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Message Subject Joe Vialls:Part 2 Zionist Elite Prepare to Desert America for Tasmania
Poster Handle Thylacine
Post Content
Joe Vialls is a crazy anti semitic fuck wit.
His crazy theories have no credibility. His paranoid delusions are getting worse. His Port Arthur theories are bullshit. Being a Tasmanian I have met people who were at Port Arthur and saw martin bryant do his thing. Vialls is just a gun freak who spun out when they changed the gun laws, and finds a new world order/ Jewish conspiracy every where he looks. He may get away with making outlandish claims with the ignorant, but people who live here know that he is so wrong its beyond funny.
Thereīs a couple of points that are blatantly wrong. These show how vialls just makes it all up to justify his crazy ideas.
Mark Latham could never be descibed as athletic, as he would have been at least 20 kilos over weight. There was even newpaper articles deriding his man boobs. He quite because he developed pancreatitis, which is probably related to excessive alcohol consumption.
He seems to imply that Jim Bacon was offed in some way to establish Fortress Tasmania. Jim Bacon died from lung cancer, he smoked heavily all his life. In fact my brother in law was in the room next to him in hospital when he died.
The concept of Fortress Tasmania is a fucking joke. Any one who knows the island would realise that there is so many places that it could be invaded from it would be indefensible.

Tasmania is not the redneck wonderland that some seem to believe it to be. Sure there is a solid red neck component in the rural areas, but overall Tasmania is quite progressive on social issues these days.
It also one of the most beautiful places in the world with the cleanest water and air.
I donīt know why people continue to give Vialls any credibility. Heīs just another Neo Nazi that would be mumbling into beer about jews if there wasnīt the internet to spread his crazy poison.
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