

My Comments: There has been much earthquake activity recently in Italy and near Japan. Some may attribute this to HAARP or normal occurrences, but I feel that this may be the start of divine Earth changes myself. Remember that this was given last Friday before there was any such activity. There have been prophecies by Billy Meier and others that spoke of violent eruptions in Mt Vesuvius near Rome that will be a sign of the start of the end times that AA Michael said we are now in.

We are now seeing the results of the fire phenomena that Michael spoke of and will soon see hurricanes and tornadoes in the air, followed by violent events on the water as a sign of the coming changes. Michael says He is not a prophet but a Creator of these events, so He is telling us what He will soon accomplish.

Michael said that Nibiru was responsible for climate changes that we now see, and Sheldan Nidle said it will later be placed in orbit between Mars and Jupiter. Sheldan also said that our essential DNA was deactivated during the latter days of Atlantis and will soon be restored along with the 13-chakra system. Energy is now coming not only from our sun but from Alcyone, the center of seven solar systems of which we are a part, and probably also now from Jupiter.

This is all part of the reconstruction and the ascension of our universe that is now in progress. Scientists are now privately talking about abnormally low levels of Sun flares and solar hyperactivity that some heavenly body is absorbing, and there has been talk that Nibiru has not left our area as it normally does every 3600 years.

Excerpts from [link to www.Gas_oven.com]

"Remember, the late Dr. Robert S. Harrington, chief astronomer of the United States Naval Observatory, determined that Planet X [Nibiru] is coming at us from beneath our table, so to speak, and off to the side of our Solar System's ecliptic plane (our revolving table), at an angle of about 40 degrees to the ecliptic.

Planet X and its massive field of gravitationally [has] gripped comets, meteors, and asteroids [and] has not turned around and headed back out into deep space. No, the X-gang is still being gravitationally drawn toward our Sun, and is, in fact, approaching at an ever-increasing velocity, as basic Newtonian physics principles would confirm. I surmise that Planet X is in a fleeting interlude in its incoming travel, wherein it is gravitationally, electrically, and electromagnetically interacting with Jupiter, Saturn, or Uranus, thus diverting its previous fire away from the Sun, but only temporarily."

Wikipedia: Alcyone is approximately 440 light years from Earth, and Alcyone A has a luminosity of 1,400 times that of our Sun.

Excerpts from [link to digitalseance.wordpress.com]

Alcyone is, precisely, the principal sun of the Pleiades and in its orbit gravitates seven suns, our sun being the seventh which circles Alcyone. Each sun is the center of a solar system and Alcyone is the center of seven solar systems. Don't be surprised, now, when I say: THE IGNEOUS RADIATIONS OR VIVIFYING RADIATIONS OF ALCYONE'S ATOMS COME TO ALTER NATURE'S MOLECULES.

Obviously, the men of science will not accept what we are emphatically stating today. In no way whatsoever will they accept it, because it doesn't commune with their scientific talents, but this is a reality. The organisms of all beings will be modified, plants as well as animals, etc., etc.

Many plants that do not exist today, many animal species whose germs lie latent on the bottom of the seas, or on the rocks, or in the most distant mountains, will be vivified by the radiation and will come to take existence as a result or corollary. This event happens every 10,000 years. It has happened before and will happen again, because it complies with celestial transit, and our solar system has to forcibly pass through Alcyone's rings.

Some will say that Alcyone is very far away, that it is a Pleiade and has nothing to do with our solar system. It is very nice to talk like that, in an ignorant way, but the reality is that the sun which illuminates us forms a part of Alcyone and is the seventh sun. It's to be looked at as a system of suns that circle Alcyone.

The radiation of Alcyone's rings will exert a specific influence on the rotation of our planet. This means that the rotation speed of its axis will slow down, and as a result or corollary, our world will continue circling the sun but in a wider orbit. It will move away a little more from the solar center.

The verticalness of our planet's axes, in regards to the ecliptic, will be a concrete fact. The poles are melting due to the deviation of the Earth's axes. That is already proven. Nowadays, the magnetic pole no longer coincides with the geographical pole. With the terrible radiation of Alcyone, the poles will accelerate their deviation. In Alcyone there are instances in which the electrons are split, destroyed, releasing a type of unknown energy, different to cathodic rays, X-rays and N-rays. The poles are melting, and with the radiation of Alcyone, this process will accelerate.

A PHOTON BAND was discovered in outer space in 1961 by means of satellite born instruments. We will now move onto the PLEIADES ….The Seven Sisters…an estimated 400 light years from here. This group of stars is the basis of mythology in many countries….the Greek Gods, Australian Dream time….Chinese mythology. We have completed the full circle and are back at the beginning. It is described in detail in your bible, by all books on mythology, by Nostradamus, and by modern day scientists.

My Final Comments: We are receiving new energy from many sources including Alcyone [the central sun and the central point of the thought of Creator God], our own sun, and the photon belt that we are now in. Our whole universe is moving up a level and is now under reconstruction by Divinity. Many say they want change for the better but only wish to maintain a better 3D existence, and that era is over. My comments inside the sources that are quoted are placed in [brackets] as is a general standard practice.

Alphabet agencies still control the US, and the Fed continues printing worthless paper fiat money. Insiders have said that JFK was assassinated because he wanted to shut these agencies down, but Mr Obama will not attempt this and will continue a status quo. Nothing has changed as our leaders wish to continue their control, and only Divine intervention will bring about these changes in accordance with Their timetable.

Most Ultra-violet and infrared energies are above the spectrum of our visible light, and infrared can be seen on digital cameras by shining a remote control into the lens and observing the result. These cameras can also capture other higher frequency levels that can not be seen by the human eye like UFOs and orbs and ghosts. Modern cameras were intentionally manufactured with filters to block certain light that could see through clothing like those installed in airports, so you will not see all features that are available. This was done after complaints by some that too much that was private was being shown on film.

Some may experience side effects like periods of headaches that Michael has mentioned, and we will see more as time passes. Much of what is going on will go unnoticed until an event will occur that will make some take notice, and Michael has hinted that this may occur on May 7, the National Day of Prayer.

Will it happen? Time will tell.

[link to groups.yahoo.com]
Anonymous Coward
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05/05/2009 12:31 PM
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Re: Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time
I have read many of the new age theories such as stasis, etc.
I try to be open minded but my logic always takes me back to square one.

The one questioning doubt that I have doesn't let me even begin to believe such theories. Despite my interest in it this one question prevents me from accepting it and going further.

It seems such a vast waste of resources that all life/living matter has only existed in the foreshadows waiting for this event. Why didn't God/Great Spirit/Creator get it right the first time? The God/Great Spirit/Creator that I believe in would have gotten it right the first time.

Maybe God/Great Spirit/Creator already has given us everything we needed physically and spiritually but we do not make good use of it. I think we insult God by always wanting more.
Anonymous Coward
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05/05/2009 12:33 PM
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Re: Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time
Anonymous Coward (OP)
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05/05/2009 02:36 PM
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Re: Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time
Back to UPDATES page
The Divine Plan
(ref. URANTIA)

Here is the full document

-Planetary Executive

Table of Contents

I. Divine Plan Overview
Polarity Integration in the Incarnate Realm
Individual and Planetary Dimensions
Individual and Planetary Timelines
Individual Ascension
Planetary Ascension
II. Divine Plan Completion
Multidimensional Planetary Administration
The 4-way Rapture
Note: Asset Redistribution
Projected Timeline for Earth 1
Note: Etheric Sirians
Projected Timeline for Earth 2
Projected Timeline for Earth 3
Projected Timeline for Earth 4
Judgment Day: December 21, 2012

I. Divine Plan Overview

Polarity Integration in the Incarnate Realm

The Universe is divided into Angelic (immortal, created, descending) and Incarnate (mortal, born, ascending) realms. Incarnate beings in our Galaxy evolved from two archetypes, known as Light (collectivity, harmony) and Dark (individuality, survival). Our “Local Universe” is about 1500 LY in diameter and is the basically the headquarters of the Light. It is ruled by a God called Christ Michael, and mortals are generally human in form. There were taught to live in harmony with each other in order to ascend. Our neighboring Local Universe in the direction of Orion is basically the headquarters of the Dark. It is ruled by a God we call AntiChrist, and mortals are generally reptilian in form. They were taught to conquer in order to ascend.

