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Message Subject Extension Neurosensing - Technology Assisted Remote Viewing
Poster Handle Opener of the Way
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The Shamans of many indigenous tribes do this all the time and, interestingly, use an algorithm very similar to what these scientists have discovered in the lab. Some of the Shamans use psychedelic substances to facilitate these information gathering excursions, (shamanic journeys) however, it has been discovered that the state of consciousness required does not need any help other than the skills acquired through meditation and some experience of traveling through different states of consciousness.

The seven scientists, who work for a private foundation with unlimited funding, use a super-computer with themselves wired up to it. They boost their skins electrical capacitance to its maximum voltage by using ultra violet light and very low frequency sound vibration - echoes of Tibetan Lamas who use the same technique. This boosting of ones skin electrical capacitance turns the skin into a powerful antenna. Each cell is brought up to its full electrical capacitance which, if I remember correctly, is about 1.3 volts. Considering the millions of cells in your body, that’s a hell of a lot of juice.

They create an “avatar” in the third harmonic of their Meissner fields (the human aura) and can project it as a point-of-view through their consciously vectored intention. They call this “impinging upon the signal.” This “signal” being the target.

This technique is similar to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s “Transcendental Meditation”.

They are able to not only VIEW a remote site but INTERACT physically at that site through the manifested energy of their projected third harmonic of the human Meissner field. This energy does not travel across space-time but manifests out of the local matrix according to the frequency (that is, the coordinates) where the point-of-view “avatar” is sent according to their targeted projection through vectored intention.

I was astounded to have clear and sometimes overwhelming telepathic communications with them. This was all done very non-intrusively and I knew enough about what to expect to not to be overwhelmed by it. The experience of telepathic clarity rewired my neurons somewhat and I have come to think of this as …very normal.

My biophysicist friends discovered the same thing that the “father” of “Remote Viewing” (Ingo Swann) discovered: This is one of the innate neurological abilities of each and every member of the species homo sapiens. Ingo calls it “Superpowers of the Human Biomind”, the Indian Yogis call it the Sidhis (or “powers”.) Ingo gave a speech before a NGO (non-governmental organization) of the United Nations which outlined 17 additional human senses (over the commonly known five) that have been specifically identified.

[link to www.biomindsuperpowers.com]
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