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Message Subject Microsoft CEO to Obama: Drop Tax Break Cuts or We'll Send Jobs Overseas
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Obozo really has no clue....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 687755

Ok so he has "no clue" for trying to get the jobs back to the states? By taking away tax breaks for corps. who send jobs overseas? I say that Obama calls their bluff and then we all boycott MS for insisting or threatening to keep their currently outsourced job overseas. God you will stand on anyone's side no matter how inane their demands just to oppose our President. These corporate practices have imploded our pay scales here, created massive unemployment and brought these companies record breaking profits. FUCK MS! They have sold out the american people at every turn. Next the world! Again, FUCK MS!

MS is essentially saying if the admin does this they will send all jobs overseas, not just the 60% (maybe more)they sent overseas as of this time.
 Quoting: Terpsichore

And I am with you.
 Quoting: Sickandtired 17058124

Yes, invite MS to find a new corporate home.

They can't, because most of their favorite universities, and Silicon Valley, are here. The USA has the best human capital at the high end (as well as a lump of pretty bad human capital that "like a cancer grows".)
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