In star systems which are isolated due to angelic rebellion, incarnate beings (aliens) were allowed to organize themselves in the image of the angelic realm and form multi-dimensional governments. In our LU they call themselves Galactic Federations or Alliances and in our neighboring LU they call themselves Empires. Because they were isolated, this could not be prevented. Many wars have been fought between these two universes, and Earth has once again been a battlefront.

These governments took four primary forms:
A. Individuality ruled by Force (Dark polarization – survival of the fittest).
B. Collectivity guided by Reflectivity (Light polarization – group mind).
C. Collectivity ruled by Force (an inferior form of polarity integration, known as Slavery).
D. Individuality guided by Reflectivity (the superior form of integration, known as Freedom).

The worst kind of slavery combines force and collectivity in a homogeneous population. We see this in worlds of Artificial Intelligence (robots, clones) controlled by Dragon warlords. The best kind of freedom combines reflectivity and individuality in a diverse population. This is what we are trying to create among the Galactic Federations. In order for descendants of the Dark to harmoniously co-exist with descendents of the Light and enjoy the best kind of freedom, each individual must integrate the polarities within themselves.

The people of Earth are a combination of both archetypes, and developed in a unique way. Most planetary races are either genetically engineered or evolve without interference. We are actually a combination of evolution and intelligent design. Earth, due to its distant location, was used by the angelic Life Carriers as the seed planet for all genetic material in the Galaxy. We were allowed to evolve in order to take advantage of this diverse genetic repository, and are therefore related to all 12 primary Galactic species.

After the system rebellion/isolation, incarnate beings from both Light and Dark star systems were allowed to enhance the evolving form with advanced extraterrestrial DNA at various stages throughout that evolution. Once again, this could not be prevented. As a result, although we are a young race, the people of Earth are also the most genetically advanced species in the Galaxy. We are capable of extremely rapid ascension and will become incredibly powerful and wise as we progress through the dimensions.

Earth is therefore the “Golden Child” of the Galaxy itself, and the key to Its Own ascension. We will be able to unify all alien species into a harmonious organization of diverse individuals, thus also manifesting the pure ideals of freedom.

Individual and Planetary Dimensions

Dimensions are separated by degree of consciousness and evolution of DNA. A harmonic is a grouping of three dimensions, separated by frequency of visual light and frequency of solid-state matter. Each harmonic is “invisible” to the others. Individuals within the same harmonic see each other as physical. Individuals separated by a single dimension across a harmonic barrier may at times see each other as semi-physical or “spirit.” In the 3D frame of reference, the harmonics are roughly divided as follows.

Harmonic 1: Material-corporeal, 3D bodies – Planetary level of creation
1D: Plants – must develop mind
2D: Animals – must develop sentience
3D: People – must develop spiritual/magical awareness, planetary unity and interplanetary travel

Harmonic 2: Semi-corporeal, 3D souls – Local Universe level of creation
4D: Astral, interplanetary – must develop interstellar travel and interstellar contact
Angelic government: System
5D: Extraterrestrial, interstellar – must develop interstellar unity, time travel
Angelic government: Constellation
6D: Ultraterrestrial, intragalactic – must develop divine awareness and intergalactic exploration
Angelic realm: Local Universe

Harmonic 3: Non-corporeal, 3D oversouls – Superuniverse level of creation
7D: Ascended Masters, intragalactic, parent race for 4D – must develop intergalactic contact
Angelic government: Minor Sector
8D: Galactic Masters, intergalactic, parent race for 5D – must develop intergalactic unity
Angelic government: Major Sector
9D: Multi-dimensional Oversouls, intergalactic, parent race for 6D – must master time-travel
Angelic government: Superuniverse

Harmonic 4: Invisible – Central Universe level of creation
10D: Outer Havona, Timeline Engineers
11D: Inner Havona, Time Lords
12D: Central Havona, Founders of Universes

Harmonic 5: Divine – Eternal Isle of Paradise
13D: Outer Paradise, Central Universe Administration
14D: Inner Paradise, Central Universe Headquarters
15D: Divine Residence, Paradise Trinity

Ascension in Harmonic 1 is Physical. Ascension in Harmonic 2 is mental and usually involves polarization to either the light or the dark. Ascension in Harmonic 3 is emotional and involves integration of both light and dark. Ascension in Harmonic 4 is spiritual and involves a progressive understanding of Creation.

Not all “spirit” beings are Ascended or Angelic. Individuals trapped between realms may communicate or become visible and can be of terrestrial or extraterrestrial origin. These are actually just ghosts. Developing the ability to distinguish is part of your ascension in consciousness.

Individual and Planetary Timelines

If you were to imagine your destiny as a road trip from N.Y. to L.A., the route that you have taken so far would be your life path. The total sum of potential routes, which would require a supercomputer to calculate, would be your aggregate potential life path (life blueprint). Every time you come to an intersection, you make a decision of consequence and every decision which you have ever made on any life path would be your aggregate manifest life path.

If everyone on the planet also made the trip from N.Y. to L.A., the sum total of all current paths is known as your Planetary Timeline. Every sum of paths which could ever have been chosen is known as a potential timeline and every sum of paths which actually exists is known as a manifest timeline. The sum total of all potential timelines is known as your aggregate potential reality, and the sum total of all manifest timelines is known as your aggregate manifest reality.

Your multi-dimensional aggregate potential reality can be visualized as a 3-dimensional graph of linear timelines, where the z-axis represents time. Parallel timelines of the same dimension exist in the horizontal plane (x-axis), while parallel dimensions of the same timeline exist in the vertical plane (y-axis). The distance between any two lines at any point in time (along the z-axis) is the probability that those two lines will intersect. To extend the analogy further, all potential timelines are drawn in pencil and all manifest timelines are drawn in pen.

As you extend your sight further and further along the z-axis, you will see that the aggregate potential reality (all lines) seems to expand and contract on a regular basis (known as Ages or Epochs). Periods of contraction end in a “flashpoint” where all manifest lines intersect. This is known as the End of an Age. At that point, all remaining “penciled” timelines are “erased” and the energy used to maintain their potentiality is transferred into the creation of a new aggregate reality (visualized by a Creator) with new potential timelines (drawn by timeline engineers). The point on the z-axis which was arbitrarily chosen for this flashpoint is December 21, 2012 AD.

Your timeline is actually a multi-dimensional timeline, which means that it exists as a vertical plane rather than a line. This provides many more potential intersections. It is also known as the “root” timeline of your aggregate potential reality, which means that it potentially intersects every other line. Your potential reality intersects with the timelines of every species which is genetically related or has the ability to contact your planet. Your manifest reality intersects with the timelines of everyone who has already contacted your planet and everyone genetically related to them. This means that your timeline is also the “root” timeline of the entire Galaxy.

Individual Ascension

Individual ascension destination on Earth is determined by a process of evaluation, analysis, and polling performed by two independent groups – one incarnate and one angelic. In the incarnate realm, the process is handled by a group of multi-dimensional 9D oversouls whose timeline is connected to Earth through Lyra, the Pleiades, and Orion. These are your eldest off-world ancestors. In the angelic realm, the process is handled by an entire division of Archangels dedicated to ascension, whose headquarters happens to be stationed on Earth. Results will be compared through the office of the Planetary Executive to eliminate minor errors.

Everyone on Earth is evaluated according to current level of ascension, by evolution of both DNA and consciousness. Every time a milestone is reached, an evaluator is personally dispatched to verify the achievement. Once verified, your records are updated. Any time you ascend to a new dimension, a team of evaluators is dispatched for verification. Once verified, your file is transferred to the appropriate division and a progress analysis is requested.

