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Message Subject Joe Vialls:Part 2 Zionist Elite Prepare to Desert America for Tasmania
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Welcome to Baghdad Dien Bien Phu in Iraq Vialls Home Steve Seymour Software

DesignActors practice scuttling aboard a very special Boeing 747 E4B "Ark" at Offutt AFB in Nebraska. Only six Boeing 747s in North America are equipped with full air-to-air refuelling, and all of them are nowadays reserved as ´escape pods´ for war criminals in New York and Washington, DC. With the documented intent of leaving ordinary Americans behind to deal with the total economic ruin caused directly by an extended orgy of mass murder and rape in the Middle East, these deluded war criminals plan to retire to Fortress Tasmania, well beyond the reach of American Law and International War Crimes Tribunals. *** 5 Feb 2005 - Web Sites Once Again Under Heavy Attack ***

The author is an independent investigator working alone, and receiving only an inadequate disability pension. If you feel that this report has helped you in any way, or if you would simply like to contribute towards future web space and research costs, please do so by clicking on the button below and making a donation. Thank youZionist Elite Prepares to Desert America
With ´Fortress Americas´ now in tatters because of Russia´s coalition with Brazil and Venezuela, Wall Street´s neocons and other Zionist traitors will desperately try to avoid War Crimes Tribunals and the waiting hangman´s noose, by fleeing aboard special jets to a little-known Australian island

