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Message Subject Joe Vialls:Part 2 Zionist Elite Prepare to Desert America for Tasmania
Poster Handle shoot the piano player
Post Content
Curious new tangent for Joe´s normally staid,
investigative "Jane´s Defense analyst" style

Who caught this?

"and Wolfowitz absent-mindedly started playing with himself at the prospect of the firm young Australian buttocks being prepared in Tasmania by the Mistaravim"

(he wrote it, not me )

and this part

"Back in America it is hard to find a neocon nowadays,

because most are packing their bags

for the long journey down under.

Fear is in the air, but this time it is fear within the elite.

Fear of the American people when they discover they have been bankrupted for more than a century

And fear of EACH OTHER

because the blame game is just around the corner.

On balance, would you EXPECT a bunch of Zionists to stay in America to face the music?

Of course not, the cowards are making final preparations for Offutt AFB"

~ !

O that´s a mighty big mouthful Joseph.

Mind yerself down there
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