All milestones are reported to analysts who graph the progress of each individual. With the aid of a massive database, they extrapolate the graph in order to determine both the maximum potential level of ascension and the most probable level of ascension on any given date in the future. Any time a potential or probable level of ascension is updated, a notification is sent to all assigned personnel to update their plans accordingly and a detailed “self evaluation” is gathered by the pollsters.

All individuals are constantly “polled” to determine preference of ascension destination. Any time you are exposed to a concept which is rare in your dimension but commonplace in a higher dimension, you are being polled. Your interpretation of the event, your acceptance/rejection of the interpretations of others, and your overall openness to the concept are recorded on multiple occasions over a short period of time. The average and margin of error are reported to the analysts as a result. The analysts then graph your preference on top of your potential, and produce a final destination analysis.

Every updated analysis is sent to personally assigned ascension engineers to update your life map. All updated life maps are then sent to timeline engineers to re-arrange potential reality. When potential reality is altered, a revised direction is requested from the Planetary Executive who makes a determination in conjunction with his Cabinet and Congress. At the end of an Age, all maps are redrawn.

Planetary Ascension

In the Incarnate realm, individuals ascend by making a dimensional leap in both consciousness/mind and DNA/body, bringing your vibratory frequency into harmony with an alternate reality. Ordinarily, this is extremely difficult and takes a tremendous commitment. Entire planets ascend when the planet itself and a large enough percentage of the population make a commitment to ascend to a particular dimension. For the individual, this is an easier path to ascension because it is a group effort. If the people lead the planet, the ride will be smooth. If the planet leads the people, the ride will be bumpy. In the latter scenario, massive environmental changes are common.

When an individual ascends and there is no version of the planet in the dimension of destination, the individual is either “transported” or dies and reincarnates. If the planet of origin also exists at the dimension of destination, the individual disappears in his own dimension and reappears in the other. If an entire planet ascends, all those individuals who choose to ascend continue their lives in the new dimension, while all the rest appear to have been “raptured” away. If the planet itself has decided to maintain an incarnation in the original dimension, those who are “left behind” will continue their lives and it will appear as if the other group was raptured. Planetary ascension and rapture therefore go hand-in-hand.

The current disagreeing factions on Earth can be roughly organized into five groups:
A. Those which do not want individuals to ascend at all.
B. Those which want individual ascension but do not want the planet to ascend.
C. Those which want the planet to ascend from 3D to 4D.
D. Those which want the planet to skip 4D and ascend from 3D to 5D.
E. Those which want to complete the Divine Plan for planetary ascension.

In the Divine Plan, Earth will ascend to 6D, 9D, and 12D, and will also remain in 3D.
Individuals will be offered the opportunity to ascend to 4D on the 3D Earth, to stay in 5D on the 6D Earth, to stay in 7D or 8D on the 9D Earth, and to either stay in 10D or 11D or continue their ascension beyond 12D on the 12D Earth. The 12D Earth will start as a school to teach ascended beings how to become Creator Sons, Mother Spirits and Creator Gods of their own Universes.

II. Divine Plan Completion

Multidimensional Planetary Administration

The four Earths will each have their own administration, with a common umbrella administration above/within them. Multidimensional souls will be corporeal on all four Earths, and will make up the umbrella administration. The Prince, Princess, and their personal staffs will be multidimensional and corporeal. Their will be a cabinet of 24 Department Heads, 12 of which will be corporeal on each planet. The corporeal cabinet will constitute the Security Council and will draft all legislation. Each Department will have 6 Agencies, and each Agency will have 1000 corporeal staff. Each Department may have an almost unlimited number of non-corporeal staff.

Overall government structure will combines the best aspects of Planetary, Local Universe, Superuniverse, and Central Universe administration. It will truly be a unique organization. The Congress will be a Department. It will consist of representatives elected by the entire staff, and will vote on legislation. The Department Head will be the Speaker of the House, whose purpose will be to use the principles of reflectivity and spirit ministry to determine the true desires/needs/hopes/prayers of the entire population. The Judiciary will also be a Department. The Department Head will be the Chief Justice. The other Departments will vary on each timeline.

The 4-Way Rapture (also known as multiple raptures)

There are active planetary grids on the planet right now at 3D, 4D, 5D, and 9D. There are also potential timelines where Earth successfully ascends from 3D to 6D, 9D, or 12D by the end of 2012. Prior to the rapture, the population will be evaluated and distributed into 4 groups on four separate timelines. Our multidimensional timeline will then merge with three separate 3D timelines that are VERY similar, almost identical. The multidimensional timeline will stay in place with a 9D grid and eventually ascend to 12D. The other three timelines will be 3D with a 3D and 4D grid, which stays in 3D but eventually ascends at least 1.44 billion people to 4D; 3D with a 4D and 5D grid, which eventually ascends to 6D; and 3D with a 5D and 9D grid, which eventually ascends to 9D.

The Time Lords originally had planned a series of 2-way raptures, knowing that at least 144,000 people would have to reach 9D in order for a 4-way rapture (the ideal) to be plausible. This has already been fulfilled. Once the requirements for a 4-way rapture were met, the two choices were between a “quick merge” and a “slow merge.” It was decided that, on the slow merge plan, each timeline would need about a month on its own in order to manifest a smooth initial ascension. Rapture itself does not occur until ascension. While those timelines are still in 3D, people will feel a disorienting effect of co-location within very similar but increasingly different realities. Short term memory will be affected, as something seems to happen on one day and then the next day someone says it didn’t happen. In this scenario, BOTH people are right, although many disagreements may ensue. This would put the people of the planet through a lot of stress, as the majority are not even close to prepared for multidimensionality.

With the quick merge plan, the timelines would actually be “crashed” together in the horizontal plane, and the impact would cause them to “scatter” in the vertical plane. This would in effect “force” the rapture to occur even if the people hadn’t fulfilled the requirements for planetary ascension. The post rapture environment would then be very chaotic, but because all individuals were already qualified for ascension, the planet would settle down over a period of about a month. It was decided that in the long run this would work out better, because it is essential that the raptures be coordinated, ideally over a 72-hour period.

There is one group of ET’s which wants to put the entire population in “stasis” so that they can get a jump start on cleaning the planet. This is an excellent idea, because it will allow the Engineers to go back to the slow merge plan without the chaos. During stasis at least 432,157 individuals, who will stay on the multidimensional timeline, will remain awake. Those who are already 9D will be able to handle the four simultaneous incarnations, and will be able to perform all requirements for immediate planetary ascensions on each timeline. Those individuals who are still 6D, 7D, or 8D will be provided with accelerated DNA reactivation procedures, and will have until the end of stasis to reach 9D.

Rapture cannot occur during stasis, so there will probably be at least 1-2 days of disorientation. At the end of stasis, each timeline will make its first step in ascension and all the people on that timeline will disappear from the others. This will only happen while they are asleep or alone in a safe environment. THEIR timeline won’t change, but everyone else who does not belong on that timeline will be gone, and the disorienting effect will be gone. Reality will begin to quickly coalesce. The timeline merge may take as long as two-four weeks, while the rapture itself should take approximately 72 hours. Earth 1 will stay here in 3D. Earth 2 will jump to 4D. Earth 3 will jump straight to 5D. Earth 4 will jump straight to 9D.

Completion of the Rapture must occur BEFORE ---------- at the absolute latest. There are other factors currently which mandate that it be even sooner (by -------). However, those can possibly be alleviated. Final distribution of individuals:
Earth 1: 3.293 billion maximum
Earth 2: 2.880 billion minimum
Earth 3: 432 million minimum
Earth 4: 432,157 minimum

Note: Asset Redistribution

All assets of raptured individuals will be seized by the planetary administration. All family, group, organizational, corporate, or state assets will be assigned a per-capita pre-rapture value and the amount to be seized will be calculated according to the percentage of individuals who remain. There will be NO inheritance. The assets will then be re-distributed in a fair and equitable way, according to the decisions of the Planetary Cabinet. All financial markets will remain closed until after final distribution. As an example:

1. The planetary administration will keep assets necessary for a budget through 2012, including a Global Central Bank which will probably be the only source of income.
2. All individual and organizational debts will be paid (if the creditors remain). Debts owed to families, groups, organizations, corporations, or states will be assigned a per-capita pre-rapture value and paid according to the new population.
3. All stolen assets will be returned.
4. All suits will be settled, including many recently filed class-action suits.
5. Remaining assets will be distributed to individuals according to a weighted system of several factors such as future potential (or lack thereof), damages and suffering incurred (or caused), need, expected inheritance, and overall global economic viability and sustainability.