Part Two: Copyright Joe Vialls, 8 February 2005

Click here to return to part one

Murdered in Iraq...... by ZionistsClick Here to return to part oneBoeing 747 Ark practices sucking copious quantities of fuel through the boom of a KC-135 aerial tanker. During early 2003 a further ten of these tankers were quietly ´donated´ to the Jewish State, bringing its total aerial tanker fleet up to 18 aircraft. Former Iraq weapons inspector Richard Butler, Wall Street toady and member of the American Council on Foreign Relations, was appointed Governor of Tasmania in October 2003 by [then] Premier Jim Bacon [now deceased], on a salary far higher than that paid to the Governor-General of the Commonwealth. The Zionist plot was rumbled by the Honorary Police Attache, and Butler was given the boot in August 2004. Sadly, his replacement is former Chief Justice William Cox, who, after the Mistaravim mass murder at Port Arthur in April 1996, personally sentenced intellectually impaired ´patsy´ Martin Bryant to 35 consecutive life terms without a trial. "Project Ark" can thus proceed without serious risk of interference by the Tasmanian Government.The rugged and beautiful island of Tamania is a wanted war criminal´s dream. Easily defended against attack, this remote redoubt offers a climate similar to New England. Recreational activities for jaded war criminals from America and Palestine include trout fishing in the many lakes and rivers, deer hunting in the mountains, and crayfish on the coast. Once properly ´persuaded´ by the Jewish Mistaravim Praetorian Guardsmen, Tasmania´s more attactive females [and small boys] will be happy to gratify the wide-ranging sexual perversions of the exiles.The Australian Federal Government will not interfere with Project Ark in Tasmania, because both Prime Minister Howard [left] and Opposition Leader Beazley [right] were both hand picked for their grovelling subservience to New York. Former Opposition Leader Mark Latham [center], a young athletic character famous for describing his parliamentary colleagues as "a conga line of suck-holes", and George W. Bush as "the most incompetent and dangerous president in living memory", resigned badly shaken in January 2005, citing ill health. "I could almost be an honorary Jew," boasted Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer during a visit to Tel Aviv in March 2004. The Jewish newspaper Maariv carried a bold red, front-page headline quoting the Foreign Minister as having invited young 18-30 year old Israelis to migrate to the land of opportunity. With this single treacherous act, Downer ensured that Mistarvim Praetorian Guardsmen would receive official Australian visas, to help them on their way to Project Ark in Tasmania.Coming soon to a Tasmanian town or village near you. Picture on the left shows three hooded Mistaravim torturing a palestinian teenager, while that on the right shows a tiny Palestinian girl shot through the head by a demented Mistaravim sniper. If these photographs do not bring back memories of the Tasmanian mass murder at Port Arthur in April 1996, they should. The 35 dead at Port Arthur were murdered by a four-man Mistaravim attack team, not by intellectually-impaired Martin Bryant.Four KC-135 aerial tankers line up for take off at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, the second and last refuelling point for escaping war criminals on their way to Tasmania. March 17, 1942 was a fateful day for Australia, because it was on this day that General Douglas MacArthur arrived in Sydney to assume command of the South West Pacific Area. The fact that MacArthur was actually retreating from the Philippines was of no consequence to anxious Australian citizens, who, faced with the unsavory fact that most of their own troops were overseas fighting for the British, erroneously assumed that the flamboyant American with the corn cob pipe had come to ´save Austalia from the Japanese´.
Douglas MacArthur was doing no such thing, but that did not matter to these desperate Australians, who for too long had bowed the knee to London and sent their young men off to fight wars and die in far off lands for the King of England. And so it was that during the last week of March 1942, driven solely by lonliness and possibly a sense of betrayal by Britain, strategic control of sovereign Australia and its mammoth mineral resources, passed seamlessly from London to New York.
As history accurately records, Douglas Macarthur then had to leave Australia again, because, just like George W. Bush today, he had more of ´God´s´ work to do in Japan and then North Korea. Finally, nine years later on April 6, 1951, MacArthur vented his insane anger at fighting a ´limited´ Korean War in a confidential interview with Spanish and Portuguese diplomats in Tokyo.
Put simply, MacArthur wanted a global war (under his command) with Russia - he would first "drop A-bombs all over China" and then move on to deal with the Russians. But what about North Korea? the Spanish and Portugese diplomats wanted to know. With spittle dribbling unheeded down his shirt front, Macarthur leaned forward and confided his earnest intent to "nuke North Korea and kill every damn gook."
Acting like lightning, Truman removed MacArthur from Japan before he could actually launch the atom bombers, and swiftly put him out to grass. In his farewell address to the US Senate, the deranged MacArthur had this to say, ""Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.. And like the old soldier of that ballad, I now close my military career and just fade away--an old soldier who tried to do his duty as God gave him the light to see that duty. Goodbye."
Aha, so it was all the Judeo-Christian ´God´s´ fault as usual, nominally always on the side of America, but with the seemingly uncanny knack of screwing up every American Christian or Jew who ever aspired to destroy the world, or control it by force.There is a harsh lesson here for George W. Bush and his Zionist bosses on Wall Street, though we can confidently assume they will ignore it until the 11th hour, which will finally herald their last ride out to Offutt Air Force Base for the long flight into Tasmanian exile.
This short trip back into Australian history is not without meaning, nor is it intended as a joke. Instead, the story of Douglas MacArthur it is the shortest way of explaining to many Americans and Europeans why Australian politicians obsequiously obey every single order handed out by New York, and completely lack the will to resist.
You see, Australia has never ever truly governed itself, but instead has always deferred to "Mommy and Daddy" in a far off land. Up until March 1942, Australia´s Mommy and Daddy lived in London, but after Douglas MacArthur and his comforting corn cob pipe arrived in Sydney with a few thousand armed troops, Australia´s Mommy and Daddy suddenly moved to New York.
Nobody bothered to tell the Australian children about their new megalomanic Daddy later wanting to wipe China off the face of the earth with nuclear weapons, but it is unlikely this would have made any difference to their dogged love for their brand new parents. In all probability, the downtrodden gullible colonials would have happily equated such a monstrous act with culling rabbits on the farm.
Believe it or believe it not, this is exactly how Wall Street conquered a country the same size as America without firing a single shot. The astonished New York bankers could hardly believe their luck, with successive obsequious Australian Prime Ministers gratifyingly doing exactly as they were told, decade after decade, for the "greater Zionist good". Nowadays Australia is used primarily as a convenient corner store and whorehouse for visiting US warships, but is soon scheduled to play a far more ´important´ role harboring wanted war criminals.
Getting away with "Project Ark" may be easier than you think, because Australians place great store on their individual ´State Laws´ being more important than Federal Law. In fact Federal Law takes precedence in all cases, but the Federal Government plays along with the State myth for its own covert reasons. The best example of how ´State Law´ will be used to block interference with Project Ark, is the earlier Zionist ´proof of concept´ exercise at Port Arthur in Tasmania, where 35 Australians and others were murdered by a four-man Mistaravim attack team during April 1996. As stated in Part One, intellectually impaired Martin Bryant was convicted of the murders. though there is hard scientific evidence in the public domain proving he was not involved at all.
Without going into too much detail (There is a hot link to multiple Port Arthur reports at the bottom of this page), Bryant stands accused of murdering 20 victims inside the Broad Arrow Cafe with a Colt AR-15, later found in the same building as him at Seascape. We have the official police forensic photograph of this Seascape weapon, and we also have the official police forensic photograph of the Prinz Sports bag the real killer drew his weapon from in the Broad Arrow Cafe. Thus any dunce with a ruler or pixel counter can measure the exact length of the Seascape AR-15, and then measure the exact length of the zip on the Prinz sports bag.
Big problem! Despite the ejected shell cases in the Broad Arrow Cafe bearing the extractor and firing pin marks of a Colt AR-15 style weapon, the one found with patsy Martin Bryant at Seascape is too long to fit into the Prinz sports bag found at the crime scene. With the zip fully open, and no matter how much you twist and turn the Colt AR-15 found at Seascape, the weapon is fully two inches too long to fit into the Prinz bag.
There is only one workable Colt AR-15 in the world capable of fitting into the Prinz sports bag, and that is the highly-customized Jewish Mistaravim version, fitted with a stubby 9.5" barrel and a special compensator to ensure the automatic action still works correctly. This particular weapon has been used countless times by Mistaravim in the Lebanon, to mass murder unarmed Palestinian women and children in their hundreds. But despite this irrefutable proof of Bryant´s innocence, the Federal Government and Counter Terrorist Units still refuse to act, citing ´Tasmanian State Law´ as their only excuse.

