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Message Subject Joe Vialls:Part 2 Zionist Elite Prepare to Desert America for Tasmania
Poster Handle Rocketrod
Post Content
Thylacine.Good to have some feedback from a Tasmanian.
You stated that a couple of points are blatently wrong.I agree with you,there are more than just a couple of points that are blatently wrong.Though I am sure you have your sources,about the Vialls reports,and I note your zeal against anti-semitics,which Joe is not,read anti-zionist.There is a massive chasm of distinction.
Thylacine,you have made several blatently wrong points.Let´s put several things in perspective.
1/.The concept of Fortress Tasmania is pragmatic,given Tassies geographical isolation,tactical distance from a foreign ´threat´,and proximity to Australian DEFENCE bases.

2/.Athletic.adj.vigorously active.Mark Latham 42yo emerged from relative obscurity and in a short time became the Opposition leader of Australia,narrowly losing the recent Federal election.I think vigorously active would have to be an apt description.

3/."being a Tasmanian I have met people who were at Port Arthur[yes being a taswegian I guess means you know most people on the island by sychronicity]and saw Martin Bryant do his thing"
If one reads Vialls Port Arthur massacre analysis,it is inconceivable that a lone skilled marksman could have killed 35 people, headshots with a 90%+ accuracy, let alone one kid with a low IQ who happens to have an interest in firearms.
There were eyewitnesses that saw what really happened who lost an uphill battle to get their testomonies recognised.I have read their testimonies.Prior to the incident,the only 2 local police were called to investigate a drug cache in a remote area.No drugs were found.
Three UNPRECEDENTED events then occured.1/.Martin Bryant was subjected to ´trial by media´ presumed guilty.It splashed across the media here in Australia.2/.Prime Minister John Howard ruled out a coronial enquiry of the massacre stating that it would be ´too traumatic´for the victim´s families.3/.The aftermath.Draconian gun laws across Australia banning semi-auto firearms.

4/.The late Premier Jim Bacon was as compliant and corrupt as they come [Age newspaper Melbourne] He single-handedly did more to push through the woodchipping and logging company Gunns[ironic name] the largest woodchipping company in the world.Gunns now has a logging monopoly.Raping ancient old growth forests at 20,000 hectares per year.94% of trees[2000] felled are chipped.Exported at $70/tonne.Japan is the largest importer where the chips are used among other end products,to make toilet paper.
[link to www.doctorsforforests.com]

Thylacine,I respect your rather quaint naivete and knee jerk reactions,but better left unsaid our´mainlanders´humour about Tasmanians,which you have exemplified.
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