When the markets reopen, individuals will be able to choose which corporations survive and which ones fail. They will also be able to fully fund many NGO’s. Organizations will be set up to help people make these decisions before the opening bell. The Planetary Administration will give its official recommendations as to where individual assets can best be invested, not for profit, but for the overall good of planet. This phase will be the ultimate venture capitalist explosion -- with a markedly populist twist.

Projected Timeline for Earth 1

Earth 1 will consist of 3D and 4D people who have chosen either to not ascend or to ascend to 4D. It will also include up to 144,000 multidimensional souls, who can stay on all four Earths simultaneously. 1.44 billion people must ascend to 4D for Earth 1 to be a success. If there is a stasis period then a significant amount of the pollution will already be cleared up, the Ozone layer will be thinned, and the Frequency Fence between 3D and 4D will be completely eliminated, thus granting all people full access to the magical and psychic abilities they have developed. Another Frequency Fence will be built between 4D and 5D that has the ability to keep out ALL aliens from interference. The “Keys to the Gate” will be held by the Planetary Executive.

You can then expect your typical Revelations/4400 (TV show)/New World Order type script. An “antichrist” character will be selected by my staff in conjunction with the Ascended Masters, most likely one of the multidimensional souls, who will be responsible for day-to-day management. He will be an individual who fulfills prophesies and has Orion blood but is 100% loyal to the people of Earth. He will perform miracles and cause great wonders as he creates world peace, saves the environment, and sets up planetary constitutional government and a one-world religion, etc. Everyone will love him. He will have great teachers who show people how to develop their god-given psychic abilities, and people will be able to communicate with and sometimes SEE their angels. People will also learn how to use magic for the benefit of both themselves and for the good of mankind.

In 2012 those who have ascended to 4D, at least 1.44 billion, will be raptured up to Jesus’s City of Light called New Jerusalem. If the “antichrist” cannot ascend 1.44 billion people by 2012, Jesus will return in time to make sure that at least 1.44 billion people make it in the end. In the unlikely case that the “antichrist” has switched sides (in the Bible this happens after the head wound, when he is possessed by Satan), then he will be killed at the time of this 2nd rapture. The City will then descend to Earth and everyone will be offered the opportunity to come with Jesus to Heaven. Everybody will be reunited with their families and loved ones, etc. Those who decide to come with Jesus will be transported to Venus, a 4D planet, where a truly utopian paradise awaits.

Note: Etheric Sirians

Those who choose to stay will fend for themselves awhile, and a group of souls called Etheric Sirians will inherit the 3D Earth as their new home. The Etheric Sirians were a race of human/reptile hybrids in the Sirius B system. Half of them believed that Reptiles from Orion were responsible for the last Great Galactic War, so they decided to suppress their reptile side and polarize to the light. The other half believed that Humans from the Pleiades were responsible for the War, so they decided to suppress their human side and polarize to the dark. They moved to two separate planets. One was very materialistic, the other was very spiritual. Eventually they each saw the other as a threat and began to fight each other. When one group tried to use scalar weaponry to blow up the other, they accidentally imploded their sun and wiped out the entire solar system. Both sides had been infiltrated by “anti-integration” pure-blood Melchizedeks from Orion who wanted to commit genocide on all hybrids, which they thought were an abomination against God (they aren’t).

Because of the nature of the catastrophe, they were essentially suspended in hyperspace as ghosts. They were unable to reincarnate because their genetics no longer existed. When the people of Earth were modified, a new genetic template would be created that they could use. They were told Earth would one day be their new home. Some of them could not wait until the new “Adam” was created, so they agreed to descend and incarnate as “pre-modern” men. Others who had cetacean blood (from lives on water planets) incarnated as dolphins and whales. The largest group refused to reincarnate at all. They are still fighting their War in a “matrix-like” environment. They figured out how to pop in and out of our reality from hyperspace/void, anywhere in time, and their leaders believe they are ascended masters and gods. They believe that whoever wins their War will rule over Earth. In reality, they will just incarnate in 3D after we ascend.

Projected Timeline for Earth 2

Earth 2 will consist of 4D, 5D, and 6D souls who have decided to ascend to 5D or 6D, plus multidimensional souls. The Ozone layer will be largely eliminated and the only Frequency Fence will be between 6D and 7D (Harmonic Barrier). The Planetary Executive will keep the Keys to the Gate. Aliens will have full freedom of motion IF they are given permission by the Planetary Executive and they adhere to all treaties/agreements. A world government and one-world religion will already be formed, and will be announced upon awakening from stasis. However, there will still be NO aliens. In anticipation of a possible “negative” First Contact, a Planetary Security Agency will be formed. If the people of Earth 3 do their job and form a truly integrated Fleet, there will be no conflict. Any invaders will be taken down by very advanced (9D) technology and their leaders will be referred to the Ancients of Days for Judgment.

There will be an educational period consisting of true history and gradual UFO disclosure. Media will become much more entertaining for all those old souls. Because everyone on the planet agreed to ascend to at least 5D, everything will be geared toward 1st Contact, which will probably occur right after the 2008 elections. Disclosure must be made before the Primary season is over, in order that ET politics may become an important political issue. The Planetary Executive will choose who is allowed to be part of the 1st Contact fleet, and all arrangements will be made on Earth 3 in 6D. At the moment of uncloaking and descent, Earth will shift to 5D.

Depending on the level of integration of the 1st contact fleet, many ET star-nations will try to “court” us into joining their organization. Some may actually try to attack if we make alliances with their enemies. We are already Independent, and will remain so. We will ask THEM if they want to join OUR alliance, and we will defend ourselves from aggressors with powers they have never seen before. We will write an official Declaration of Independence if there is someone who claims to already have dominion (probably the Orion Empire). If there is a war, we will win, for that is our God-given right.

That is when the real work will start. We will be VERY popular, and visitors will come from all over the Galaxy. We will have an extensive immigration policy and a very large State Department in order to keep track of everyone. We will have to get as many ET nations as possible to join our alliance while at the same time maintaining extraordinary vigilance for infiltrators. Our ultimate goal is to join all these groups together into a Galactic Constitutional Government.

The people will be divided between those who want to remain independent and those who want to be leaders in developing a greater community which is inclusive of all races. Almost all aliens have abused, tampered with, or deceived us over the years (even the good ones). It is only natural to desire a break from all that nonsense. This will be the determining factor between those who stay in 5D and those who ascend to 6D. At least 1.44 billion people will stay in 5D, while at least 1.44 billion must desire ascension to 6D.

If the requirements for 6D ascension will be met prior to 2012, a Constitutional Convention will be held on Earth. A message will be sent for representatives from every Local Universe in the entire Galaxy. When the Constitution is completed and signed, Earth will ascend to 6D. At that point a Galactic Messiah, the Ancient of Days, will descend to Earth and congratulate us. If this does not happen, our independence would ordinarily be short-lived and the planet would be blown up in a giant galactic war. In order to prevent this, the Ancient of Days will descend to Earth early and make sure the requirements are fulfilled. Prior to his descent, the 5D people will be taken to Mars and granted their independence.

After 2012, galactic-level elections will be held. Prior ascension to at least 9D will be a requirement for elected office and prior ascension to at least 12D will be a requirement for the highest positions. These requirements are similar to age minimums in current elections. Those who actually helped with Earth’s ascension will probably be the most popular. 6D Earth will then serve as the Capital City of the new Galactic Government. It will be similar to the District of Columbia, if everyone who worked in D.C. lived in D.C. and vice versa. Those 6D people who do not want to be part of Government will be able to move to 6D Maldek and live a normal life or 6D Nibiru and become part of the Galactic StarFleet.

