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Message Subject Joe Vialls:Part 2 Zionist Elite Prepare to Desert America for Tasmania
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Some may feel a puzzled by the apparent interest in an intellectual oddity represented by the poster calling himself Dr P. I have not found much in Dr P´s diatribes slanted toward narcissistic delusion that merits analysis. He seems to be one of many apprentices in Karl Rove´s service who specialize in repetitively regurgitating soundbite-sized emotive slogans. It is the same formula of vacuous decibels that washed President Bush into office on a sea of moonstruck parishioners long conditioned to misinterpret fervor as wisdom.

Perhaps what fascinates people is that an individual like Dr P can appear articulate while saying things barely attributable to the brain of a Neanderthal. Articulation of short, often rehearsed phrases is not demonstrative of lucidity. Having honorably made it through grammar school should certainly be a matter of pride, but there are challenges beyond. In my opinion it is not good strategy to settle for having one´s character development arrested through the adoption of an adolescent perspective.

The aspirations of such evolutionary duds can be summed up in variants of the phrase "my dad can beat up your dad any day." The real danger lurking in this class of unfortunates does not originate in them. It comes from the uses to which they can be put by robot masters able to mobilize them. I explained to Dr P that his type was known as the Brownshirts during the days of Germany´s obsession with the master race fantasy. They were at the head of marauding bands smashing windows and torching houses during Kristallnacht in 1938.

Though not sufficiently refined for induction into the SS, many of these individuals wound up in special units charged with rounding up and murdering civilians after making them stand atop long mass-grave trenches. The rationale beneath such awful crimes was that these were clean-up services essential to making the world a fit place to live for "those who really count." When browsing through Dr P´s meager offerings this very slogan keeps showing up with alarming regularity.

After Himmler perfected the concentration camp system many of the former Brownshirts excelled in seeing to law and order as camp guards. Those showing some talent occasionally had the chance to become assassins in the Sicherheitsdienst. They were not well-respected by the common people who called them Parteischweine. The SS, which generally consisted of well-educated people, had its own strict rules of conduct. Many atrocities later attributed to the SS were actually carried out by Sondergruppen, often without SS involvement altogether.

I am not trying to break a lance for the elite troops of the skull-buckle here, but it is a fact that it was not primarily they who gave Hitler´s army a bad name. In all societies fanatics with limited perception but an excess of base urges rush to do the dirty work. What makes me fearful for the future of the United States is that there was a long-standing effort to cultivate the mentality exemplified by Dr P.

It was fueled by a nihilistic worldview idealized in many so-called action movies, in which a muscular hero singlehandedly wiped out whole armies of apparently soulless enemies. Their imaginations thoroughly captivated by the invincible assassin, young Americans were also subject to cultural conditioning intended to minimize deferred gratification. While many were able to emancipate, the outcome for some was a permanent descent into unrestrained utilitarianism.

Catch slogans abounded in variants of "if it feels good, do it," and "if you want it, it is your right to have it." The American neo-cons´ domestic and foreign policies resonate strongly with these conditioned minds. The utterly banal Bush phraseology is veritable music to their ears. It is to them what water is to a man lost in the desert. This gusto for barely intelligible hype is akin to vulture´s craving for decomposing carcasses.

As the victims of conditioning reached adulthood, they found themselves confronted by social demands for which they were sadly unprepared. The world of families and work places does not function on a simplistic formula like if it feels good, do it. Responsible adult living entails deferment of gratification. To minds reared on the glorification of narcissism, the stark reality of social cooperation came as an unpleasant shock.

Naturally, they leaned toward theorizing about who may be responsible for messing up their life. The search led them into association with others similarly afflicted. As with every demand, supply appeared. It came in the form of groups promising the frustrated narcissists restoration of their rightful supremacy. Through outright membership in such groups or via exposure to their literature and media presentations, they came to accept that Liberals, Blacks, Mexicans and Jews interchangeably conspire to defraud them.

Under the auspices of their new sponsors and with scapegoats in place, conditioning now focused on advanced studies in hatred. After the events of 9/11 the neo-con propaganda machine began to tap this vast resource of apprentice haters. The chronically misspeaking president found an eager ear among the checkered crowd, particularly when he urged them to help doing away with evildoers. Not being overly endowed with discriminatory faculty, the muscle-flexing recruits to the cause did not question the substitution of one enemy for another. They only thing these victims of conditioning are capable of recognizing is that they have at long last a leader willing to do what needs to be done.

Like the Brownshirts before them they now see an opportunity to rise to the top of the heap. It is an illusion, of course, but they are too enchanted by the dream to suspect it. This in brief is the course by which the current climate of demoniac hatred was engineered in America. The narcissistic movement represent only a small part of the population. What gives them the appearance of large numbers is the presence of two other groups that support the neo-con agenda. One is the business-oriented wealthy class, the other the large contingent on the religious right.

Each of these three groups has an entirely different idea of what the government´s objectives are. The astonishing fact that disenfranchised narcissists, bottom-line addicts and pious apocalyptists are united under one banner is not due to a homogenous ideology, but rather to the Republican Party´s ingenious diversified marketing strategy. While participation by the religious right may be tenuous due to built-in ethical constraints, the money addicts and the rabble-rousers are less amenable to reflective thought. When looking at some of the more tasteless posts in this forum and elsewhere it helps to keep in mind that it represents the legacy of long conditioning. it is an illness that cannot be remedied with a few drops of lucid thought.
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