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Message Subject Should California secede?
Poster Handle Bob
Post Content

Interesting question. On one hand, everyone in California wouldn't have to pay federal taxes, they get back less in federal funds then other states, and they are the 8th largest economy in the world WITHOUT the rest fo the us.

California is sitting on several natural disasters waiting to happen and if the 'Big One' happens, they will BEG the Federal goverment to bail them out.

They have a woefully underdeveloped eletrical grid.

The federal goverment would undoubtedly remove all federal equipment and resources from the state.

California has no effective military and would fall easy prey to anyone with any sort of desire to crush them.

They are completely dependant on cars and have no oil resources and are completely dependant on the refineries in the rest of the US.

In the end, everyone would hurt and nobody would come out ahead.
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