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United Kingdom
05/28/2009 05:39 PM
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[link to infosforconciousness2.blogspot.com]

Next time you tune into Coro..look at the number on top of street cars taxis...more to it than meets the eye!

You'll notice the whore is there again. Yes its the Luciferian feminine from the land of Oz, Kylie Minogue! Please note how this feminine is actually highly poor at her singing and career. Note how all these highly Merry Christmas pushed chronies are the same going all the way back to the Beatles. More Shamash worship of course with the Egyptian Scarab beatle pushing Shamash across the feminine sky. Funny how Kylie was paid £1.5 million for her pathetic actions. Remember that 15 is the sacred number of Lucifer/Astarte! We also note how the cost of the party totalled $15 million! You'll see Kylie teamed up with a 113 bodied team adding to the Luciferian 5. Interesting she was on the currency beach next to that water wasn't it. This women is stinking in symbolism all the time. I was going to do a big piece on Kylie at one time but never got round to it!

When did this event actually start? When was this party exactly? Whats interesting is how this occured during the day of Baal whos the God of death. On this day we had Yarikh entering Virgo controlled by Taaut, the God of commerce whilst also connected to Astarte. So on the day of death along with being in week 47 a Saturnalian 'udgement' week. Lets note how 47 symbolises the passing over. Is this the passing over of the financial power by the Maltese Knights? The same week when Aleister Crowley was initiated into the Golden Dawn. Maybe also linked to the Shamash about to be free the following Astarte day from the dreaded Scorpio? Is this a signal for the June Global Depression?

Remember the Astarte Dubai is the soon to be financial Capital of the World for the controlling Maltese Knights. We note all the water and Astarte trimmings. So we see this Palm Jumeirah Island, funny how it's the Palm isn't it? Remember how the Mystery Schools were known as the Palmyriums. Interesting to see the Hotel resort is The Atlantis. What are they subliminally telling you that the Middle East is to them? The same Middle East the Universal Monarch, the Pontifus Maximus will rule from within ancient Canaan, now Jerusalem, Israel. The same Pontifus Maximus who owns Jerusalem through the Oslo Accord thanks to his Sabbatean Frankist Hofjuden trained by Jesuits, Shimon Peres. The Atlantis has 1539 rooms which is your 18 and 9 therefore the Pontifus Maximus 666 and completion.

So we have this piece of land a (Lyon) highly linked to Shamash worship. This land is a Island surrounded by the currency, the waters of Yarikh and her daughter, Astarte. Whats worrying is that Yarikh will enter the dreaded Scorpio on Yarikh day the 24th. This will be interesting to see with the Stock Markets.

Interesting to see those Roman Catholics, Robert De Niro and Denzel Washington down there at the party. Those two Mafiosi controlled slaves bowing to their Pontifus Maximus, Pope. An anti-Christos within thee anti-Christos Roman Papacy system. Then of course we see that other Shamash worshipper, Janet Jackson down there. The same one who had the Shamash on her Luciferian titty. Why was this? Well remember a titty is usually drawn as the Luciferian circle (36) [666] with a dot in the middle. Note how 36 is also symbolism for the Air which itself is controlled by Astarte. Symbolised as a upside pyramid with a highlighted capstone. Remind you of the Astarte U.S Dollar bill? So the Circle with the Dot, as we know is an ancient symbol. The Shamash symbol, Gold and more importantly the sexual union or Generative Principle. Remember how Gold is worshipped as they see it as the reflector of the Shamash's light off Athirat. Why do you think the Dutch love the colour Orange? Well it links to Gold, Shamash, Astarte, Taaut and of course the Golden Ratio all in one.
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10/23/2014 06:50 PM
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