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China sex theme park causing controversy. Nobody tall enough to get on rides

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 623805
United States
05/16/2009 11:34 AM
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China sex theme park causing controversy. Nobody tall enough to get on rides
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May 16, 2009
A sex theme park in southwest China that exhibits naked human sculptures, giant genitals and boasts a sex technique workshop is stirring up howls of protest.

"Love Land", billed as China's first-ever sex theme park, is slated to open in Chongqing municipality in October, but detractors hope the project will never see the light of day, the China Daily reported.

"We are building the park for the good of the public... to help adults enjoy a harmonious sex life," the paper quoted park manager Lu Xiaoqing as saying.

"Sex is a taboo subject in China but people really need to have more access to information about it."

Besides displays on sex history and techniques, the park boasts a giant rotating statue of the lower portion of a nearly naked woman bent over at the waist.

The announcement of the opening of the park elicited numerous comments from Internet users, with the majority of postings voicing opposition to the park.

Officials also registered their disquiet with the explicit images on offer.

"These things are too exposed," the China Daily quoted Chongqing policewoman Liu Daiwei as saying.

"I will feel uncomfortable to look at them when other people are around."

[link to news.ninemsn.com.au]