Projected Timeline for Earth 3

Earth 3 will consist of 5D, 6D, 7D, and 8D souls who have decided to ascend to 7D, 8D, or 9D. The Ozone layer will be completely eliminated, and there will be a Frequency Fence between 6D and 7D (until the planet ascends to 6D) as well as one between 9D and 10D. This will cut down on the number of infiltrators, who primarily work from 7D and 10D. Those are the High School and College freshman who like to come back to their old school and bully people around. All functions of planetary government will be installed during stasis. Because everyone will be at least 5D, there will be little need for education and 1st contact will happen immediately upon awakening.

There will most likely be multiple groups descending, as we will be able to see all of their fleets. Full Galactic History will be the primary education agenda, and many ET’s will learn more about their own true ancient history. Included will be all of the secret politics involved in the previous galactic wars. Healing all of those old wounds will be the primary function of the planet. Once again, if there is a war we will win. We will also form a rough draft for the Galactic Constitution and a truly integrated Galactic Fleet will be organized (led by multidimensional souls), at which point the planet will ascend to 6D. This fleet will be assigned for the future First Contact on Earth 2, and the draft constitution will be used as the framework for the true Constitutional Convention, also on Earth 2 in the future.

When EVERYBODY has ascended to at least 6D, the Harmonic Barrier will be eliminated and we will meet all of the various Ascended Masters from around the Galaxy. At this point, the job of each individual is to achieve true Polarity Integration and Multidimensional Consciousness, thereby ascending to 9D. ALL Galactic wounds must be healed. By 2012, 144 million will be allowed to stay in 7D, 144 million will be allowed to stay in 8D, and 144 million MUST reach 9D. At that point Earth will ascend to 9D. The 7D people will be allowed to return with Jesus as Ascended Masters during the Glorious Appearing, and can then choose to live on 7D Inner Venus, Jupiter, or Uranus. The 8D people will be allowed to go to Mars and serve as Guardians of the independent planet. They will be able to live on Inner Mars, Saturn, or Neptune. The 9D people will be able to stay on 9D Earth and form an InterGalactic Government, move to 6D Earth and run for Galactic Elections, move to Nibiru and lead the Galactic StarFleets, or basically go anywhere they want.

Projected Timeline for Earth 4

Earth 4 will consist of souls who are 6D and above that have agreed to ascend to 10D, 11D, 12D or higher by the end of 2012. All of these people will remain awake during stasis, and those who are not yet 9D must reach 9D before the awakening/rapture. These people will also be able to maintain a simultaneous presence on any of the other 3 Earths. 9D is where all of the major political and strategic decisions necessary on the other 3 Earths will actually be hashed out in debate. The 10D souls will work as Timeline Engineers, repairing old timelines as emotional wounds are healed on Earth 3. The 11D souls will be the Time Lords responsible for maintaining the overall structure of potential and manifest reality. The 12D souls will be responsible for determining the overall direction of manifest reality, guiding all timelines in all dimensions toward the best possible convergence point in 2012, doing so in such a way as to maximize the potential “size” of post-2012 aggregate potential reality, which should increase exponentially. They will also be responsible for training and ascending the other souls, studying under the apprenticeship of our Creator Gods, maintaining communication with the Supreme Being, and manifesting His physical presence.

144,000 people will stay in 10D, 144,000 will stay in 11D, and at least 144,000 will ascend to 12D by 2012. When this happens, the planet will actually ascend into Havona and the Supreme Being will manifest in physical form. The Paradise Deities, Superuniverse Master Spirit, and anyone else who wants to come for the ride will “hop on” and descend to Earth in 9D, 6D, and 3D to meet and greet the people in person. The timelines of all 4 Earths will merge back into one Multidimensional timeline. An inter-dimensional governmental coordinating council will be established with members from 3D, 6D, 9D, 12D, and 15D. A Creator University will be formed to truly teach all ascending beings how to be Creators of their own private Universes, and new paths of ascension will be forged.

The final 2012 distribution of the people of Earth will be as follows:
3D (Earth): 1.44 billion maximum – remainder possibly on Maldek
4D (Venus): 1.44 billion minimum – also possibly Jupiter
5D (Mars): 1.44 billion minimum – also possibly Saturn
6D (Earth): 1.44 billion minimum – also Maldek, Nibiru
7D (Jupiter): 144 million minimum – also Venus, Uranus
8D (Saturn): 144 million minimum – also Mars, Neptune
9D (Earth): 144 million minimum – also Nibiru, anywhere
10D (Uranus): 144,000 minimum – possibly also Venus
11D (Neptune): 144,000 minimum – possibly also Mars
12D (Earth): 144,000 minimum
13D (Earth): 144 minimum
14D (Earth): 12 minimum
15D (Earth): 1 minimum, fully manifest Supreme Being

Judgment Day: Dec 21, 2012

December 21, 2012 has been chosen by the Time Lords as flashpoint. This may actually occur at any time, but everyone will perceive it as December 21, 2012, with time being either sped up or slowed down for coordination between timelines. This will be a moment of virtually unlimited creative potential. The 4 Earths will merge, and everyone will be reunited will everyone else for an amazing party. All destination points (planets) will be “perfected” prior to distribution of the population according to the collective desires of the inhabitants. Everybody will get exactly what they want.

All beings in the Superuniverse of Orvonton, and any who have interacted with Orvonton, will be judged and graded based on their performance during the entire duration of the Earth Experiment. The Judge will be the Eternal Son. I will form a Council of 24 from among my own primary aspects in both the angelic and incarnate realms. In the incarnate realm, these individuals are the descendents of the First Family. The Chairman of the Council will be the Ancient of Days of Light from Orvonton. All decisions will be ratified by 144 people in 13D.

For incarnate beings, the grading system is pass/credit/fail. If you chose to ascend by at least one dimension, you passed. Your ultimate fate was entirely in your own hands. If you chose not to ascend, you still receive credit. You will just stay where you are. However, if you chose to inhibit Planetary Ascension, you failed. You will be descended to 3D, 2D, 1D, or elimination, according to the decisions of the Judge and the Council of 24.

Angelic beings did not have the opportunity to determine their own fate, so they will actually be given a numerical grade. At flashpoint, the entire angelic realm will be manifested in the incarnate realm as ascending beings. Their grade will determine their highest potential starting point in the ascension process, using the following guidelines:

100 Ascension by 1, 2, or 3 Harmonics and incarnation on 12D Earth
A++ Ascension by 2 Harmonics and incarnation on 9D Earth
A+ Ascension by 1 Harmonic and incarnation on 6D or 9D Earth
A Incarnation on Earth in current Harmonic -- 3D, 6D, or 9D
A- Descending Earth incarnation in 3D, 6D, or 9D
B+ Ascension by one Harmonic, non-Earth incarnation in 6D or 9D
B Ascension by 2 dimensions, non-Earth incarnation
B- Ascension by 1 dimension, non-Earth incarnation
C+ Non-Earth incarnation in current dimension, administrative duties
C Non-Earth incarnation in current dimension, non-administrative duties
C- Non-earth incarnation in current dimension, no duties
D+ Descension by 1 dimension, non-Earth incarnation in 4D, 5D, 7D, or 8D
D Descension by 2 dimensions, non-Earth incarnation in 4D or 7D
D- Descension by 1 Harmonic, non-Earth incarnation in 4D
F+ Descension to 3D, non-Earth incarnation
F Descension to 2D, non-Earth
F- Descension to 1D, non-Earth
0 Execution by Ancients of Days

Even those souls in 1D will be able to ascend all the way to Earth’s Creator University in the new post-2012 reality. The new Grand Universe will not only populate “Outer Space” but also reunite with other Master Universes in the “Void” and form a new template for overall “Creator Universe” evolution. The Superuniverse of Orvonton will actually be the equivalent of a second “Central Universe” and we will have the ability to create many more. The Eternal Son will probably set up His own Isle of Paradise, and the Supreme Being will be in charge of everything. The ultimate goal is to achieve unlimited creative potential and make it available to everyone, not only in our own Universe but within other unknown Universes which the Supreme Being has been able to locate. There is also an even greater plan for the entire species known as Creator Universes.

