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Message Subject Extension Neurosensing - Technology Assisted Remote Viewing
Poster Handle Opener of the Way
Post Content
A lot of this exploration USES ENS (extension neurosensing) as the most effective exploratory tool.

The really interesting thing is that the “remote site” can be backwards or forwards in horizontal time or, in “real” time, that is, the present moment.

For example, the planet Mars has been scanned this way. Some of the things seen there were indescribable and beyond the recognition of earthlings. All information must be deciphered and decoded and that can only be accomplished with whatever information already resides within the information processing grids of any given human biomind.

Here in a sentence is the way this operates. A person who wishes to “remote view” something acquires the target by having the coordinates before him and then emptying his mind (as in zazen.) he learns to recognize the VERY FIRST thought he allows back into his mind. That is impinging upon the signal. Once the target is acquired, the viewing process can begin. This acquisition of the target once learned is easy to reaccess over and over again in order to “flesh out” the desired information.

By doing this they can easily interact with another bioform through telepathy and have even lessened the physical stress along earthquake faults in California. They have also located missing children by this method but it is not publicized. The real protection of this technology is that few people can even imagine that such a possibility exists.

Up until now, this has been far beyond the scope of our cultures collective consciousness.

It does work and I have proved it for myself.

That’s why it is no problem at all for me to believe that the son-of-man was well capable of multiplying loaves and fishes or healing the sick or transforming water into wine. Frankly, believe it or not, I have witnessed such things. The son-of-man clearly told us, “the things I do, ye shall do also.” He was right.
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