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Message Subject Extension Neurosensing - Technology Assisted Remote Viewing
Poster Handle Opener of the Way
Post Content
Sounds interesting, but can they offer externalized proof of their methods?

I admit I didn't read the whole site, but what I read seems to be rehashed mysticism. Not a lot of new things so far in my checking.

(So I may be missing something, but if you can give me a direction I will look.)

Without proof however, it is just a story. Perhaps a fine story, but nothing more.

So any help you can give in clarifying and proving things is a great help.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 497567

I don't know what would qualify as proof... short of experiencing it yourself. Perhaps this might help...


Whatever you may read into, or believe of, what we say here, we live all of us on Earth in interesting times. One of us in the second half of my life cycle, and will probably not survive the more interesting times forthcoming in the next four or five decades. The other is barely reaching the half mark of his lineage's life expectancy.

The material presented here, in the form of a preliminary report, comes from the joining of the natural capacities of the human body and the being inhabiting it, and a technology array that is, and unfortunately remains, proprietary to this day. It is a product of very advanced physics and daring applications. In this essay we will benefit from its fruits.


First, let's go through a brief explanation of the technology itself. Extension neurosensing is both a method and a set of procedures that involve several elements in a working array.

The elements are (1) a human operator, (2) a computerdriven array of energetic sources (low electromagnetic, sound, and light) that help increase the electrical capacitance of the human operator's cells to a level or threshold, (3) processes that instigate the formation of a stable photonic (or auric) field around the body, (4) the reaching of another cellular energy threshold that stimulates the formation of single/coherent antifields (or harmonics of the field around the body), (5) the union or conjugation of the antifield with a computer generated 3dimensional avatar, and (6) the development of a visual pointofview through CNS (central nervous system) and brain hemispheric synchronization technology. To all of this, (7) the human operator adds his or her own will - or vectorintention.

This is the technologically assisted equivalent of clairvoyance on demand. When we focused on what the next 100 years will be like, what follows is a summary of our findings. This essay does not address the howto, the technology behind the method and the procedures used.

[link to www.ufodigest.com]
(future scenarios)
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