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Subject Should California secede?
Poster Handle calian
Post Content
Why don't we ever hear about California seceding from the U.S. (Federal Government)? All we ever hear is, will Obama, through his grace and compassion, approve a bailout for California.

That is, will the Feds be kind enough to loan or grant California some fraction of the $100 or billion a year Californians render as tribute to the IRS each year. What do the people of California get in return for their billions in federal taxes (plus the trillions borrowed by the feds in their name)?

If it seceded, California would instantly solve it's budget problems. The question would then be, how to solve it's massive budget surpluses? It would instantly become one of the most prosperous nations on Earth!

Does Cali need the Fed? Or the other way around?

Should California secede????
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