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Message Subject Extension Neurosensing - Technology Assisted Remote Viewing
Poster Handle Opener of the Way
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Let me emphasize this: these are ALREADY hard wired into EVERY HUMAN BEING ON EARTH. It is the HERITAGE of our bicameral genetics.

Of course, the government sees only what a GREAT SPY tool this is.

However, Ingo Swann and my friends want EVERYONE TO KNOW ABOUT IT because they feel it is WRONG to keep such a thing locked away in what they call “above-black” projects.

One of my dear friends disappeared after communicating some of these things with me. I think he may have overextended himself and been severely disciplined (or killed or worse) for sharing some of this information. I think the private foundation had it set up, with his permission, for him to take the heat as a “loose cannon” on deck. He was certainly willing to give his life for it.

There was at the end of my learning these things from them, a “security” breach when a British MI-6 agent (whom we identified) hacked their data-base in an attempt to find out what was going on.

These fellows were not at all happy about keeping this under wraps and used various methods to disguise the fact that they were, not necessarily, leaking information but showing certain interested parties HOW to assemble the publicly available info. You can read about their work on their site. It is PUBLIC information so I have no qualms about sharing it with as many people as can begin to understand it. Yes, indeed, it is the HERITAGE of ALL HUMANITY.

The spiritual people among the Native Americans know about and understand this since it is a PART of the shamanic cultures ALL ACROSS THE EARTH. This is how the shaman (or medicine man) takes care of his tribe by gathering useful information about plants, animals, coming earth changes and storms. Things necessary for the tribes WELL BEING and SURVIVAL. Ever wonder WHY the indigenous peoples KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT MOTHER NATURE AROUND THEM? They know what any given plant is for and HOW TO USE IT. Every wonder WHY that is? They are able to DIRECTLY COMMUNICATE WITH PLANTS AND ANIMALS and CONDITIONS as well. Direct experiential knowledge is more important to indigenous peoples than the transmission of knowledge through oral tradition.

That’s very difficult for our culture to understand but not the Native Indigenous Peoples around the world.

Although these things are in the open public record, one must put the information together in order to understand it and the principles upon which it operates.
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