[link to www.2012unlimited.net]

-Written by the Eternal Son of Paradise, August 3 2007

From: planetaryadministrator@hotmail.com
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Re: Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time


The concept of communication in potential for the temporal encircuitment of man's temporal consideration of personalities and spirits (or spirit personalities) would begin as such:

They all utilize these circuits to a greater or lesser extent. Possibly these active potentials should be incorporated into the Reception/Transmission Teachers.

1. Father's Personality Circuit

2. Eternal Son's Spirit Circuit

3. Infinite Spirit's Mind Circuit

4. Creative Spirit's Holy Spirit Circuit

5. Creator Son's Spirit of Truth

6. Constellation Circuits

7. System Circuits

8. Interplanetary Circuits

9. Archangels Circuit

10. Mystery Monitors Circuit

11. Reflective Circuits

12. Finaliter Communication

13. Material-Gravity Circuit

*Circuits of the cosmic mind page 105 #3

These circuits are functioning to a greater or lesser degree, they do not function linearly.

Christ Michael Salvigton Circuit

[link to groups.yahoo.com]
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Re: Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time
"When the Father’s center merges with the center of the Faith, the collectivity of human consciousness will awaken to a unified field identity."

This began somewhere around 1998 when Christ Consciousness returned to earth to awaken and rapture/pull upwards into ascension ....all those who would heed the call.

rap·ture (rpchr)
1. The state of being transported by a lofty emotion; ecstasy.
2. An expression of ecstatic feeling. Often used in the plural.
3. The transporting of a person from one place to another, especially to heaven.
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Re: Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time
Mark my words - In 11 days you will witness the SolarMax

Thread: Mark my words - In 11 days you will witness the SolarMax (Page 3)

[link to www.cosmicparadigm.com]

Coming Events

The following is not intended as a forecast of the timing of specific events;
rather it is an illustration of how things have a way of coalescing around
events when the various factors are in right alignment. Moreover, it may provide
an example of how I encourage you to research and corroborate that which I
present in these postings.

This is my 30th posting to this site for 2009.

Back on March 4th, the following hint of timing was provided by Bren-Ton, "We do
not see the opportunity to complete another growing season in the Northern
Hemisphere before major changes occur." Since that time I have been asking other
people who receive information from various sources as to what they understand
about the coming changes to our planet and to us.

First it was someone very closely connected to a planet of a different star
system who volunteered that things would happen sooner than I had quoted from
Bren-Ton. Then another friend who receives information confirmed that he too had
received information that events would transpire within the next few months.
Then, when I was in Costa Rica for my most recent Gathering, three people who
were receiving information from our brothers and sisters from other star systems
said that events would transpire this coming summer. Since I have returned to
Colorado, two friends who receive information from celestials have reported that
they too can confirm significant happenings in the near future.

Again, I present this not as a specific prediction but rather as an indication
that we are now in a time when we can expect something of significance to happen
in the foreseeable future; none of my sources or contacts has been specific
about the particulars of forthcoming events.

DISTRIBUTE THEM. Please do so in total, preserving all notations and
attributions. We are in a time when this information is valuable as a source of
truth amidst confusion, and should be shared with all.

Those who are communicating with me have said that they will entertain questions
as long as they are not specific to personal circumstances. Please send your
queries to me at cp@....

In Truth, Love and Joy,

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Re: Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time
Earth taking New Hits from Reently Awakened Neutron Star

Thread: Earth taking New Hits from Reently Awakened Neutron Star
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Re: Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time
I love how the GODS like to speak in English. LOL. Trust me is a DIVINE entity was to communicate it would not be via the English language. For all you gullible sheeple, that is the first test to how you know this stuff is BS!! LOL
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Re: Stasis - An Interval of Non-Time
Archangel Michael - Ascension is Near update
Archangel Michael January 22 2009 - translated from French
[link to www.autresdimensions.com]

Note: The schedule for the start of ascension has been established, and March 25th has been given as the starting date [there may now be changes on this date so parts may be different]. It includes the Jupiter ignition and the assistance of Nibiru which is now present in orbit in cloaked form.

We can not see Jupiter because it is shielded behind the Sun and will probably not be visible until late March. Christ Michael has confirmed its ignition while the darkside will continue its silence until it becomes obvious beyond denial. There has been much talk from scientists about our Sun's eventual death, so this will help energize it and extend its life for many millenniums.

Aton said "If we had never attempted to make Jupiter a sun, this solar system would have continued to deteriorate and become eventually a type of black hole of compressed matter that would eventually simply explode into a new creation. We could have an explosion of Jupiter into bits and pieces, an involution that would have produce a black hole that would have sucked the solar system into it over time, or a sun.

They [the dark] can't cover it forever and many are headed to their underground shelters built for purposes such as this. Apparently as near as we can make out, your new president does not know yet. He will likely be taken to shelter too, or left to the mess; we are not sure.

Of course we are still going into stasis, and we have some other ideas to explore since we didn't have the expected blast that would have convinced people something was terribly wrong in their solar system. We are reconfiguring dates on this a bit, because I still desire for earth's residents to realize something of the end times is coming. The satellite incident yesterday was no accident [probably meant to cut off communications of this event]."

There was talk from time travelers that Jupiter had not ignited and that this destruction of our universe did occur in our future, so this is our new reality. I have noticed periods of high energy levels that have caused my computers to act strangely, and this will probably increase in the next 6 weeks.

Archangel Michael said that on March 25th we will see its light and about 2 weeks later its energy wave will hit us. This is the beginning phase of ascension which Michael called the Apocalypse and will last for about 15 months with work being completed by Dec 21 2012. Stasis was not mentioned because it is not part of his work.

It was initially planned for Dec 2007 but was delayed because of the possibility of total destruction of our universe at that time, and this process has now become successful so we can be rest assured on this part of the plan. It is part of the construction process of this universe and may also include another planet later to replace the one destroyed by nuclear bombs that became the asteroid belt.

This new energy is necessary as part of the ascension process and will mean less darkness to us in the future, and we have now joined other universes with multiple suns.

This is the change we have requested from our Creator and has been in the plans for many millenniums, but it is not a new age gradual change. It is an Apocalypse where the old will give way to a new era of Light and Love, a new higher dimension and density [frequency] and a new Earth. I have reposted parts to make it easier to see the whole picture of our future Earth.

Time will tell.

I am Michael regent prince of the celestial militia. I come to you, human souls, I introduce myself, I salute you. Receive the Light. Each Archangel makes his presence felt in earthly time every twelve months. Year after year this time takes a certain flexibility. But we govern with the energy we possess, in the space and time allotted to us by the Father, to bathe the whole system with our solar vibration of light and Love in the specific mission vested to us.

On your land last year, Archangel Jophiel brought you through the period called the "confrontation" [decision time] at a time when you lived during this phase of your life. Today in this new year and land, for a period which will last 14 to 16 months, I will come and manifest through me to you, above all, the changes that will occur on the surface of this planet. This year is my year, a year of my activities. My year is the year where the new energy elements come in a time I would call warmth, excitement and representation.

For you, this year is not a year of battle but a year of awakening and the final total victory [over darkness] for the glory of the Father. This year, you will experience the absolute light in dark areas to make any decisions where ever you go, depending on your choices that were made in previous years. The Archangel of the past year has provided a timetable. This timetable is a calendar that matches your Apocalypse and your revolution and your inner revelations.

This is superimposed on a second schedule, a calendar of cosmic origins, and it brings no delays. It is illustrated by the movement of planets, suns and worlds in your sky. In your heavens, you will begin to experience significant changes related to elementary manifestations and especially movement of planets in the heavens. This is different from your normal scientific astronomical calculations.

Your interior calculations will finish before the external calculation of time passes on this planet. Remember that what is human is subject to the vagaries of time, but what is cosmic does not suffer the same uncertainties that you understand, but obeys the celestial movements extremely accurately, extremely divinely chosen, and does not suffer any delays.

