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The BUSINESS of Being Born

Rebel with morals

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10/25/2011 07:33 AM

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Re: The BUSINESS of Being Born
"those critical few moments getting oxygen to the brain can change their whole life"

with that being said what do you think about the possibility of doctors cutting the umbilical cord to early. i have been reading about this and it concerns me.

on the other not yes i agree with taking advantage of technology but not having it take advantage of you.

i had epidural with my first and i am informed now the huge differences for mom and baby without it. and believe you me i cannot tolerate pain but i will try my best because i believe the benefits outweigh the risks
 Quoting: rachel 740208

Never heard of doctors cutting the cord too early...I cut all three...I'm sure mistakes are made sometimes, it still beats giving birth at home and something goes wrong and the child doesn't survive...
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Anonymous Coward
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10/25/2011 07:36 AM
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Re: The BUSINESS of Being Born
I like the documentary. Pretty well done. Kudos to Rikki Lake for bringing light to this subject.

I had both of my kids at home with a midwifery team. Absolutely amazing experiences. If we had been at the hospital, my first would have been a C-section. Long labor! My midwife carefully monitored the baby and I and we did succeed!

I even got to attend/assist my bff with her at home VBAC! That was amazing! Joyous!!!

My niece is scheduled for a C-section on 10/31 at 0700. She was in a car accident 3 years ago and fractured her pelvis (at age 19). She was never given the option of a vaginal birth. She was immediately lumped into the "high risk" group and told there were too many things that could go wrong. Pissed me off, they won't even give labor a chance. But, she is an adult and has to make her own decisions.

My sister in law decided to have her first baby at age 41. She is in OR, which has pretty good midwife/birthing center options. Her OBGYN kept raliroading her Birth Plan, telling her not to get her hopes up on a natural birth. The usual! So at 6 months, she switched to a midwife, hoping for a better outcome. Nope. Shortly before her due date, she experienced some unusual cramping and light spotting. She called the midwife and was instructed to get checked at the ER, just to be safe. Once there, her original OBGYN was called in and within a few hours, he had her on the table and took the baby C-section. His excuse was her age!