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Message Subject Microsoft CEO to Obama: Drop Tax Break Cuts or We'll Send Jobs Overseas
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Remember that if Microsoft did not exist, none of us would be looking at this forum right now and the Internet would not be what it is today. Most people are not savvy enough to use Unix.

I work in IT and I like Microsoft for what they do. If a company deserve to make profit, it's them , they make the world run right now. Billions of devices use a Microsoft OS.

You would prefer to be stuck with shitty proprietary Apple products?
Americans should be proud to the max when thinking about Microsoft, stop being ignorant. Maybe they should move out of the US if you guys don't respect them enough.

If you seriously think you should penalize them with more taxes to pay for you wars, then they need to get out of the states.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16312313

Are you stupid, or just can't read? They've already been fucking over the U.S. with these shell games they play in order to avoid being taxed at the proper rate. All that the gov wants to do is tax them at an appropriate rate for what they're doing, and like a bitch, the Ballsack doesn't like it. I say fuck him. I would tax the SHIT out of all Microsoft products coming back to the U.S., so that not even Ballsack could afford them. Then what, bitch?!
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