Between March 25 of your 2009 and December 21 of your 2012 what needs to be done will be fully completed. I will express myself through basic events more powerful than the Earth has ever seen before during this year. Do not worry too much about of the outcome of these events on your Earth, but keep an eye on the sky, because there will be numerous signs that you can identify and see.

In this year, opening on March 25 on this Earth is the period of the Apocalypse, the long-awaited and dreaded event that is already in the process of arriving into your consciousness on this planet Earth. The 3D world which you know and live will irreversibly cease to exist no later than December 21 2012. This is the end you desired, and it has been decreed by the Father.

That date and those dates have been known for a long time. It was not chosen by you human beings by fighting anything or anyone else, but rather it is to find in your interior karma a resolution of your conflicts, because you spent the previous year deciding these choices that you will soon implement. Today these choices are set in stone in your material world and your dimension [and there is no going back]. Any resistance to the establishment of your Light is doomed to failure. Do not go in the direction of resistance but in the sense of acceptance of what is to come.

Do not worry about the resulting level of basic humanity. You should only worry about your own well being in yourself, your home, and in the light to come. It is not destruction but is just light, and light can only destroy what belongs to the darkness. Thus, your social structures, your family, your political environment, and your economic systems must also face this change and this time is now.

There is a need in your schedule to prepare important time slots to live what you have to live that is primarily a domestic experience. The vibration [frequency] level at which the Earth is facing, and therefore you as a human being, has reached levels completely new and never experienced before on the surface of this Earth. This is just the Light, and Light does not support darkness. Light illuminates darkness, Light dissolves darkness. This struggle can also occur within you if your spiritual preparation has not been completely finished.

Whatever the manifestation of this struggle, go inwards to support the Light and establish the Light in you. I repeat: the world as you know, as you live, as you experiment, will not exist later than the date Dec 21 2012 that I gave you. The long-awaited events, described in numerous books, prophesied by many prophets announced, right now, for your science, are here.

The global warming that you live on the surface of the Earth affects all the planets in your solar system. A planet [Nibiru] passing in the sky of the Earth every 3,600 years, but at different distances [from Earth] every 3,600 years, has completed its journey of 26,000 years. You are at the end of a cosmic cycle. You are at the time of the return of the energy from the Father and the Son. Perhaps some of you feel it in your heart, inside their cells.

This moment is a moment of joy. This moment is a moment of light. Whatever the consequences, they are only human consequences related to the refusal of mankind to allow the Light to settle inside themselves. Do not judge those who fight. Do not judge those who leave [to journey to other 3D worlds or higher dimensional worlds] because you do not know where they will go. Nobody knows the way of his neighbor. Be sure to be strengthened in your way and your destiny and what you are. There is no alternative. There are no more delays. The schedule has come to an end [decision time is over and it is time for a new beginning].

You are in the end times. You have returned to limited times, and these times will lead you to the threshold of a new humanity and a new race of mankind. You've been asked to move to the other side of the veil from this side of the veil, in this life and other lives, to live the liberation from the illusion of a material world. This illusion of the material world has been ordered by the Lords of Karma [Illuminati] for a long time. The one thing you did not know is that this cycle was recorded in the precession of the equinoxes and the movements of planetary constellations around you.

You and your scientists have often called God "the central point." There is an error of design there on this level. The focus can be summed up in God, but it can not be reduced to a point. What you call a point is actually a black hole. It is a place where everything comes from and where everything must go, from one side to another in a sphere of events and other experiences. The substance is a field experience. The substance is not an end.

The constructions of your environment are perishable and perishing because they are only valid for a time to allow the soul to provide a framework for temporary changes in its evolution, which is unlimited, to return to the Light. I have participated for eons in this solar system and throughout other solar systems, and these moments that prepare the transition are the moments when the light is emerging, where the truth and that which was hidden will be revealed.

I intervene in a preliminary phase to that which will come, to carry out that which will achieve your awareness so that you realize that this turnaround is the ultimate moment before, if you wish, your ascension. During this year you will experience periods of fatigue in your body in living at the same time in this dimension and other dimensions. You will experience, in a synchronous manner, a number of events affecting both the conduct of life in this dimension and the conduct of the life of the soul in this dimension.

You will experience within your being the great transformation. I would like to say to you, human souls, do not be afraid, because what you expected, what you feared, what you hoped for is now here. You must make an effort, a significant effort, as this effort must be your most important task, to turn your gaze from the outside chaotic world to an inner world of peace.

What defines your goals in life (work, family, money, pleasures of life as you have known, but also the suffering of this life as you have known) should give way to the fullness your inner life and your new life that will become active in the weeks ahead. From your month of October this year, the fire of Michael will enter your heart. Those who have held their own fire inside, those who have done the necessary work to receive treatment of Michael's energy in the heart, will awaken in you your full dimension of the soul in this higher dimension.

Do not pay attention to the noise and chaos of this world because it has only just begun. Your year will be marked by deadly earthquakes, storms on the Earth as has been never known, by lightning in the sky, and luminous phenomena as never seen in history. Yet this is nothing compared to the Light to come. This is fundamental and necessary. We are with you, we the Archangelic Army. We who have dimensions far more ethereal than yours, we have lowered our vibratory rate closer to you to assist you in your preparation, your ascent and your return to the will and the house of the Father.

You must remove any sensitivity to any loss because losses are of themselves illusions. It is in losing your illusions that you find your inner spark, your deity and your legacy. It can not be otherwise. You asked for choices, you will have them. Assume the choice to say, do, go where you go, whatever is the opposition from the outside world.

Among the oppositions from the outside world are the limitations related to financial problems, emotional problems, professional problems, or any other area which may interfere with the development of your inner light. You should accept no compromise on the establishment and stabilization of your inner light, whatever the cost.

What you allow today in life's sacrifices, abandon it while you have eyes to see, before you ask to relive your mistakes, begging to go back, as there will be no turning back. The path that you will follow is a forced journey, a rhythmic march that will lead you to live and understand your life, your lives, your paths in their entirety. This is a gift from the Father. It occurs every 26,000 years. It is your responsibility to keep and take this chance to go to a future brightness.

Remember that, regardless of what your eyes see, whatever the drama of what is lived out, this is nothing compared to the opening of your heart, the opening of the soul that you will soon live. That is, human souls in incarnation, the solemnity of what I had to say because we do not make announcements related to a later time but only future announcements related to your present time.

Compared to this, and only, I say, compared to this, I will try to answer some of your questions.

Question: What role will Christ play in the ascension of the Earth?
That was written in many books and especially in a book that has not been distorted by those who control religions [unlike many others]. I am talking about the Apocalypse of Saint John [the Biblical book of Revelations]. Christ will return as he left. It will be someone who comes from the sky. Do not be concerned about what Christ will be like in a body of flesh, if it is not in a heavenly body. He will be joined by the divine faithful along with the faithful multitude. However, you're not at that time yet, during this year. You're in the preparations. Christ inside and Christ outside can not and will not appear except on a peaceful Earth, a purified Earth and a higher Earth later.

Question: What type of light, intervention, can result in burning and tingling in the physical body?
This will be normal with the increase of cosmic radiation that I will send and which is, remember, linked to the approach of this celestial body [Nibiru]. You will feel a very strong inner call to go to the light. This will result in significant bodily heat, you will need to drink more water than usual. There will be tingling phenomena occurring at the upper body, middle body, around the heart, and in your lower back that are associated with my presence, my radiation and my work. You will enter areas of hyper energy during moments before the cessation of normal energy.

Question: How do you recommend we best reserve the hours to live each day?
It is desirable, if you have opportunity, to reserve two time slots : one during the rising sun and the other during the setting sun are times when you should listen to the energy that comes to you. You should integrate the vibrational energy that comes to you and get ready to turn off your outside gaze and move to a contemplation inside the heart. Two time slots of one hour of your time daily are more than sufficient. It will come at a time in the end of this year, and in its last quarter, where you cannot, anyway, do otherwise.