Many months later, the first Boeing Ark was now roughly halfway between the island of Diego Garcia and the coast of Western Australia, carving out a white ice crystal track in the tropopause as it headed east towards Tasmania. Nothing could stop them now! Completely out of range of land based fighters, the war criminals started to relax. This was the very last leg of their long flight from America, and Wolfowitz absent-mindedly started playing with himself at the prospect of the firm young Australian buttocks being prepared in Tasmania by the Mistaravim.
One hundred miles ahead and far below the Ark, Major Andrei Osipovich sat silently in the cockpit of his Yak-38 Jump Jet, discreetly camouflaged among the deck containers on board a Russian-flagged civilian cargo ship. Then the single command "start engines" came through his satellite radio, and Major Osipovich busied himself with a battery of switches, first lighting his main Tumanskiy/Khatchaturov R-27V-300 turbojet, then his two Rybinsk RD-36-35FVR lift engines mounted just behind the cockpit.
When all three engines reached full power they would deliver just over 27,000 pounds of thrust, which is 5,000 pounds more than the heavier British Harrier can generate, thus enabling Osipovich to climb vertically from the deck with ease, then transition & accelerate to Mach 1.1 if needed. Though western propaganda has ruthlessly trashed the Yak-38 as "useless" and "unstable", nothing can change the reality that this aircraft, known as "Forger" to NATO countries, is both lighter and faster than its British and American Harrier cousins.
The fact that this Yak-38 happened to be on the deck of a civilian freighter was actually the fault of New York, which, when you think about it, is incredibly ironic. When Wall Street managed to destroy the old Soviet Union and break up its republics in 1992, Moscow was faced with the possibility of having to give Ukraine half of its prized Black Sea Fleet, which included the medium aircraft carriers ´Kiev´ and ´Gorshkov´. Though Moscow doubtlessly knew the carriers were doomed in the long term, it was not prepared to sacrifice its many squadrons of Yak-38 Jump Jets, which were promptly flown back to Russia. In all, more than 250 Yak-38 Forgers had rolled off the production line.

