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Message Subject Joe Vialls:Part 2 Zionist Elite Prepare to Desert America for Tasmania
Poster Handle thylacine
Post Content
I love it the way you guys jump down the throats of anyone who doesnīt agree with their preconceived views. Iīm called a nazi for pointing out the anti jewish rants of Vialls. I understand the difference between anti semitic and anti zionist, and he is anti jewish, no doubt. Typical of the nazi jew haters to hide behind the anti zionist banner.
As far as Martin Bryant being convicted on hearsay and rumour, what the fuck do you think Vialls is doing.
Tasmanian jokes donīt affect me, as I was born and raised a mainlander.
I also know a lot about Martin Bryant, he lived less than a mile from me, and I know people who had a number of dealings with him. I also worked at Risdon Prison during this time and aware of what he has said about what he did.
Vialls based his whole theory on the assertion that a lone gunman could not have killed thirty people in such a short time. Pure speculation on his behalf without any evidence except his opinion. If you knew the layout of the broad arrow cafe where most of it occurred it would have been easy. You walk into a crowded cafe through the only exit and start shooting people at point blank range with a military style weapon.
You donīt have to be very trained to shoot people so close while they are cowering in a corner.
You conspiracy fuckwits should get a life and not grap hold of any theory that supports your twisted view of the world. And Rocketrod you should be ashamed of yourself for perpetuating this sick theory. 30 people died because a loner and a loser wanted to go down in history as the greatest mass killer.
There were survivors of the shootings who also lost loved ones, and they saw it and descibed it.
I suppose you say they were bought out with bags of money.
I am totally sick of you right wing cretins dragging this out all the time. How many of Joe Vialls other rants have proven true, none, get over it.
Go find another great conspiracy theory to pull your tiny dicks over and leave decent people to get on with dealing with their loss and grief, you pack of insensitive arseholes.
I suppose the secret israeli hit squad will now come and visit me. Iīll send them down to the gay bar to have a few cold beers with the US government that have moved in to Tasmania.
Open your eyes you sick fucks or get yourself some medication for your paranoid delusions.
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