You will also not have much else to do in light of the events to come. I want to clarify that when I ask you to turn your gaze within, during these times, the most important thing is to listen to the energy that permeates you. As you turn your awareness to this energy that you will receive, you will see that it covers you in the same way as the quality and density of the energy that you will receive, and has nothing to do with the one you experienced in your current life.

Question: Is the knowledge of the laws of Enoch good for this period?
Yes. Certainly.

Question: Will travel, at that moment, be dangerous?
The danger is always present on outside areas. Any place can be. A place or a person may be well and live the outpouring of Light and Michael and move to another state within fifteen days. You will have a sign of my presence in your sky. If my presence in your heaven, where you are, should continue beyond 48 hours (whether through essentially luminous phenomena, rainbow phenomena, or phenomena in cloud forms) this will mean that 15 days later, the place where you saw these phenomena will be swept by Michael's Light.

Question: What form is it?
It is all about colorful phenomena, totally unusual phenomena, totally unusual lightning, aurora borealis in these locations, or shapes of extremely special clouds you call waves of clouds as if the clouds were cut by frequencies, or the manifestation of the Archangel's forces or forces of the Light of the Galactic Confederation form called lenticular clouds [cloud UFOs].

If these phenomena are visible at the place where you are, listen to what is being said to your inner being. You should consider measures to protect your interior living areas and prepare to live in the purification of energy that I will pour on the Earth. However, if listening to your inner being, it asks you to leave these areas, then do so.

Question: What are these signs in the sky when they last but a few minutes?
They are not dangerous. They correspond to the sign of my presence but not to the sign of my violent demonstrations.

Question: Does your presence manifest only by the fire?
It manifests itself in everything that is basic. What you call comets, what you call moving objects in your sky are related to my event. The year I came to the surface of your planet was the year 96 during which I expressed my presence by comets visible in your sky, and by extremely precise storms which blew at this time, on the South American continent.

So I manifest by fire, by air, by water and ground. The visual events to be observed during my present visit in my passage to your sky are events related to the displacement of what you call the ether. Ether is to be redistributed on the surface of your Earth. Areas that were supplied with energy are now closed. Areas that were not fed are now prepared for that purpose. [Ether is a foundation of the free energy technology that has been forbidden knowledge till now.]

Question: How do we assist people who come to us?
You'll see. It may already have occurred for some of you (whatever your occupation in this society), so that many people feel the need to communicate, to assemble, to exchange different ideas [like in forums on the Internet], to share in different ways through the sharing of experiences, habitats, times, to discuss the new operating modes of consciousness. There are gatherings that will prepare, communities of groups that are preparing to exploit the more harmonious energy which you will move to. This is in place. It is a movement which will announce (for some time) to the large gatherings of the remaining humanity [the coming events and their meanings].

Question: Does the Emerald Table of Hermes have the same importance as the Book of Enoch?
You could say yes, but the most important thing now is just how you live utilizing your inner energy. There is nothing more important than that. Agree to turn your eyes to your inner spiritual life. The solution, the exit door is not just in books, is not in a form of knowledge or another manner. Only the knowledge of the light is paramount and of utmost importance. Light is energy, Light is Love, Light is invigorating. You must feel the desire to travel beyond your current status, you must feel the desire to live anew, you must feel the desire to transform. Nothing else is important.

Question: Are we able to make a conscious connection with our inner divinity?
If you wish, if you desire, even if it is, I would say, your only wish and your sole desire, you will arrive into this state. For this you need to silence the external desires whatsoever.

Question: Is the orange sky at daybreak a part of the luminous phenomena?
This is one indisputable way. But, as you have noticed, as some of you have already noticed, the shapes of clouds, the forms and colors of your skies will never be the same. Your sky has already transformed. It now remains to transform the Earth.

Question: Is rising acid along the esophagus and stomach manifestations of your fire?
It can be. Any type of firey event or air type inside your body, occurring this year is likely to be related to my work and my presence. Now, in times of fire, what is the element that is going to quench the fire? This is water. In this sense your need for water will become extremely important. There is a redistribution in you and a change at an atomic level of the water that is you. You need to accelerate this cleanup process. How? By increasing and multiplying by two the amount of water you drink per day.

Question: Should we pronounce your name Mikael or Michael ( the "h" is pronounced like an "r" produced in the bottom of throat)?
The vibration of the sound of my name is, of course, a limit of what I am. Now, the atmospheric most conducive vibration regarding my consciousness is the word Michael. [Our names are limited in 3D and are more musical and longer in higher dimensions.]

Question: Are electrical or electronic failures related to your action?
This is likely to be constant in your second half of the year but this may be the case at home, through some electronic circuits.

Question: In the time slots you are talking about, what are the best hours?
The ideal hours would be one hour after sunrise. With regard to the time slot, the second is the hour before sunset.

Question: Will money as we know it remain a medium of exchange?
At first, yes. But do not have delusions, your economic system is already destroyed. For now, what you call a dollar has an exchange value . Shortly it will be only worth the weight of the paper. But this should not worry you too much because there will be little to exchange.
[Money will soon be eliminated so our current financial plans are of no importance in the future.]

Question: Is the second sun the planet that scientists have recently identified by the name of Eris?
No. The second sun is, unfortunately, associated with the nuclear ignition of Jupiter, which itself is triggered by the world to come.

Question: Could you describe more precisely this phenomenon?
It is hardly feasible to explain in words because those words will not show you the procedure. Again the ignition and the nuclearization of Jupiter is related to the awakening forces in your heart. You do not see that. The physical one is secondary, yet dramatic.

Question: Will we be fed by the ethereal?
You will be fed by the etheric forces, those who have developed their etheric circuits, ie to access the conscience of Energy of the 5th Dimension.

Question: What about children?
Do not worry about them or each other. Take care of yourself. This is the condition of the completion of the Light. Any thoughts that you fear as an issue or question in relation to a relative, or in relation to an object, or in relation to possessions, or in relation to connections would only reinforce these issues and separate you from your inner being. The challenge will be to agree to turn your awareness to be inside when you see things that formed the fabric of your lives disappear one after the other.

Question: If there is a 2nd sun, by the ignition of Jupiter, will it mean that there are no more nights on the Earth?
No. This means you will receive this type of nuclear energy and nothing more [there will only be less darkness at night at times].

Question: Will we be cared for, on an individual or collective level, to live this passage?
Yes, this is the goal, but you must agree to completely turn this gaze inward, to completely turn this gaze onto the light that reaches you, the light that turns you on, the Light that works in you. If your conscience decides to let go and abandon the old patterns of operation, that your past lives at this moment have expired, yes, you will be cared for, but you can be exempt if you hold and attach importance to that which does not exist any more.

Question: Will the family bonds have to disappear or change?
Yes. What you call a couple and what you want to live in the 3rd dimension of humanity, is the scar on your initial injury related to your separation from the Source and from the flame.

That is why, since life began, you went in search of another. Of course, informed of the Light of the Father, you understand that this has more meaning because you will find your own new sources. What you call a couple has more reason to exist in the new dimension. [Loneliness will disappear as we join together in one consciousness and one network.]

Question: Will this now be the birth of the new Adam?
If you call the new race / root that should emerge after childbirth, we can say that the new Adam is born into the new dimension at the end of these events, but it is now only in gestation awaiting birth.

Question: Are there already some prototype bodies?
Yes. Many. And many though still insufficient for the number of humanity and souls to incarnate on this Earth.

Question: Is this to join the Adamic race?
No because you will all be those who are ascended into the new Adam. There are no other Masters to follow your Master. Beware of those who propose to follow. A number of persons, a number of movements will seek to ensure that you follow, but you must follow your inner path. However, you will begin to get together in cells and groups. You will prepare rallies and large gatherings, which will occur, however, when the time comes. But you will go there in this energy and you will go there in this search at that time.

Question: Does the awakening involve a physical death or is it a symbolic system?
Both are possible.

We have no more questions. Thank you.

So souls in human incarnation, I bring you peace, I bring you the Light of the Father. Journey inside yourself to the abundance and the inner light. Accept now that I am at your disposal and I say to you very soon. ... there will be an outpouring of energy.
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