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Sundogs Lens Flare and Sunsets !!!

gazing at orion
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05/18/2009 03:52 PM
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Sundogs Lens Flare and Sunsets !!!
I have taken these pics at sunset last month.

In image no 1 and 2 you can see the Lens flare almost looks like a sun dog

The pics are taken with a canon 450D with EFS 18-55 IS lens,
With a circular polarizer Filter.

Circular polarizer filter fits on the front of the lens and can be rotated , as you can see the lens flare in the first two images are on the opposite sides

Pic 3rd and 4th are taken with the same gear , but i was rotating the CPL filter(circular polarizer filter) on my lens to avoid the lens flare.

All the pics were taken with in a period of 15 mins

I am not a paid debunker. My believe in PX is 50-50

1) [link to img528.imageshack.us]

2) [link to img413.imageshack.us]

3) [link to img507.imageshack.us]

4) [link to img526.imageshack.us]

Photographic filter : [link to en.wikipedia.org]