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Message Subject Microsoft CEO to Obama: Drop Tax Break Cuts or We'll Send Jobs Overseas
Poster Handle SLaPPiE
Post Content
Dont let the door hit you in the ass.
Microsuck could not make a secure os in a million years.
Take the jobs, the fucking crap you call an os and bugger off.

Fuck xbox, a pc in disguise, fuck windows 8..a fucking joke.
I stopped buying thier crap years ago, you shoiuld all do the same.

Thanks to microsoft, every new pc comes with the virus they call an os. Get a fucking clue, and use linux.
Lets be honest, the internet runns on unix, the consumers run on windows fucking themselves cause they dont know better.

most people spend around 50 bucks annually for windows virus protection. this ought to convice people that the os is crap, and filled with open holes.
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