The loss of the carriers was serious, because the Yak-38 was the "eyes of the fleet", and also had the ability to chase off marauding American aircraft that got too close. Fortunately for Russia the Kremlin boasts a large number of lateral thinkers, and a solution to the problem was quickly found, though tight budgets meant it would take eight long years to implement.
A substantial number of Yak-38s (rumored to exceed 100) were completely refurbished, and then allocated in singles or pairs to civilian cargo ships carrying the Russian, Chinese and Cuban flags. Thus the fleets would still have their "eyes", with the Jump Jets able to take oblique photos of the opposition from low level, before slipping down behind the radar horizon again. It was a simple and relatively cheap solution to a complex problem, but the fact is it works perfectly.
Though now operating primarily in the photo reconnaissance role, each Yak is fitted with defensive armament in the form of a single 23-millimeter GSh-23L cannon pod, fully-loaded with high explosive shells.
With all three of his engines in the green, Andrei Osipovich selected full power and rose vertically from the deck, correcting his attitude sightly for the 18-knot headwind. For a moment in time the Yak seemed to hover motionless, then started moving forward as Osipovich steadily rotated the thrust nozzles towards the rear. He had time to note that the surface of the Indian Ocean was a wonderful and vibrant dark blue, before tucking his head back inside the cockpit to concentrate on the job in hand.
Still maintaining strict radio silence, Andrei Osipovich scribbled two more satellite radio instructions on his knee pad, then changed course and commenced a thirty degree subsonic climb to conserve fuel. THe climb would not take very long, so Osipovich prepared in advance by arming his 23-millimeter GSh-23L cannon, checking the two red lights to confirm that all was in order.
Less than seven minutes after lift off from the ship, Andrei Osipovich formated slightly astern of the Ark and about 12,000 feet below, where he was still invisible to the Boeing´s TCAS (Traffic Alert Collision Avoidance System) radar. The sky was crystal clear, and through his tinted flash visor, Osipovich could see oil streaks on the dirty white belly of the 747 as it wallowed along clumsily in three dimensional space.
Just over two miles away were the Zionist war criminals who had tried to destroy his country completely, who sent in Jewish oligarchs to try and steal Russia´s sovereign oil reserves, and who were directly responsible for his elderly grandmother being forced to beg on the streets of Saint Petersburg. They had done the same to America as well, and Andrei Osipovich was justifiably surprised that a USAF F-15 Eagle had not already blown the Ark out of the sky before it could escape American airspace.
Major Osipovich mapped his attack run out in his head, without even realizing that his actions that day might save countless young Tasmanian children from a fate far worse than death. Osipovich was a born gunfighter, and his steel-gray eyes mentally plotted the course and strike pattern of his cannon shells.
The object of the exercise was to climb swiftly up under the belly of the Ark, with his gunsight pointing directly at the nose of the Boeing from below. At this point he intended to open fire, allowing the Ark to fly on through the hail of high-explosive shells, which would punch a straight line of holes back along the centerline to the tail, effectively tearing the giant aircraft apart as it explosively decompressed.
Satisfied with his calculations, Andrei Osipovich unsheathed the trigger on his joystick with a white-gloved finger, pushed the throttle fully forward, and pulled the Yak back into a gut wrenching climb. For a fleeting instant he remembered the horror of finding his frail grandmother begging on the streets of Saint Petersburg, and then he gently squeezed the trigger. Despite having proved its absolute control over both the Tasmanian and Federal Governments, the New York Zionist Cabal was still nervous, and wanted a man of its own on the inside to ensure that Project Ark ran without a hitch. This became a matter of extreme urgency in early 2003, when even the neocons realized the magnitude of their error in invading Iraq. With not a rose petal in sight, and American soldiers being gutted to the left and right, egomaniacs like Perle, Sharon and Wolfowitz already knew the game was probably up.
What they needed was a "gatekeeper" with an Australian background, though it would obviously have to be someone whom they could rely on, i.e. someone who had already betrayed his own country in the past, and could be trusted with confidential Zionist matters. In the end they selected Australian-born Richard Butler, who had served them so well with his "weapons of mass destruction" disinformation in Iraq, for which he was rewarded with a well-paid job at the American Council on Foreign Relatons.
In next to no time, an emissary approached the head of the Labor Party Room in Tasmania with a well-stuffed brown paper bag, half of which was handed on to then Premier Jim Bacon. Butler was then quietly awarded the Governor´s post during October 2003, on an insane salary far in excess of that paid to the Governor General of the Australian Commonwealth.
Then using methods that we need not go into on this page, the Zionist plot was uncovered, Butler was sacked, and Bacon died prematurely. This was certainly a worry, but it was not insurmountable. Another well-stuffed brown paper bag changed hands, and within weeks the former Chief Justice of Tasmania was given the job. Beyond a doubt, Justice Cox´s main claim to fame was stitching Martin Bryant up without a trial.
Port Arthur Mass Murder - Click Here Though the Federal Government had been trained to obey over the years, the Zionists had a big problem in late 2004 in the shape of newly-elected Opposition Leader Mark Latham, a man with working class roots in a relatively poor suburb of western Sydney. From the outset Latham was violently opposed to the ilegal invasion of Iraq, and wasted no time in saying so.
"Bush himself is the most incompetent and dangerous president in living memory," Mr Latham told parliament. "We should not be placing the lives of young Australians in George Bush´s hands. In the same speech he described prime minister John Howard and his Liberal (Republican) colleagues as "a conga line of suckholes" for even talking to George W. Bush.
Latham was obviously a clear and present danger to the smooth Zionist day-to-day running of Australia, and an extreme danger to Project Ark. There was little doubt that this man would not easily tolerate a gang of Zionist war criminals pack raping the children of Tasmania, and he therefore had to go before they started to arrive.
Shortly before Christmas 2004, the normally athletic Mr Latham suddenly became ill, and was obliged to enter hospital. He managed to get out again, but was back inside by Boxing Day. Eventually a very shaken Mark Latham made the shortest speech of his life to the media (3 minutes), in which he explaiined that he would be leaving politics forever. And despite the shortness of his speech, Mr Latham nevertheless twice managed to mention "the security of my family", which suddenly appeared to be of great concern to him.
Of course, under normal circumstances Mark Latham could simply have returned to the back benches in the Federal Parliament, on a fat salary of more than $100,000 per annum, but that was simply too close for Zionist comfort. THere is no doubt in the author´s mind that Latham was given the usual Zionist choice: "Give up your job, or we will kill your family."
What the Zionist Cabal really needed at the Australian Federal Government level, was a thoroughly compromised leader on both sides of the House of Representatives, because Project Ark was far too important to leave to chance.
Another well stuffed brown paper bag full of shekels changed hands, and as if from nowhere, Mr Kim Beazley was elected completely unopposed, despite the fact that more than 50% of the Labor politicians had voted against him in early 2004. Put bluntly, none of the other gutless Labor politicians wanted to wind up in hospital with Mark Latham, so voted for their own survival rather than for Australian national security.

It is of course obvious to a blind man that a bunch of weaklings like Wolfowitz, Perle, Sharon, Bush and others could not possible survive in Tasmania without copious numbers of Mistaravim minders and bodyguards. One look at the picture above should convince you that without a constant cordon of armed killers around him, Ariel Sharon would have been disemboweled years ago by an outraged Palestinian six-year-old wielding a box cutter.
Clearly the Mistaravim heavies would not be allowed seats on the prestigious Boeing Arks from America, so a more direct route from their training grounds in Palestine had to be arranged in advance, but without rousing undue Australian suspicion. The plan was (and is) for them to arrive in Australia in civilian clothes on legitimate visas, then migrate down to Tasmania in time to pick up their weapons from the docks in Hobart.
This was arranged quite cleverly in March of 2004, when Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer sallied for to Tel Aviv to receive his latest instructions from the Zionist hobby farm. In a nutshell he invited all "Israelis between 18 and 30 years of age to migrate to the land of plenty", thus covering the legitimate government-approved transit of hundreds of Jewish Mistaravim terrorists from Palestine to Australia. So, people, the day of reckoning is drawing closer, with America on the verge of economic collapse, and Condaleeza Rice openly derided across Europe as she feebly tries to gain support for a "democratic war" on Iran. Nobody wants to know America any more, and the Judeo- Christian ´God´ who allegedly told George W. Bush personally to ´attack Iraq´, has long since retreated into the background.
All over Iraq the body bags simply can´t keep up with the number of dead, and the Republican Guard has barely shifted into second gear. Also, quite suddenly, things have started to explode in inexplicable fashion, hinting at advanced weapons systems well beyond the reach of current American military technology.
Back in America it is hard to find a neocon nowadays, because most are packing their bags for the long journey down under. Fear is in the air, but this time it is fear within the elite. Fear of the American people when they discover they have been bankrupted for more than a century, and fear of each other because the blame game is just aroud the corner. On balance, would you expect a bunch of Zionists to stay in America to face the music? Of course not, the cowards are making final preparations for Offutt AFB.

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